American Idol 2012 Judges Hit St Louis For Callbacks

American Idol 2012 judges in St. Louis

American Idol 2012 headed back to St. Louis last week for its third stop in the second round of auditions for the new season premiering in January 2012. After a morning full of auditions the three judges, all of them returned for the new season, plus host Ryan Seacrest, sat down to talk about the talent they’ve seen in the city.

Early Friday afternoon, Lopez and Jackson agreed that they’d seen two singers who were among the best to audition so far this season.

“We’ve seen some really good people today,” Jackson said. “I keep saying to contestants here, we found Carrie Underwood here seven seasons ago. I’m expecting good things from St. Louis, hopeful things.”

[Randy Jackson] advises contestants against singing a song made famous by Lopez or Aerosmith, Tyler’s band.

Tyler’s best advice to St. Louis contestants is to shake off any nerves. And for those who come complaining of being hoarse or sick, Jackson said: “Nerves, coughs, cold, sore throat, dehydrated, whatever, if you got it, you got it.”

Last year it was rumored that Lopez wouldn’t allow hopefuls to audition with her songs, so it’s funny to hear that coming from Jackson this season.

Source: St. Louis Today




  1. I chose Scotty for the winner of American Idol the first show I saw. There was no doubt that he was a country singer Winner. Can’t wait to get his first album on Oct. 1st. I liked several others, and hope to see that many good ones this year (2012) I think the judges did a good job last time ! Can’t wait until Jan.2012 for American Idol to begin.

    • me too, first time i saw Scotty i texted my brother (next room:D) that Scotty would be the next american idol…but after that i saw some others that i liked like: Stefano,Haley,…
      i Cant wait for Season11

  2. Maybe this year the rules will change and a medicore, at best, singer will not be crowned by the teeny bopper texters and country music bias vote.

    Carrie Underwood was a legit American Idol winner. Scotty McCrerry? REALLY? Pia, Haley, Karen Rod, Sophia Shorai, James Durbin, and Ashton Jones were ALL better singers than him.

    PLEASE tell me the rules change this year so this becomes a fair competition for non country preformers. The rules on the show X Factor are so much better.

    • About a year ago, the City Manager was quoted in an article that we had enough water now we do not. The city is trying to influence our vote by providing old data, not current data. The first phone conference appeared to be leaning towards supporters only, the second one did not seem to filter the calls like the first one did. Stave may be a good or bad idea, however I do not think right now that we should be providing a YES vote. Once consistent and factual information is provided, then I would be glad to review my position. I prefer to err on the side of caution at this time.

  3. Aliana’s album is not doing that great. If everyone loved her( and I like her) then buy her music. She is still young and will be better IMO in a few yrs. Scotty has a unique voice and great personality and will sell more records. FYI-Taylor Swift does not have a great live voice but she is a success.

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