American Idol 2013 Top 6 Live Recap: Double The Fun!

Janelle Arthur

The American Idol 2013 Top 6 are hitting the stage tonight and they’re singing two songs each this week. One song will be songs they wish they had written and the other will be a selection from the Bacharach/David songbook.

As usual, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assuaging the letter grade I think each one deserves. Be sure to follow along and do your own grading in our comments section below! The more opinions the better.

The American Idol 2013 Top 6 Performances

Round One:

Angie Miller, Anyone Who Had A Heart. WOW. This might possibly be the most BORING performance I’ve ever sat through on American Idol. The vocals were great, though. So the lyrics would get an A, but the passion, entertainment value and everything else gets an F. So let me average that out a bit. Grade: C+

Amber Holcomb,  I Say A Little Prayer. OK, I can’t keep saying this because this is just a bad idea for a theme, but this was pretty boring too. Amber handled it well and the chorus was fun, but it was mostly pretty dull. It all just sounded so generic. Grade: B

Thought: WHY are the judges going INSANE over Amber? It wasn’t THAT good. Oh, wait, I’ll tell you what they’re doing. They’re doing everything they can to boost her above Lazaro. Because I’m sorry, but that performance was not as earth-shattering as they’re acting.

Lazaro Arbos, Close To You. Well that was awful. He was flat most of the time and it was boring and bad bad bad. At least he didn’t forget the lyrics. And finally even Mariah thought it was bad. She refused to spell it out, but that’s what she meant. Grade: F

Kree Harrison, What The World Needs Now. Finally! A performance that was good, not boring and put a different spin on the song at hand! The judges should be acting as excited about this as they were for Amber. Because so far, THIS is the best performance of the night. Kree can basically do no wrong at this point. Grade: A+

Janelle Arthur, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again. Janelle’s performance was pretty solid. Like all the performances aside from Kree’s, it was a bit boring, but that’s because of the horrible theme. Janelle’s vocals were good and she seemed to have fun with it. Grade: B+

Candice Glover, Don’t Make Me Over. Tender and sweet one moment, powerful and commanding the next. Candice’s performance was FANTASTIC. He and Kree easily win the night. Loved her performance. Flawless. Grade: A++

Round Two:

Angie Miller, Love Came Down. That was good. I think I’m bored, but that was pretty good. It was nice to see her back at her piano. Grade: A

Amber Holcomb, Love On Top. It was nice to hear something upbeat after that first hour of sleepy songs. But I still didn’t love it. I just think Amber is generally a 7 out of 10 and the judges are acting like she’s an 11. So it’s getting irritating. This was a solid, cruise-ship/wedding singer number. Grade: B

Lazaro Arbos, Angels. Much, much better, Lazaro. He  handpicked the song, so he was going to do better. I think what this really means is that Lazaro needs to learn to be versatile. Not earth-shattering, but way better. Grade: B

Nicki is DONE with Lazaro.

Kree Harrison, Help Me Make It Through The Night. It might be a risky move to do a song so few young people know, but as I said earlier, Kree can do no wrong. So never mind. Her voice is amazing and you can tell she loves this song because she poured herself into it. She’s pretty great. Grade: A

Janelle Arthur, The Dance. I’m not sure two slow-ish songs were a good idea, but I liked her performance. That’s a beautiful song and she handled it well, aside from the shaky ending. Grade: B

Candice Glover, Lovesong. Another amazing performance. Two amazing ones in one night. This girl, right now at this moment, should be the winner of American Idol. Her performance was haunting and emotional and performed perfectly. Grade: A++ (I think these grades make her valedictorian of the night).

Who were your favorite American Idol 2013 performances of the night?




  1. I think Amber Holcomb may be the next American Idol. I may give her all my votes tonight!

  2. Branden, hope you’re reading this. I completely agree with you over why the judges are going insane over Amber. It wasn’t that good. It wss the first time I thought the song choice was good. IMO, my favorite is Kree, as I know she’s probably your favorite other than Candice. Kree does something amazing every week, and it’s never boring.

