American Idol Judge JLo Releases ‘Dance Again’ Single – Updated

American Idol judge JLo Dance Again

American Idol judge JLo has released her new single “Dance Again” ahead of next Thursday’s premiere on American Idol 2012. So far they’ve just put out the lyrical video (shows nothing but text) so you’ll get the full thing on the upcoming American Idol results show.

JLo went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to discuss the new single and her reunion with collaborators RedOne and Pitbull. Hey, those two should join forces and call themselves Redbull, unless someone is already using that…

Lopez explained to Ryan that she doesn’t have a full album worth of songs right at the moment, but she wanted to get the single out now and see what comes from the rest of the songs they’re developing.

As an aside, Seacrest also asked JLo about the Nicki Minaj back and forth on Thursday. Warning: a nonsensical response ahead.

Seacrest: “Is Nicki Minaj Coming To “American Idol” As A Fourth Judge?”

JLo: “I don’t know! She said she wanted to, but we were like ‘Okay come on!’ and then she was like ‘Scoot over!’ and I said ‘I don’t know about that! I don’t know if we could share the same chair!’”

Like totally. Like. Anyway, check out Jennifer’s new single, “Dance Again,” below and see if it makes you want to dance.

Update: Lopez has released a sneak peak of the video on ahead of tonight’s debut. Watch the preview clip below: