American Idol 2013 Top 6 Live Recap: Double The Fun!

Janelle Arthur

The American Idol 2013 Top 6 are hitting the stage tonight and they’re singing two songs each this week. One song will be songs they wish they had written and the other will be a selection from the Bacharach/David songbook.

As usual, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assuaging the letter grade I think each one deserves. Be sure to follow along and do your own grading in our comments section below! The more opinions the better.

The American Idol 2013 Top 6 Performances

Round One:

Angie Miller, Anyone Who Had A Heart. WOW. This might possibly be the most BORING performance I’ve ever sat through on American Idol. The vocals were great, though. So the lyrics would get an A, but the passion, entertainment value and everything else gets an F. So let me average that out a bit. Grade: C+

Amber Holcomb,  I Say A Little Prayer. OK, I can’t keep saying this because this is just a bad idea for a theme, but this was pretty boring too. Amber handled it well and the chorus was fun, but it was mostly pretty dull. It all just sounded so generic. Grade: B

Thought: WHY are the judges going INSANE over Amber? It wasn’t THAT good. Oh, wait, I’ll tell you what they’re doing. They’re doing everything they can to boost her above Lazaro. Because I’m sorry, but that performance was not as earth-shattering as they’re acting.

Lazaro Arbos, Close To You. Well that was awful. He was flat most of the time and it was boring and bad bad bad. At least he didn’t forget the lyrics. And finally even Mariah thought it was bad. She refused to spell it out, but that’s what she meant. Grade: F

Kree Harrison, What The World Needs Now. Finally! A performance that was good, not boring and put a different spin on the song at hand! The judges should be acting as excited about this as they were for Amber. Because so far, THIS is the best performance of the night. Kree can basically do no wrong at this point. Grade: A+

Janelle Arthur, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again. Janelle’s performance was pretty solid. Like all the performances aside from Kree’s, it was a bit boring, but that’s because of the horrible theme. Janelle’s vocals were good and she seemed to have fun with it. Grade: B+

Candice Glover, Don’t Make Me Over. Tender and sweet one moment, powerful and commanding the next. Candice’s performance was FANTASTIC. He and Kree easily win the night. Loved her performance. Flawless. Grade: A++

Round Two:

Angie Miller, Love Came Down. That was good. I think I’m bored, but that was pretty good. It was nice to see her back at her piano. Grade: A

Amber Holcomb, Love On Top. It was nice to hear something upbeat after that first hour of sleepy songs. But I still didn’t love it. I just think Amber is generally a 7 out of 10 and the judges are acting like she’s an 11. So it’s getting irritating. This was a solid, cruise-ship/wedding singer number. Grade: B

Lazaro Arbos, Angels. Much, much better, Lazaro. He  handpicked the song, so he was going to do better. I think what this really means is that Lazaro needs to learn to be versatile. Not earth-shattering, but way better. Grade: B

Nicki is DONE with Lazaro.

Kree Harrison, Help Me Make It Through The Night. It might be a risky move to do a song so few young people know, but as I said earlier, Kree can do no wrong. So never mind. Her voice is amazing and you can tell she loves this song because she poured herself into it. She’s pretty great. Grade: A

Janelle Arthur, The Dance. I’m not sure two slow-ish songs were a good idea, but I liked her performance. That’s a beautiful song and she handled it well, aside from the shaky ending. Grade: B

Candice Glover, Lovesong. Another amazing performance. Two amazing ones in one night. This girl, right now at this moment, should be the winner of American Idol. Her performance was haunting and emotional and performed perfectly. Grade: A++ (I think these grades make her valedictorian of the night).

Who were your favorite American Idol 2013 performances of the night?