American Idol Spoilers: 2012 Top 24 Theme

American Idol 2012 judges

The Idol Pad is at it again with more American Idol spoilers. After discovering who would be in the season 11 Top 24 they’ve moved on to revealing live show details. Looks like we know what the Top 24 2012 singers’ theme will be when the live shows start next week for the American Idol semi-finals. Read on to find out.

According to TIP, the singers will be performing songs from… the producers’ selections. Well, kinda. The singers made a wishlist and then production selected from that set of preferred songs. Maybe they’ll do better than I’m expecting at this point, but get ready for the square peg getting forced through the round hole as the Top 24 could end up outside their comfort zone. Though I’m sure production won’t be making selections in an attempt to force America’s hand when it comes to voting, right? Right??

Since that theme, “Production’s Choice,” is pretty wide open, what song would you like to hear from your favorite American Idol 2012 singer?

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    • He already sounds and acts like Dave Matthews…so why would you want him to perform something by Dave Matthews.  I think that would be a bad move.  It would be better if he sang something completely different using that unique “Dave Matthews” sound and movement.

      • You make a point, but no one has ever sang a DMB song on one of these shows, and Phillips should be the one to do it. Singing a DMB song will get the word out about Phillips to all of the Dave fans that do not normally watch AI. Personally, I am a huge Dave fan, and Phillips is the only contestant that I really care about. I don’t see how singing a DMB song at least once would be a bad thing.

    • i don’t think he sounds like dave matthews…dave has a higher pitch.  they are similar visually but not in voice.  I don’t think Phil should take your advice.  let phil be phil.

      • Well when I first heard him, my first impression of his voice was that he sounds like Dave; and if you look at youtube or twitter or facebook, EVERYONE says he sounds like Dave Matthews. And if you read about him or watch interviews, Dave is his musical influence. Why the hell WOULDNT he sing a Dave song? Everyone is waiting for it!

  1. As much as I love Adele and all of her music, I think it would be a good idea for contestants to stay away from her music because it is being so overdone right now.  Contestants should stay away from any songs that may place them in a “sound alike” category. 

    • At this stage, they all can sing!!!…so song choice is the most important thing.  A bad song choice is probably the most common reason for contestants going home in my honest opinion. 

  2. I think this songs could be great…

     Jen Hirsh – Universe and U (KT Tunstall)

    • Creighton Fraker- Beautifull (Darren Hayes)

    • Joshua Ledet – Purple Rain

    • Haley Johnson – Sunshine in my sky (Kate Voegel)

    • Elise Testone Newborn (Joss Stone)

    • Reed Grimm – I don´t care, I don´t like him………..

    • Erika Van Pelt – Mr Rock and Roll (Amy McDonald)

    • Chelsea Sorrell – A little bit stronger (Sarah Evans)

    • Baylie Brown – Cry (Faith Hill)

    • Heejun Han – The A Team (Ed Sheeran)

    • Jessica Sanchez – Arms (Christina Perry)

    • Phil Phillips – the Cave (Mumford and Sons)

    • Colton Dixon – Ships in the night (Mat Kearney)

    • Brielle Von Hugel – I don´t wanna be a bride (Vannesa Carlton)

    • Reed Grimm should sing Everything by Michael Buble in Reed’s Jazz style of course.  I love to hear Reed sing.  

    • the possible second partAdam Brock – I´ve been loving too longJeremy Rosado – Without you (Usher)Shannon Magrane – Hurt (Christina Aguilera)Skylar Laine – Famous in small town (Miranda Lambert)Hallie Day – Impossible (Christina Aguilera) Chase Likens – Stupid Boy (Keith Urban)Aaron Marcellus –  Amazing (Seal)Deandre Brackensick – Everybody knows (John Legend)Hollie Cavanagh –  Stay (Sugarland)Eben Franckewitz –  Angel (Robbie Williams)

  3. I know the lyric is way too old for her, but eventually I’d love to hear Jessica sing “I’ve Never Been To Me” by Charlene or “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette.

  4. i guess this will be a country show with all white blondes, wow no black females.
    wake up you all, blacks I am referring to.  I will not be watching this has turned into a country western show with three white judges, yes r Randywith his white wife and white self can go home.  Boycott black people, see what they are telling you. Jennifer hudson lost and is blowing up. How sad American Whitol I hope u lose a lot of fans.  You did give us one token black male contestant.

    • This comment is uncalled for. Jennifer Hudson is one of my favorite idols of all time, and it is not the judges fault she went home. There are actually 3 black males this year. I Don’t understand why this is even about color. It just turned out that these 24 were the best singers this year. If you choose not to watch, then that is your decision.

    • i don’t want to make this a racist thing because the year kelley clarkson won she was the one i voted for each time i could that girl can sing and even the guy last year i loved him even though i hate country music he had an incredible voice,, however i agree with you jennifer blacks were not in this year, this is the year of the blondes they say there was one Hispanic female i missed her a midst all the there was just no one that caught my attention. i’m done with idol this year i change over to THE VOICE.

