American Idol 2012: Top 24 Final Judgment Part 1 Recap

American Idol heejan han

We didn’t get to hear much singing Wednesday as the American Idol 2012 Top 24 was being assembled, but we did get to see a lot of emotion and officially learn 14 of the Top 24.

As each contestant took the long walk, we got a recap of their American Idol auditions so far, and in most cases, only a small (or no) snippet of their final solo Vegas performance the night before the final judgement.

First up was Jen Hirsh. She’s had a strong showing all along, and from what little we heard, that carried through to her final performance. She made it to the Top 24.

Cregihton Fraker also had a powerful strong showing in his final chance to sing for the judges. He made it through as well.

Lauren Gray’s voice is golden. I cannot believe she didn’t make it into the Top 24. If anyone was robbed this season, it was Lauren. I think she had one of the most powerful and unique voices out of all the girls.

Joshua Ledet will be the season’s screamer as he made it into the Top 24. So far, I’m not a fan.

Next we get a quick shot of a couple contestants cut then they slow down for Haley Johnsen. We haven’t seen much of her, but what we did showed us she’s definitely a powerful singer. We’ll get to know her a little better now that she made it through this cut.

Neco Starr’s final performance wasn’t exactly impressive and the judges decide to cut him. Elise Testone and Reed Grimm get the usual judge’s fake-outs but are both accepted into the Top 24.

Erika Van Pelt, Chelsea Sorrell and Baylie Brown might eventually cancel each other out, but all made it to the live voting next week.

Richie Law, the opinionated cowboy, has been hit and miss and it would seem his final performance of “Ring of Fire” was a miss. He’s cut, much to a lot of people’s joy, I’m sure.

Heejun Han, who was not a fan of Richie, did not find the same fate. The funny guy makes it to the live vote next week.

Jessica Sanchez continues to amaze me with her huge voice. She’s really only 16? Really? Her final performance was soft and emotional and the producers apparently loved it because we got to hear almost the entire performance. That didn’t happen any other time during the episode. Needless to say, she’s in.

Phil Phillips and Colton Dixon will have to fight for the female vote as they both earned spots in the Top 24.

Brielle Von Hugel and her mom are also in the Top 24. Thank goodness we don’t see much of the parents beyond the audition round. I couldn’t take a whole season of that crass stage mom. Blah.

The last contestant of the night was Adam Brock. In soap opera cliffhanger fashion, his fate will not be known until Thursday night. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the Idol results sent right to you!




  1. Jessica sanchez is amazing! I kinda like a softer version of her voice…. I know she’ll go far…. Go jess!

  2. Well, at least we have some tidbits of singing this time around.  Without the group singing we can now hear some of the top 24 vocally.

    Ands so far I am impressed with:

    Jessica Sanchez – I still wonder where is her voice coming from ?? If she diversify in her choice of music and stay away from the norm (Karaoeke style) she has an excellent chance of winning.

    Heejun – ha ha ha he is still funny even with all the crying, rich texture in his voice, he too can go far given the right songs!!

    Creighton – strong vocals, nice style, his timing and delivery is very good.

    Phil Phillips – he is very consistent and unique, I really like his style especially when he sings and plays his acoustic guitar, though I wonder how he will last when the genre changes from week to week, if he adapts then watch him go all the way.

    Adam Brock – This guy has a lot of soul in him , but he has to learn to control
    it and not go too over the top like a well done steak burnt to a crisp, I like him though.

    No favourite yet, I am waiting until I hear all of them.  Too bad about Lauren Gray she was one of my first choices, pressure got to her, I hope she does come back in the future.

    Remember folks just my own opinion, you don’t have to agree or disagree 🙂

  3. Jessica >>Amazing performance.  she is verstile I think .
     To me , she is my fav.
    The next AI will be a girl >>   ( JESSICA OR JEN )

    Amaro >>>> who is ur favorite ???  


  4. I wish I didn’t have to wait until tonight to find out for sure if Hollie makes it. It looks like they make her go in with two other hopefuls…which kind of sucks.

  5. I agree with you Branden. Lauren Gray was ripped off. However, because of Lauren Alaina last season, maybe it was too soon for another Lauren? I hope she comes back next year.

    I’m glad Richie (the cowboy) is gone. IMO, his attitude is a discrace to country music.

    So far, Colton Dixon is my pick. I do like Jessica Sanchez but for some reason she reminds me of Thia Megia from last season?

    Way too early to commit.

  6. Finally a show I enjoyed last night.   So far the spoilers are correct….. Tonight we are going to hear (hopefully hear) the final 9.  Looking forward to hearing Chase.  The remaining 9 (from the spoiler list) we haven’t heard very much from so I am really looking forward to tonight show.   There were a couple of singers that I’m sure will not make the final 10 but not ready to comment on that just yet………I think this season is going to be very interesting since right now there is no standouts like an Adam L. or a James D. but its still early.   JMHO……but isn’t this what this blog is all about??????

  7. i still feel to many white singers  get though over blacks and that is real said in time we live in 2012 it all bullshit they let in some white singers who did not  good at all go through.. what that about you will think that randy and jenifier get it… same shit every year the white kids have more of a chance to win and not one black girl this year i don’t get it .randy need to go and jennifier need to go too i was hoping she will to a good job on the show to weak for me sorry ..what 19 white singers go though and hand full for the rest they need to call it americans white idol’s that why a lot of blacks don’t watch the show any more america is all colors when it come to talent and stop making it always 90% white every year what a same they sent home some real good singers.. come on randy and jennifer open your eye’s and ears please give every body a chance ………….you need to hire some black producers fast……… we are not in the 60’s……………

  8. why are you so harsh on Elise??(the admin)  she is sooooo good beautiful voice and tone great technique and presence  on stage and a lot of experience  so i’am wandering why didn’t you at least appreciate good music and respect real talent    and like randy said she is one of the best singers this season   

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