American Idol 2012: Top 24 Revealed Part 2 Tonight

American Idol Green Mile

Last night on American Idol, we saw 14 of the Idol 2012 Top 24 named and at the very end, contestant Adam Brock’s fate was left hanging.

Tonight we learn the outcome of that cliffhanger and the fate of nine other contestants that will complete the American Idol 2012 cast. And according to the promo (shared below), it’s more of the same. Not only from last night, but last season. Looks like there are a couple instances where groups of two or three enter together and there’s only space for one from each. I hate those moments. Especially since one of those instances looks like it’s between Eben Franckewitz and David Leathers Jr.

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So far, the contestants who made it into the American Idol 2012 Top 24 are:

• Jen Hirsh
• Creighton Fraker
• Joshua Ledet
• Haley Johnson
• Elise Testone
• Reed Grimm
• Erika Van Pelt
• Chelsea Sorrell
• Baylie Brown
• Heejun Han
• Jessica Sanchez
• Phil Phillips
• Colton Dixon
• Brielle Von Hugel