      • Don’t I wish? They went completely overboard with Joshua last year, and this year is Amber. But finally, the best performance, IMO, in the history of Idol was Candice’s final performance. Just stunning.

      • Randy says that at least once every year. There have been some great performances over the years, but my favorite was Clay Aiken’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and Candice didn’t top it.

      • That was a fantastic performance. I gotta give you that one. The other one was Adam Lambert’s Mad World, but beside from that, I think Candice’s was, hands-down, best of the season.

  3. The judges are PURPOSELY overreacting to Amber’s performance. They are trying anything they can to sway the voters. The judges know that she might be the one going home this week because she has always been low in the votes, yet she one of the best singers. But, its really all about getting Lazaro off of the show. He’s in the top 3 right now and has yet to have a great or memorable performance. And after his first performance tonight, its painfully obvious that he shouldn’t be there. If he doesn’t get voted off this week, then Idol seriously needs to change how they do the voting. My favorite is Candice though!

  4. For pity sake! Stop voting for Lazaro! He is hopelessly outclassed. It’s becoming an exercise in humiliation for him!

  5. Candace is phenomenal. Kree was fantastic. They are both the front runners in this competition.

    • Yes yes yes!!!! I’m glad he’s found his voice, acceptance, confidence, etc. etc. etc. But it’s time, America. It. Is. Time.

  6. Here is the problem with Angie..every time she is behind the piano she sounds exactly the same. She does the same thing with her voice each time, to the point where I know what is coming. Janelle doesn’t have to worry about being the one trick pony… I for one am tired of it.

      • There’s no question that she has a great voice, but she can only sing one type of song in that way that makes us stop and listen. When she tries any other style, she comes across as just average.

    • YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Ive said it several times, Angie simply can’t top the performance of her original song. She knows she’s starting to flounder so she does the next best thing by choosing a song that is similar in style to her original and stays at the piano. Unfortunately she has a very narrow field where she can really shine. I don’t know how that’s going to affect her chances of long term success. She is the real ONE TRICK PONY!

    • Hey get real, Every top singer sings there OWN way, the same as top actors sound the same everytime they do another movie (ie. John Wayne, Clark Gable, Jimmt Stewart Etc. Listen to Barbra Streisand’s top songs, as well as Mariah Celine etc.. Phony criticism, everyone of the ladies has there own style!!!!!!

  7. Never have I seen 4 more uncomfortable people then the judges critiqueing Lazaro’s performance. Keith was obviously feeling the pain long before he banged his head on the table and I thought Mariah might pass out from the stress of struggling to be truthful without being mean. Even though he accepts the criticism gracefully, I can’t believe Lazaro is immune to the humiliation he must be experiencing. Will all of his loyal supporters be there when its time to really support him by plunking down their hard earned money to buy his music? For his sake, I hope so, but I doubt it.

  8. Nikki HOHO Kree comes across to me a little on the arrogant side but perhaps that shouldn’t be a reason not to vote for her. I like Candice, Amber, and Kree in that order.

  9. Agree with Branden. I thought Amber’s song was BORING! Was shocked by the judges comments. Did they listen to the same song. and poor Lazaro. What was that? And save some time judges….just tell him it sucked and move on for crying out loud. Enough with all the commentary about his backstory.

  10. Has anyone noticed all the cost cuts in AI this year?
    1. A Top 10 this year instead of a top 13
    2. Lack of guest mentors (only one in 5 weeks instead of 1 a week like last year).
    3, No AI mansion.

    • Could be because their viewership has dropped from the 23+ million a few years ago to 11 million this year and they are paying Seacrest and the judges close to $100 million in total with Seacrest getting the biggest cut of that..

      The rate they can charge advertisers and sponsors depends on ratings so they are not getting the money from the advertisers and sponsors they once were and, given the cost of putting that show on, 11 million viewers is not going to sustain it much longer.

      It could be unlucky 13 next year for AI, if they bring it back for a 13th Season.

      • I was generous with my pay amount.

        Mariah Carey gets $18 million

        Jackson is paid $15 million plus he gets a cut of her salary because he is her manager.

