American Idol 2012 Top 9 Week Ratings Rock Steady

American Idol 2012 Top 9 performance show

American Idol 2012 ratings have found their groove and held steady this week as the Top 9 singers belted out their musical idols and favorite tunes.

Wednesday night’s performance show pulled in just over 17 million viewers and dominated the coveted 18-49 age group for the night. Those numbers kept FOX on even ground with the previous week’s round of of season 11 performances.

Viewership dropped a million or so for results on Thursday night when just under 16 million tuned in to find out who was sent home on American Idol 2012. These ratings held steady from the week before and kept American Idol just behind CBS’ The Big Bang Theory in the 18-49 demo.

17 to 15 million viewers a night isn’t too bad at all, but it’d be great to get American Idol back over that 20+ million marker. Can this group of Idol finalists and the right theme make that happen this season of American Idol 2012?

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  1. As long as AI can keep everything spicy and nice, 20 million is not impossible.

    I hope everyone will do great next week (not to mention that they’re going 80’s…)¬†

    Go Jessie!

  2. as long as JSAN stays, not only america,but the whole world will be watching ūüôā go JESSICA kill it again next week…..


  4. Nah, there is too much singing going on in TV nowadays: The Voice, X-Factor, Glee and Smash. ¬†Plus, AI hasn’t produced legitimate superstars as expected. The ones that watched and voted for the best voices are slowly going away. This used to be about singing. Nowadays, it is about the cute guys.

    Sorry for being so cynical. :-p

    • If they keep booking nightmares like Minaj for the results shows, I’ll start tuning in the last 10 minutes. ¬†

      • And the show is a bit too long nowadays, yeah? A 30 minutes results show would be sufficient. ¬†

        Also, I squirm that they make huge pop stars “sing” on the results show. ¬†Pop stars that are not actually good singers then they push the finalists so hard. Leaves me with bad vibes.

  5. i hope judge won’t use the “SAVE” on DeAndre because is waste…..

    as long the AL still¬†keep this¬†Top¬†4¬†Jessica,Phillip,Colton,Hollie…that rating will be rock steady!!!!

  6. Can this group of Idol finalists and the right theme make that happen this season of American Idol 2012?
    ¬†YES, they can as long as Jessica and Elise IN …

  7. This used to be a very enjoyable show& now it’s a shame, that instead of it being about real contestants. Now they stick those like Sanchez who, have an unfair advantage, as they have been performing since the age of 7, and was a contestant for America’s got Talent but, she wants you to believe that she never had singing lessons, give me a break. ¬†Holly even has said, she had a vocal coach this year but, you can tell she hasn’t had much training, because her problem is in connecting with the song and delivering emotion. ¬† Last year we had a one note, Howdie Doodie ,as the winner and a what’s her name that made a secret deal to be on Aerosmith’s next CD. ¬† Is that how Steven Tyler takes care of the problem, of she’ only 16 yrs old.? ¬†Is Elsie going to get the same deal too? ¬† ¬† ¬† I am: sorry I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SINGING CONTEST AND IT IS ANYTHING BUT! ¬†THE DIVA JENNIFER LOPEZ, HAS TURNED THIS SHOW, INTO HER PERSONAL DEBUT & CAMPAIGN FOR LAST YEAR’S SINGLE & ¬†THIS YEAR’S SINGLE WHICH, BOTH ARE AWFUL & CAMPAIGN TO SHOW HER CLOTHES LINE OFF W/KHOLES. ¬† ¬†I GUESS AMERICAN ¬†IDOL DIDN’T GET THAT MEMO ,WHEN SHE WAS DROPPED FROM HER RECORDING LABEL! ¬† I DON’T KNOW ANY OF MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY WHO, WILL EVEN WATCH TILL THE END OF THE SEASON, IF THEY PLAY THAT FAVORITISM CRAP LIKE LAST YEAR. ¬†IF THE SHOW DOESN’T RETURN TO AN HOUR, BEING JUST ABOUT THE CONTESTANTS AND THE JUDGES ALREADY IN THEIR SEATS, BASICALLY GOING BACK TO THE WAY IDOL WAS BEFORE SIMON DECIDED TO LEAVE. YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE IT OFF THE AIR. ¬† ¬†TO HOLLY, DON’T LET ANYONE RAIN ON YOUR PARADE!! ¬†YOU ARE A GIFTED AND TALENTED SINGER, EVEN IF YOU DON’T WIN, THERE WILL BE OFFERS ¬†LINING UP OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR. ¬†YOU NEED A MANAGER! ¬†BEST WISHES!¬†

    • Are you freaking kidding me? She’s a child by then, 7 years old. My favorite contestant, Elise, was on a band. Will she be also disqualified? By reading your post, you ARE so threatened. I wish you all the best, I hope Hollie get you as her manager. hahahaha I never imagined myself going to Hollie’s concert. Welcome my Holliepops to my concert. I’ll sprinkle you with glitters, butterflies, balloons and bubbles. Holliepops? Are you a child? lol Ugggh hahahahaha Lolololol Jessica is my 3rd favorite after Phillips. ELISE FTW!!

