American Idol 2012: JLo Tried To Save Heejun Han

American Idol 2012 JLo tried to save Heejun Han

Heejun Han was eliminated from American Idol 2012 on Thursday night but it almost didn’t happen, according to Han and E! News.

Heejun explained that after the elimination show ended he was approached by Lopez who explained how close he came to being saved:

Heejun reveals that Lopez tried to get the other judges to use their one save on him. “She came up to me, with the teary eyes, and said, ‘I was convincing them to save you, but I lost,’ ” he says. “But only her vote counts for me I guess, but Randy and Steven can just…whatever.”

The singer says he wasn’t surprised that the judges decided not to use their save to keep him in the competition: “It was too early. It was way too early to use their card. I’m pretty sure they’re saving it for some other people. It was fair and square.”

I imagine I wasn’t the only one scoffing at the display the judges put on while Heejun performed his “Save Me!” song on Thursday night. As much as I enjoyed Heejun’s antics during the season he’s right that it was reasonable for the judges to let him go. I don’t doubt that Lopez said what Heejun claims she did, but I do question how sincerely the idea of saving him was pushed. Considering Steven Tyler appeared to relish the announcement of no-save to Han I don’t think he would have ever been convinced to use it and Randy was likely realistic enough to know avoid it. But if nothing else, I’m sure it made Han feel better to hear it.

Do you think the judges should have saved Heejun Han or was it the right choice to allow his elimination this week on American Idol 2012?




  1. It was probably right, even though I like him a lot and had another I’d like to have seen gone. What was wrong was Tyler’s accusation the week before that Han wasn’t taking the competition seriously. A comedian is funny…That doesn’t mean he isn’t doing what he feels is best for himself. Good comedy is serious business!! People repeated Tyler’s accusation and believed it. I don’t.

    • i dont really think he is that great of a comedian, to me he was dull and unkind, a little sarcastic but not in a really brilliant way . And in addidion the worst, least marketable singer left. I just dont think it was right so he kept on competing against Joshua, DeAndre, Jessica or Elise. The people and the ones i didnt mention are in totally diferent league 

    • I think Steven was mad because so many people would have given anything to be in Heejun’s shoes and be among the finalists, and there was seemingly not taking things seriously.  The scolding was Heejun’s wakeup call.

      • exactly..he can still be funny, but it would be better if he has the vocal chops to complement it..he should have joined a different reality show.

        and really, giving heejun the save?he doesnt deserve it am sorry.especially with what he has shown with the competition

        i do think though that he’s a great guy…buti it’s a competition

  2. If it’s a 1 week thing, then yea he could have been saved.  The thing is though, he was bad for so many weeks, that one good song doesn’t warrant a save.  So while I would have been ok w/ it, the judges got it right.

    Also, they now realize how much an early save comes back to bite em in the backside. I’ve got to believe that factored in.

    Last but not least, obviously the later they use the save, the less time the saved person will stick around.  So if they use it in week 6 for say Colton (or anyone really, this is a really close season) & that person only lasts another week, they didn’t waste it. 

    As long as it’s not used on Deandre, I’m hoping they use the save on the next person eliminated.  I’d be completely happy w/ any of the other 7 winning.  Where as before I had thought this was a so/so season, after the top 9 I’ve enjoyed it a lot more.  Now I just hope they all do well in week 8. 

    A lot of times after these everyone did well nights, the next week a lot of em come back & are brutal.   I hope that doesn’t happen here. 

    • DeAndre can sing. he’s the reason I watch the show. I couldn’t see the judges leting him  get away. He has a voice that I’ve never heard in someone that young. Like Scotty I can see him winning AI. 

  3. It was absolutely the right move not to waste the save on him. I don’t think anyone can deny that he is a very likable guy. I think once he starts believing in his self more, and working a bit on his annunciation, that he can become a successful artist. Good luck to you Heejun.

  4. Mr. Tyler and Mr. Jackson were right not to save Hee since he has been giving a not so competitive performance for many weeks. Ms. Lopez is kinda kind to let that happen. Anyway, moving on.

  5. Well I’m not sure they should have kept him OR let him go. I’m not really sure if they’re going to use their save this year. Since u can only can only use the save by the top 5….. we will find out soon enough!


  6. Inasmuch as I was hoping that Heejun would stay longer,  when it comes down to using the one save for the season,  I know they are reserving it for some really good contestant,  such as Jessica.  So, yes I was glad the save was not put into play.

  7. They could not save him because it´s too early , and there will be a better chance and also a better singer to be saved!

  8. Phil Phillips is amazing! His performance of “Look Out My Window” was awesome. My husband, 3 children and I love it and have watched the recorded version soooo many times. I want it for my ipod but I don’t want the other idol songs. Is there any way to just purchase his song? Just love it!! BTW all of the other contestants are pretty amazing as well. This is one talented group of IDOL contestants!!

    • There is a way but I don’t know if I can tell you. I would have to ask Matt about that because they are advertising itunes here and I don’t know if it’s allowed. 