        Seacrest gets $15 million

        Minaj $12 million’

        Urban only gets $5 million

        So that is $65 million plus wardrobe, accommodation, per diem’s and, apparently, make up and hair dos (including Urban).

        Maybe not $100 million but not far short and, of course, we have to add in the musicians, coaches, choreographers, backup singers, props, scenery folk, et al.

        It costs a lot to put that show on.

        Last night they were “up” to a little short of 12 million but still struggling in the main demo of 18-49 with 3.2 million.

  11. You would think that Lazaro will go home this week but since He’s the only guy and kind of cute, I bet the young girls will keep him in. I bet Janelle will be the one going home.

  12. Well, I enjoyed Kree, Janelle and Candice’s songs. Nice job. I would think they will be safe for sure. One side note; A.I. sure missed the boat on hiring some good judging talent this year. What should be an integral part of the show is fast becoming the part I just fast forward through.

  13. Oh and like I said on the other article, this week we WILL get a “shocking” result and the judges save will be used. I’d almost be willing to bet on it being Angie. Her first performance was awful and her second one was good but she always sounds the same at the piano. Unless you’re a wgwg, you can’t do the same thing every week and expect to get away with.

  14. What’s really neat is that all these top six have a future in the music industry:-), even Lazaro!

  15. 1. Angie
    2. Kree
    3. Janelle
    4. Amber
    5. Candice
    6. Lazaro
    Angie Miller, and Kree Harrison are hands down the two best singers in this competition.
    Lazaro needed to be gone a LONG TIME AGO. Sorry. But thats the truth. The sympathy votes need to stop now.

    • i respect ur opinion! but if you base it on tonights performance. its gonna be kree and candice

    • Wow, is that the order of preference? Candice should be at the top with Kree, then it’s a toss up between Angie and Amber. It’s a women’s competition this year. Candice should take it.

    • Are you serious? Candice in fifth position just ahead of Lazaro? That is the biggest insult as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure what you were listening to/watching because Candice was far and away the BEST singer last night. The final two should be Candice and Kree!

    • Were you asleep or dead last night during Candice’s performances? She brought the judges to their knees and MC to the stage to sprinkle her with glitter! Candice will win!!!!

  16. After hearing all the songs tonight, I think Kree and Candice were the best of the best. Superstars, both of them.

  17. I think Candice will be The American Idol 2013. I do think, it will all depend on their song choices from the other girls. A lot of good talent from the girls. Shirley

  18. I didn’t get to see all of it Fox lost signal after Janelle sang. So it really isn’t fair. However, I appreciate seeing this. It is time for Lazaro to go. Karen Carpenter is rolling over in her grave saying “No no no…you were out of tune.” We all know a gal will win this year. My bet is on Kree or Candice. Kree to win and Candice runnr up.

  19. I feel like the judges were way too harsh on Lazaro’s second performance. He certainly wasn’t the best, but he did improve and I think the judges should have recognized that.

  20. Candice is still my girl. She makes the boldest choices, and nails every song she sings Her versatility for genres and styles is amazing. Was surprised she did the Cure, but three bars in I was totally sold. Also congrats to Kree who was also amazing tonight. Didn’t realize that Help me make it … was not well known amongst the younger voters. To me though it was a perfect choice for her vocals. She has that haunting Patsy Cline vocal which is perfect for that song. Those two are miles above the others, but still think Angie will win.

    • Kree mentioned that Patsy Cline was her favorite singer, but she was wise not to pick a Patsy Cline song. I don’t think her voice is close to Patsy’s, but it would be interesting to hear Kree sing one of Patsy’s songs for comparison. There was a lot of talk about singing with emotion tonight. Patsy Cline could really get emotion into her songs so that a listener could feel it, too.

  21. Kree , a great job of a great song !! By the way who has not heard of Kris , Rita , Elvis , Willie , Waylon ..?. you are in great company with this unheard of song …

  22. I think Candice has got an amazing singing voice, but I just don’t feel her and I don’t like her attitude for some reason. I think its to far to say that she WILL be the American Idol winner because, you never know, its a close battle between Candice, Kree and Angie.
    Personally, I would LOVE to have KREE and ANGIE FINALE. But for now, my top 3 are: Candice, Kree and Angie!

