American Idol Judge Steven Tyler Not Worried About X Factor

Heading in to the American Idol 2012 season there may be a lot of people wondering if the preceding season of X Factor USA may have taken the winds out of Idol’s sails. Steven Tyler is not one of those people. In fact, Tyler is pretty confident that American Idol will stand out on its own while X Factor doesn’t match up.

“I think the personalities, Randy’s (Jackson) and mine and J. Lo’s (Jennifer Lopez), make for just a little richer mixture,” Tyler tells Zap2it. “The interaction between the judges on ‘Idol’ is why I used to watch it, the few times I did. Because it was strong then was the only reason I took the job. I thought, ‘They want personality? Look out!'”

Contributing to that is Tyler’s belief that “The X Factor” is “just a whole different show. It’s the same thing in that it’s trying to come up with the end product of a star, but that’s always what I’m looking for anyway in somebody, that certain ‘I know not what’ that no one else has. I can see it, because I’ve seen it before.”

I think most people that sat through Simon Cowell’s return to television this fall would agree that the shows have just as much not in common as they share. American Idol 2012 should be just as strong in the ratings as ever when it hits FOX this January. Are you ready? Then be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.