    • What’s unfair with starting to train early? Athletes do that, ballerinas do it as well. ¬†If you are serious about your craft, then you have to put in the hours necessary to allow you to excel. ¬†It is not her fault if some of the others did not do their homework as well. ¬†And she never lied about getting training. ¬†She even mentioned that her family has sacrificed and spent a lot so she can pursue her dreams. ¬†

    • Even professional singers auditioned/joined AI. What with the sourgrapings all about?

    • Hi I_oshea,

      For one thing you don’t have to shout here, we can hear you well, OK?

      What is wrong with training?¬† Anyone who want’s to pursue a singing career definitely will take training, the pros do.¬† Not everyone will be lucky enough to have exposure such as this , so it is only common sense
      for singers like Jessica, Elise and the rest of them to be in AI competition

      I can see you like Hollie, that’s good, she is a good singer and should be supported and encouraged, so as well as the rest of the competitors.
      There is no need for you to crap on everyone.

      Like we say here on this blog, you don’t like what you see, simply move.


    • Lol. David Archuleta was on STAR SEARCH, Adam Lambert was on WICKED, Daughtry had an ALBUM before idol¬†
      as well as Kris Allen, David Cook had multiple albums pre-Idol , Pia Toscano won Anthem Search and performed with Josh Groban and Barenaked Ladies and auditioned for Idol about FOUR times before getting in, Kelly Clarkson recorded several tracks in trying to get a record deal, Casey Abrams and Katharine Mcphee both MUSIC MAJORS, Jordin Sparks won several talent competitions¬†and performed anthems at various local sporting events. My Elise is a vocal coach and Oh yeah, HOLLIE, COLTON and DEANDRE were all part of season 10 right? haha The list will never end if I will enumerate all the contestants. Hahahahahahahahahahaha Have a good day ūüôā

  8. 11 years is a long run.  If a new show got 16 million viewers people would be all excited about it. 

    I agree w/ a comment above that AI isn’t turning out the stars like people thought they would.¬† Plus so many times the best singer gets jobbed.¬† That rubs people the wrong way.

    One thing I like about this year, is that no matter who wins, no one else got boned.¬† Provided Deandre goes home next week, I think a case can be made for any of the 7.¬† If Skylar goes home in week 7, the country people of course are going to say she got the short end of the stick.¬† I wouldn’t agree though.¬† I like Skylar a lot.¬† But if she ends up going home before the final it won’t be that much of a shock.¬† If she comes back and ends up winning I’d be happy with that too. ¬†The same can be said for any of em really. ¬†

    It’s more a matter of what style of music ya enjoy.¬† If this were a contest between well known acts, would ya take Aerosmith, Martina McBride, Bob Seger, or Celine Dion?¬† You couldn’t really go wrong w/ any of em.¬†

    If this season could produce 5 or 6 top flight new acts, then viewership would go up in the coming years. 

  9. It used to be that AI was fun to watch with the family.¬† But with the strange “intertainment” they have as fillers – I agree that the last ten minutes is all that is needed.¬† Stgmap3

    • Why in the world would a TV program¬†produce a show that is only 10 minutes? When they can get much more advertising in a hour long show. In case you do not know it … Advertising revenue is what makes the profit of each and every show.

  10. I would like to ask people why they think American Idol is so much better than Simon Cowell’s “X Factor”? I think the main reason is those theme nights on American Idol that¬†most everyone says they hate. If like on X Factor, the performers can sing any song they want, all the time¬†… that presents much less of a challange then being limited to one person’s mucial catalog. And honestly, gets a bit boring, if done all the time. I know most hat the theme nights. But it is what makes American Idol what it is. If anyone can think of another reason why American Idol is better than X Factor, I would love to hear it.

    • Hi Foxstar,

      So far what I have noticed in Xfactor is that the singers are selected first by the “Mentors”, so in this particular show , the competitors are selected by their Mentors and at the same time the Judges.¬†

      My problem with that is when the Mentor, Judge is also the producer of the show.  Guess who?  Right?  So in the case of the first Xfactor USA
      winner , Melanie Amaro, she was pimped by Simon from day one.
      Now I am not taking away the fact that she is a wonderful singer and probably deserved the title.  But can you see the problem here.  Many
      great singers were in that first season but only her was focused so brilliantly by Simon that for her to loose the competition is almost near impossible.¬† Just saying………………………

  11. 11 years of 3 hour programming each week and “STILL” one of the top viewed showed … After 11 years. I would say that must be some sort of television rating record. Has it every done done before … Or remotely close to it? Not that I am aware of.