      • You’re going to stop watching because not enough singers of a certain skin color didn’t get through? That’s incredibly racist even if you “don’t want to make this a racist thing.”  You’re doing exactly that. It’s a stage full of kids singing for the audience. You think they give a crap what your skin color is?

      • YOU are a bigot.  There is no affirmative action in a singing competition.  The only black female singer that even deserved a shot at the top 24 this year was Candace Glover, who was awesome.  But whats done is done.  Get lost.  No one cares about your racist concerns.

      • omg wtf is wrong with you???????? do you not realize that there are plenty of black male contestants. you are stupid

    • You are demonstrating why racism will never die and it disgusts me.  You must be of a younger generation than I am, because the people I know from my generation, and yes, even people of color, along with their adult children, don’t make these kinds of racist remarks. I’m so thankful that I live in a color free world.  There are 3 black guys that got through and an asian guy, and no, a black female did not get through this year, but a hispanic girl and an asian girl got through, and all the white girls are not blond.   What difference does it make.  When you close your eyes and listen to the voices you cannot see color.  You can only hear the beauty of the voice.  As to your comment about the judges, they are judging talent, not color, and Randy Jackson is definitely not white even if he does have a white wife.  He is actually what I believe you would call a dark skin black man.  Jennifer Hudson is Latino, so brown, not white.  Steven Tyler is the only white judge.  And the judges had nothing to do with Jennifer Hudson going home early.   That would be the american public who did not vote for her.  I personally voted for LaToya London that year because of her incredibly beautiful voice. 

      Basicaly Jennifer, I think you should take a step back, take 10 deep breaths and try to figure out what you are really mad at.  It can’t be all about this stupid television show. 

    • I am also done with American Idol.  I don’t so much care about ensuring that every race is respresented as long as the selection process is fair, but it has become painfully obvious that good non-Caucasian talent is let go way too often.

      • If that is truly your belief, than you too are a racist idiot and the show doesnt need you to watch it. 

  5. Some black people sing country western to so get your facts straight before you speak. Charlie pride , darius Rucker ? Last time I checked they were black and great singers.

  6. Of course you had to make it racist. Its comments like that that keep the world black and white. I myself  do not care what “color” a person is. I’m going to vote on singing ability, but then again,  I thought it was a singing competition. 

  7. Time and time again I have heard the panel of judges make  a statement to the competitors that they are looking for someone unique, a singer set apart that will bring something new to Idol , not only possessing a great voice but also have that “IT” factor that will fit in to the mold of an american idol.
    So being a great singer is not enough to win or not a sure ticket to the top 24 and I have seen and heard many that fell into the wayside and fall apart even with great vocals because only the ones that can handle the pressure and prove that they are the best will move on.

     I see not other requirements the will make anyone eligible except age, oh of course you have to be human, LOL.

    • Pepe,

      Do you agree with the following statement?

      “Being a good singer is not a straight ticket to the top 24, but the winner better damn well be a good singer.”

  8. The comments are not racist simply put if their were 11 black female singers it would not look right actually it would be an outrage and so is this you mean to tell me that out of the thousands of singers their was not one black female that was good enough i saw one at the end the young ariel sprague she was amazing from what i saw she could sing as good or better then some i saw at the end some who even forgot their words but was still put in its insulting and sad and even you dong agree you have to feel for the millions of young black females out their who dont see anyone that represents them looks like them just put your self in their shoes thats all its not racist to feel like that just sad.

    •  I don’t understand why we have to be sad about it….I’m black but I’m happy   for all the contestants that made it through…I ain’t going to feel sorry for myself and all my sisters just because there’s no black females… Just not good enough this year… Get a grip, build a bridge and get over it!!

      • It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself or your race but, about building a potentially great and interesting show.  I’m watching the female portion of Idol as I type and I can say that I’m really really bored.  It seems like they picked the same old formulaic, carbon copy, performers.  No flavor this year AT ALL!!!  TONIGHT will be my last night watching the Idol.  I’m on to the Voice…………..way better in my opinion.

    • it doesnt matter if you feel sorry for the black female singers, they just were not that good this year.  THe only one that deserved a shot at the top 24 was Candace Glover, and she was eliminated Vegas week. 

  9. i totally agree with you Pr63 and i love what you said “great voices don’t have skin colour”when you shut your eyes you can’t see colour.

  10.  Hi, I’m just reading through the comments and its very sad that the race card is up in the air.  To be honest I don’t remember any of the black girls making a statement so sorry (I’m black too) but the chosen ones were based on the best singers.  Great work judges!!! I love idol and my fav s hee jun Han lol lol

  11. I think this is how the top 12 should be:
     1.Jessica (oh god!really 16?)
     3. Jen
    How much do u guys agree?

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