  23. Looks like Angie is losing her luster 🙁 Candice stepped things up from what I think was 3 weeks of wrong song choices. She chose the right songs tonight and voila, magic was made, haha!

  24. I think it will be either Angie or Janelle voted off tomorrow night. Judges may use their save if Angie is voted off.

  25. I am still crying my eyes out ..Candice that was beautiful…You keep that up and you are the next American Idol I promise…:)

  26. Top 3 Contestants from Tonight Anyone?
    Mine are:

    Candice Glover- by far
    Kree Harrison
    Angie Miller

    Reply yours or if you agree or disagree including Matt and Branden if they want

  27. Goodbye Lazaro! Hopefully those sap-story lovers will realize your not top 5 material and won’t vote for you… :/

  28. Candice gave one of the best performances I have ever seen on television. That was beyond amazing. it was transporting.

  29. Angie’s scond performance is one of my favorite performances ever on Idol. It brought me to tears. No one can match her when she is on her piano, singing so organic. I like Kree and Candice alot to but I relate to Angie so much more!

  30. Candice would have all my votes if I could vote but only Americans can which is unfortunate .. Lazaro should have gone home with Charlie .. nice guy but not Idol material .. I like Amber, has a great voice but she’s not up there with Candice .. Kree also very good .. Janelle a bit on the boring side .. Angie, I like her at the piano .. she was better at the beginning .. as for the judges I put up with them just to see who wins …

  31. When the competition began this year, Candice was one of my favorites. Then I thought she began to sound the same no matter what song she chose. Tonight I thought she moved back up to, but did not surpass, her early performances. I don’t connect with Kree. I can’t see or hear why so many people think she’s so great. Before tonight, I didn’t even think she sounded like Country was the best genre for her, but I did like her second song, and that was Country. I still like Amber’s voice the best, but like Branden’s comment below I’m beginning to doubt myself because she gets low-voted so many times. Based on tonight, I would pick Candice, Amber, and Kree. Based on boring, I would pick Mariah’s rambling comments. She uses too many words to say nothing and takes up the other judges’ time. Mariah needs to go to judges’ school. She had some good points but she took too long to get to them.

  32. don’t like candice attitude….she’s so conceited when she perform……i just don’t like her………

  33. I was wondering the same thing about Amber. The judges make it sound like she is another Whitney, & I keep hearing pitchy moments & missed keys. She definitely is the BEST LOOKING though. Kree is starting to walk away with this! (Still the worst Judging I’ve ever seen.)

  34. Please, please, please Lazaro fans–it’s ok to be his fan but your sympathy vote is not doing him any favors and week after week good singers have to go home because he is staying. Please vote for someone else, Lazaro fans.

  35. I cannot agree with all the “grades above” However Candice rocked the house! If I had the choice – the order in which I would list top to bottom – would be Candice, Kree, Amber, Angie, Janell then Lazarro

  36. I agree with the judges as well. Lazaro, I don’t know what happened, but it’s time to go. I feel the top 3, Candice, Kree, and Amber. Candice “Should” take it after tonight’s performances.

  37. Candice… you always take me to a different plane of existence. But tonight you took me to a different galaxy. From your first performance you were my favorite. Those who say you are arrogant…it’s not arrogance…it’s called being born with a blessed talent. Kree you have always been my second favorite….As for Amber…what is the big deal about her…she just doesn’t do anything for me at all. as for the last three ( or should I say two, cause I never considered Lazaro to be a contestant), they have their moments but sub-standard to Candice and Kree.

  38. I’m sorry but I have to say this Branden.You are pathetic with those grades.’The performance was great’=B.what does that mean?By the way Candice is NOT a He!!!

  39. Candice proved one more time why she MUST be in the Finale.This last performance was amazing.Other than I’m going down, which I was like whaaaat?!! this was her best.