  12. The following are showing talent with CONSISTENCY:

    The Real Stand-outs:
    1. Jessica
    2. Phillip

    Bubbling up:
    1. Colton
    2. Elise

    In trouble:
    1. Joshua 
    2. DeAndre  
    3. Skylar 
    4.¬†Hollie –¬†Sinking down (with Pia’s syndrome)

    My bottom 3: (prediction)
    1. Hollie – sorry Hollie’s fans
    2. Joshua 
    3. Skylar 

    DeAndre will be safe due to teenage votes.

    If Hollie will be eliminated, it’s possible that the judges will SAVE her…

    This is my¬†constructive prediction this week. ūüôā¬†

    • After Elise’s last 2 performances, I’d say she is a standout. Jimmy I. agrees with me. Lol.

  13. I think the AI show should change the rules during results night. Determine the 3 finalists with lowest votes, and the judges will decide on who will go home till the final 5 at the least. That would eliminate the possibility of jobbing out the best singers in the competition to soon. 

    • Hi Joe,

      The only problem about that is the Judges can also be biased.  So what happens when they are?

      Another conflict with this is when do you overide the voters choice?
      What happens when your favourite is in the bottom 3 but the Judges saved the wrong person?  Is that right or wrong?

      11 seasons so far and it is really not that bad at all.  At this point I am still not convinced that this voting system is flawed due to the influence
      of the teen votes.  I have a hunch that it is more because of the lack of votes and support for the particular singer/singers across the country
      because of the drop in popularity.¬† This is a natural tendency for any show even as popular as Idol to drop in viewing interest, it happens even on the best shows like “Mash” Seinfeld , Cheers and Friends.¬†

      Again , I have no way of proving that this is happening it is just an opinion of mine.  As much as we enjoy watching Idol, some people gets tired of watching the same old thing year after year.
      Just saying…………………..¬† ūüėÄ

  14. 20 million wouldn’t be impossible if you keep deandre on the show, cmon people, percentage of the votes come from teenagers who wouldn’t want to see an old Elise or a trying hard rocker wannabe Philip!! I just cant stand Colton and Philip who keeps doing the same things everyweek. ¬†If Colton and Philip would have to do an uptempo sing, they cant do justice to it as much as Deandre did, which proves that Deandre deserves to be in the show rather than these two! I’d go for Jessica and Deandre for the finale!

  15. I do not think there is any perfect voting system out there.  There are always pros and cons.   If you let the judge decide the bottom three and who will be going home, the judges can also be bias.  Remember Hayley ?   I think the judges criticised her unfairly towards the last few weeks.   Judges had their favorites just like anybody else.

    The best way is still the public voting and that stills work the best, that include the wild card votes.   I noticed a lot of the wild cards picked by the judges did not stay long.    If the wild cards were picked by the public votes, it would be different.   Clay Aiken was the wild card picked by PUBLIC VOTES, he sure stayed a long time.

     If the votes are voted by the judges only,  like X-factor or Voice, the judges can be too bias.   X-factor picked their favorites for the semi-final, the Americans had less involvement.   That was not a good thing.    They should let the public decide the semi-final.

    AI has a better system because they believe the public voting sytem.  Voting by public is a gauge that measure who will be successful for  selling records.    AI worked better when the judges only picked the top 24, not the top 10.    This way the contestants had more chances to survive in another round. 

     Voice just kicked out contestants too soon, they did not give them more chance for another round to compete.   They missed out some real good singers.   The judges can pick whoever they want, but that cannot give an indication that the public like him or her, right ?   It is important to test out that the public like him/her.     Public audiences are the ONLY one that buy the record, not the judges !!!!!!

    AI is more successful¬† because they tested out the contestants at least 5/6 times through solo, groups, and solo and ……, then picked top 24, and let the public vote¬†for the top 10.

    Again,¬†the public voting can also miss out the good singers, such as Pia, Hudson and so on.¬†¬†¬† That’s why I said there is no perfect voting system.¬†¬†¬†¬†That’s why they added the save card.¬† ¬†They know what they are doing, that is why they keep¬†doing what they have been doing for 11 years.

    Public voting is still the best way as a gauge to measure the success of record sales, even though it is not a perfect measurement  !!!



  16. Gwen Stefani will be helping the contestants this week on song choices. (via @dizzyfeet:twitter )

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