Did Lazaro Arbos Give Up Tonight On American Idol 2013?

Lazaro Arbos on American Idol 2013

Did Lazaro Arbos give up tonight on American Idol 2013? The Top 6 finalist gave a depressingly weak performance in his first appearance with the cover of “Close To You” and barely squeaked out an ounce of praise from the judges with his second round delivery of “Angels.” It seemed as though Lazaro was resigned to his fate and didn’t even try this week on Idol.

After landing in the Top 3 last week it’d seem Lazaro was destined to break the boys’ curse and survive to see at least one girl eliminated from Season 12. But after that pair of performances I don’t see how anyone could honestly vote for him based on tonight’s show.

Branden covered Lazaro’s songs in his recap of tonight’s American Idol and noted that while he did remember his lyrics this time around that might have been the only positive note.

Watch for yourself in both of his performance videos below and then share your thoughts on whether or not Lazaro was even trying during the Top 6 show.

Lazaro Arbos sings “Close To You”

Lazaro Arbos sings “Angels”




  1. He might have given up, but I think he will be singing again next week. The save will be used on either Janelle or Amber.

  2. Lazaro is a clown who exploits his handicap for pity votes. He is an embarrassment to handicapped folks who effectively overcome impairments to succeed.

    • Why? If anyone are the clowns it’s the producers and judges who put him on the show when he clearly wasn’t ready. They were the ones who chose to exploit his handicap. Never mind the people who keep voting for him each week. All he has done is sing. Not well enough but hats off to him for trying.

    • He is not the one doing the exploiting. Maybe he knows he’s in over his head, but cant do anything about it but try his best and then stand there and listen to the criticism. Whoever is voting for him is doing the exploiting. National pride is a wonderful thing, but he isnt ready for prime time yet. The judges should have told him he wasnt ready yet, get a vocal coach and some more experience and come back next year. Then, he could have had a real chance of winning. But instead they were so taken by the contrast between his speaking voice and his singing voice they kept pushing him forward. Producers saw huge ratings dancing in their heads. They and production should have realized their mistake a long time ago. Instead, he had to suffer yet another public humilation last night.

  3. HE didnt give up their r giving him all the wrong song so he would mess up…But he wont. his doing a great job…. I hope and pray that GOD help him so he could stay until the END>>>GOOD LUCK…LOVE FROM NEW YORK CITY

    • Are you kidding me? Did you even watch American Idol tonight? His performance of Close to You was a disaster. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse performance on Idol – certainly not at this point in the competition.

    • Think back to other preformances. Thats wyy he still In the hungt. Laz Is not praying on sympthy Mel Tillas was onde of the first artist tto have a stuttering problem. Not when he sang though. #1 albums and songs. Give :Laz a break man. I have been sining and playinng ;in band s for years. Anyone can have a bad night. Just keep track of there previous prefomanes,, Give hiim a shot. Good Luck Budd;y/ You will need IT pick song tthat you know You can ;nail.. Forg;et the coaches. )__Peace out brother. bruceatcrystalclear@yahoo.com Good luck Amigo. Bruce

      • You should review his past performances again. He hasnt had a really good one since they started performing in front of the audience. He not only screws up his own songs he also brings those singing with him down. He didnt have a bad night, he’s been consistently turning out weak performances. I cant believe you would have someone who continually forgets lyrics and cant stay on key in your band for long.

    • Seriously? They are given a freedom to pick their own song. Like, for sure, he’s the worst of the bunch since the Top 10 has started. This is a singing competition. Not a tone-deaf-forget-the-words-and-get-the-most-vote-for-disability competition. And somehow, he radiates some arrogant vibe.

      • Im not sure If he is feeling the arrogance that he sometimes projects or if thats just the way his confidence and happiness comes across. I just feel that he is being set up for a great big dive when the show is finished. Maybe production finally decided they dont want to be blamed for that and is trying to avoid criticism by having the judges say everything but “Lazaro you dont belong here” tonite. Now they can say well
        “We tried to tell him he wasnt good enough”. Its a case of “too little, too late” unfortunately.

    • They pick their own songs and we all know he does not measure up to any of those girls!

  4. Don’t worry, he won’t get eliminated this week. I’ll even be surprised to see him in the bottom 2.

  5. I couldn’t watch his whole performances…too painful and embarrassing. i would have eliminated him weeks ago. This is a singing competition and he doesn’t even come close to the girls – all of them!

  6. I’m glad the judges told it like it was last night. His personality in the past weeks has done a tota turn around from the shy insecure boy to a cocky, not worried one bit man. I truly think he thinks he’s got so many fans that no matter how he sounds he’s not going anywhere. And I believe that’s why they’ve been holding on to that save!

    • True. when Lazaro made it into the top three last week I was floored, and upset for hours. I can understand voting for a favorite but when one sees the level of competition he is up against, it really isn’t fair to the other contestants to see him remain in the face of is obvious lack of talent at this level. Pick Another Favorite Among Those Who Deserve To Be There. Come on America!!!

  7. I don’t think he gave up I think they are not giving him the right songs. And I really think that Randy, Niki, don’t really like him and want him to go home

  8. the judges are now suffering from the decision that they’d made of putting Lazaro through to the top 24…big mistake on their part…HUGE!

  9. I agree with the judges… sweet kid… great strength of character, but just not a singer. Certainly a better singer than most, but not at the level of this show.

  10. I agree with an earlier posting. He may feel he is in over his head but can’t leave until voted off. Poor kid. Sort of a cruel joke.

  11. Maybe he figures it doesn’t matter what he does since people are voting for him regardless of how he performs!

  12. I found it amazing that at the starting of the show last night, he said he is confident that he will make the top five.

    It tells me that he doesnt think he is as bad as theyre saying, or he just doesnt care.

  13. I know of only one artist than can get away with a sorry performance and get away with it, Mr. Sinatra on his last concert at the age of 77. This idiot hasn’t achieved absolutely nothing he hasn’t even broken out of the egg shell yet, whe thinks he can just go out there and fart and people will fall in love with him

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