  40. After being thrown out to a different universe by Candice exquisite and magnificent performance of “Lovesong”. This is, IMO, the ranking of last nite’s performances. Lazaro’s performances ought to be ranked differently on a different scale which I am not too familiar with, AKA the “Clueless Scale”.

    1. Candice Glover “Lovesong” – a perfect 10
    2. Candice Glover “Don’t Make Me Over” -another perfect 10
    3. Amber “I Say A Little Prayer” – 9
    4. Kree “What the World Needs Now” – 9
    5. Angie “Love Come Down” – 8
    6. Amber “Love On Top” – 8
    7. Kree “Help Me Make It Through The Night” – 8
    8. Angie “Anyone Who Had A Heart” – 6
    9. Janelle “The Dance” – 6
    10.Janelle “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” – 6

    We all know what these singers are capable of [or incapable of (so far)]
    – Candice has some secret weapon which she sometimes unleashes like last night. She kills other competitors.

    – Angie is a one trick pony.

    – Kree is always Kree, never a risk taker, every week starts to sound the same, much like Angie.
    -Amber, had trouble at her lower register.
    -Janelle, had trouble showing or maintaining stage presence.
    -Lazaro is living in Lazaro Universe, with its own “Lazaro scale” and Lazaro’s groupie, but clearly being outclassed by the girls.

  41. I know what Branden is saying about Amber she was not that great. She’s just like average and Her voice is not original enough, I like Janelle better. On my rank she’s fifth!

    My top 3 is Kree, Candice and Janelle ( yah I know I like Janelle more than Angie, so sue me!)

    Please please *fingers crossed* let Lazaro go home, enough of the sympathy votes already. I dont hate him, he’s just not top 5 material ( top 10 even, Johnny Keyser shouldve been on the top 10, yes I’m bitter!!!!!!)

  42. I agree with the judges especially Randy. Candice’s performance was by far one of the best ever in Idol History. She could have competed with Phillip last year and smacked him in the face. And Kree.. You just made me love the Country groove better than Carrie. Please Lazaro, don’t let another amazing contestant go home.

  43. Candice moved me beyond words. Top 2 will be Candice & Kree because they are the most versatile and heartfelt. I do like Angie a lot though. These 3 will be superstars..

  44. I was happy when I saw Candace auditioning this year, i thought she was unfairly cut last year. So even before the finals she was my favorite, until I heard Amber. So it is really good to see Candace living up to my expectations. Base on last night’s performances, I say Candace won hands down. Didn’t care much for Amber’s second song, but I think she did a really great job on the first. The first song that Kree did, was the first time i actually enjoyed one of her performances. I think she really think she was great, maybe it’s the fact that she somehow didn’t over sing. Those are my top three from last night.
    As for Branden, I use to look forward to what he has to say, but his scoring system leaves me with a lot of questions. When compared to Michael Slezak, Branden, review gets a C+.

  45. Mariah needs to go! Her sentences are rambling, run-on, continuous and contribute NOTHING. She can’t start a sentence and she can’t end a sentence. And what’s with her comparison of her achievements to the contestents? They’re kids, they’re amateurs and if I wanted to see Mariah’s list of accomplishments I’d go look her up. Totally turned off by her and try to fast feed through her comments whenever I can.

  46. Kree is my favorite, but I have got to say Candice was on top last night. That was an awesome performance. I am betting it will be down to Kree and Candice in the finals. Just my guess

  47. C’mon folks…..don’t pull a Mariah on us. Yeah he’s a nice guy but, now singing-wise, Lazaro stinks plain and simple. He’s not in the same league as the rest. This is a singing competition. Mariah had verbal diarrhea last night. Talk about not articulating. For a moment she couldn’t stop blabbing and was making little to no sense. My guess – she’s not going to be asked back next year.

  48. Branden is again out there to impose his biases on people. This time , he is intent on sinking his venomous fangs on Amber Holcomb’s pretty neck just like what he did to Jessica Sanchez last year. Nothing special on Kree’s boring performance , if you ask me! Go Amber! Remember Jessica finished second to a one-trick pony of a singer!

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