    • i’m bored with philip, he sounds like he’s singing the same song every week.  I can’t understand his voice… I can’t tell if he sounds good or not,  all I hear is  grooowl…

    • I don’t like Philip’s voice. It’s not natural at all. What he does is to growl and scream which sounds too annoying to my ears! He always look and sound constipated or about to pooh every time he performs! He is not a voice the world would love. Jessica, Joshua, Elise are the best voice in my own opinion. Philips has just the talent to make songs different and arranged according to his taste and ability. Too self-indulgent as what Simon often says….Furthermore,  it’s beginning to bore me so much. Almost same sound week after week. Sorry….

      • I’ve got to agree with you as well. The three you mentioned have a ton more vocal depth and range than any of the other contestants. I think Hollie is close, but has to be more consistant. The others are good in the style, but just don’t show any stretch to or depth or range to their vocals. They are all very talented and I think this year’s Idol has more talent in the top 8 than any before, but the three you mentioned have the most depth and range for sure. Enjoying this season, especially wed nights performances.

      • I disagree, He is unique and not like everyone else. He is different. 
         Jessica, Joshua, Elise are everywhere and the same. Karaoke, karaoke,karaoke. I am sick of the same. They are rehearsed to death. Ok I gotta do this at this point of the song, and this here. Phillip Phillps just sings it his way. Even the stars who come on the show spots Phillip as a star. Not the others. Why? because they have seen it all before…

  9. It was time for Hee Jun to go. His “antics” got old fast and I agreed with the judges if they were taking into account the whole season. The last time HeeJun sang it was very nice, much better than Hollie but she never fooled around and the audience chose hee jun to go, although his singing the last night was much better than Hollie’s.

  10. It was the right choice. It would have just been delayed. He wasn’t gonna win and now they have three more opportunities to save a more worthy contestant. It was sad but he will be on the tour so–“Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight til it be morrow. 

    Good night Heejun!
    Bless you!

  11. I wish he was saved, it would make the rest of the season more watchable.  Only contestants I don’t get bored watching now is Jessica and partly Phillips.  I guess maybe Elise.

    The others either put me to sleep, and a couple even make me want to mute the tv at times. No offense, just guys singing only in their falsetto and voices that sound like they are a pre-teen going through puberty with their voice cracking every 5 seconds isn’t that nice to listen to.

    He wasn’t the best singer, but he was the definitely one of the most watchable. 

  12. Its right that they didn’t save Heejun. They will save either Hollie or Skylar this year…because I’m sure they’re going to be in trouble in the coming weeks…
    or Elise…they won’t save DeAndre; and Colton, Jessica and Phillip will not be in the Bottom 3 at all this season, I’m sure. Joshua won’t be eligible for the save since he will be in the Top 5 by the time he goes home.
    So Hollie, Skylar or Elise are the ones on whom the save will be used.

  13. He has already achieved the best that he could have done- which is to get on the tour.  He couldn’t have possibly won, so the save was better saved for someone with a hope of winning.

  14. It’s unbecoming of JLO to even tell HeeJun that she was trying to save him. Putting Randy & Tyler as bad guys. She could have just said words of encouragement to him. Cause lets face it…Heejun is not save worthy.

    • He should have been saved. He puts the other voices, other than Jessica, to shame!


  15. I think it’s right to keep him if he’s in the top 6. I really wish to see him much longer. Bcoz all these contestants are all definitely booorrrinnngg to watch.
    Hollie – really boring with her ballads, why Heejun was critisized doing many ballads while Hollie not?
    Colton – very average voice. I found most of my nieces vote him bcoz he’s cute!!!
    Skylar – like Lauren Alaina’s version but more twang. She’s getting bored every week.
    Joshua – I can’t believe he did his screaming when he tried to reach high note but he couldn’t ..
    Jessica – yes, she’s the best voice of all, like to scream as well, but no personality, really boring girl.
    Phillip – yes, very unique, but he’s done the same every week. And noone criticized??
    Deandre – don’t need to talk about him. I just saw his hair when he’s singing.
    Elise – first I think she’s a mean girl, but she changed a lot and getting better every week. But she won’t win this competition anyway bcoz she’s not really in a shape of an Idol.

    I think top 2 will be Colton and Phillip … because all teenies said they are cute!!! period.

    This is Idol competition, not singing competition, and of course not comedy competition.

    • ^^^^^so this edition is supposedly an American ‘Teen’ Idol?? or The America’s next CUTEST idol!!! lol..LOGIC fails big time!!! lmao.

    • I agree with none criticized because Phillip is great! They want a girl sooo bad this year that I think they will do anything to get one.

  16. about time!!    He wasn’t ever funny – he was immature and didn’t take the competition seriously. He irritated the hell out of me.

    • Why do you people think he should not have had fun when competing? he had a great voice and a wonderful sense of humor and that’s what entertainment is all about.  I don’t understand why you just want him to be boring like the rest of the competition.


  17. I think that the judges made the right choice. I did like Han, and enjoyed his funny sense of humor, but he was up against a lot of great talent. I wish Han great success in life.

  18. He was BORING on stage. Period. Every week a slooooowwww song and every week the same funny business with a snooze fest performance. I liked his comedic side, but I don’t think he shoulda made the top 24 even. His personality was the only thing that got him as far as he did, because on stage while singing, I just wanted to take a nap. Judges did the right thing and I knew they’d never use the save on him with people like Hollie and Skylar in the bottom as well. They deserve it more than he did and Steven and Randy knew it. They also remembered that last season using the save early bit them in the butt because Pia was gone the week after. Great decision for the judges. Glad he’s gone actually. While Deandre does have a special gift, his falsetto is getting old and I hope he’s gone next week. And the judges better not save him either.

  19. They made the right choice. He was good , but the others were better. If it wasn’t this week  it would have been next week. He had a great personality , but maybe a little to much clowning around. I can see why Tyler was getting upset with him.

  20. Yes…I agree that it was the right decision to eliminate Heejun and to not use the save card for him.  He had said more than once that he was mainly in it to help the kids he works with and that winning was not all that important to him.
    I just don’t think of his as Idol material.  He has been blessed with a wonderful singing voice and I enjoyed hearing him sing.  What he is doing with the kids with special needs is something that is blessing him as well as the kids he serves.  I understand this kind of blessing well…have been sending a handmade baby doll to missionaries that service orphanages around the world since the ’70s and my business is now registered with the IRS as a 501c3 Public Charity.  Heejun, know that my prayers are with you as you make a great personal sacrifice to minister to children with special needs.
    May the good Lord rain down His richest blessings upon you and may you be caught without an umbrella….G. Lord

  21. Heejun was my favorite– He was silly and fun, a beautiful vocalist, and sang a song about how he wouldn’t change himself to be an “Idol”, basically! When he got kicked off, initially I was heartbroken! But it was probably in the best interests of the show anyways. He really wasn’t the best singer there…
    I still have Colton to root for at least ;u;

  22. I liked Heejun Han and wish he had smiled more.
    The persona he projected wasn’t always the best.
    per·so·na   [per-soh-nuh] 
    noun, plural -nae   a person’s perceived or evident personality, as that of a well-known official, actor, or celebrity; personal image; public role.

  23. Now I know J-Lo is nuts.  Heejun should’ve been gone long ago.  His Billy Joel performance was a disgrace.   There are so many singers left who are better than Heejun — like all of them, even DeAndre.

  24. I agree what Jimmy said that the other are better than Han.  I don’t like they keep saying he is a comedian.  Everyone is different.  Mr Tyler shows his butt in front of the camera was a lot worst than anything else!  He was not serious to America at all.  He should not be judge for the show.  

    • I disagree with your assessment of Mr. Tyler. If you haven’t had the chance, I suggest you read his autobiography. In my opinion, Steven Tyler knows more about the business, more about the vocals, more about the melody and the “whole package” than Randy and Jennifer put together. Why? Because he’s been there, done that…really has seen it all in the music industry and he alone could find our next American Idol. Although, Randy and J Lo, bring a completeness to the judging panel than we’ve ever had before. Obviously Randy knows what he’s talking about with respect to the melody, vibrato, pitches, and he KNOWS when the singers have chosen a song which they weren’t either ready for or could not pull off. And J Lo brings the soft side along with the critique side of it all that she should. But

  25. i also like Heejun… but saving him wasn’t the best thing to do… because we know for a fact that He can’t be in the finals, so y save?…  I guess the judges reserved it for the right person.  We still love you Heejun.  :))

  26. The judges are reserving their save for contestant like jessica, P2, and would very much likely to use it on Hollie(sorril not on Joshua).
    But thank you JLo(could see on TV she was trying very hard to convince Randy to use the save on HJ) for you kind heart 🙂

  27. Seriously, if they would have saved HeeJun I would have totally lost all respect for their judgement.  After the mistake last season there was no way they were going to save HeeJun when there were 8 idols that are better singers than him………I wish HeeJun only the best !!!


  29. I believe, even though Heejun has an incredible voice, an incredible way of reaching those who hear him sing-when he takes it seriously, and an incredible way of captivating us with his eyes , tears and his voice, let alone his apparent love for the Big Man upstairs, he would have eventually been voted off. But honestly, Deandre should have been the first to go in my opinion. And if the judges choose to use their save for Deandre, I will probably stop watching the show…and furthermore, if Deandre wins this year…I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW EVER AGAIN. I think Deandre is a nice person, someone will most likely give him some sort of a contract, but last week when they were allowed to sing what they wanted, they all stepped up except for DeAndre. To me, listening from my television, Deandre does sound like an injured hyena. Maybe it’s just me…but I feel he’s GOTTA GO.

  30. They definitely should have saved him! Who else would they use the save on anyway?

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