American Idol Judge Steven Tyler Not Worried About X Factor

Heading in to the American Idol 2012 season there may be a lot of people wondering if the preceding season of X Factor USA may have taken the winds out of Idol’s sails. Steven Tyler is not one of those people. In fact, Tyler is pretty confident that American Idol will stand out on its own while X Factor doesn’t match up.

“I think the personalities, Randy’s (Jackson) and mine and J. Lo’s (Jennifer Lopez), make for just a little richer mixture,” Tyler tells Zap2it. “The interaction between the judges on ‘Idol’ is why I used to watch it, the few times I did. Because it was strong then was the only reason I took the job. I thought, ‘They want personality? Look out!'”

Contributing to that is Tyler’s belief that “The X Factor” is “just a whole different show. It’s the same thing in that it’s trying to come up with the end product of a star, but that’s always what I’m looking for anyway in somebody, that certain ‘I know not what’ that no one else has. I can see it, because I’ve seen it before.”

I think most people that sat through Simon Cowell’s return to television this fall would agree that the shows have just as much not in common as they share. American Idol 2012 should be just as strong in the ratings as ever when it hits FOX this January. Are you ready? Then be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.




  1. in both cases the judging is ludicrous, pandering, and completely from another planet sometimes!! and the popular vote is so far off the mark. however, in certain cases coming in first is not the worst thing to happen. tell ’em, adam!! he sure is doing a helluva lot better than kris allen, no?

    • I was watching VHS channel on my tv last night. And reading at the same time. You know how women can do more than one thing at a time. And I heard something familiar. But the song was kind of lame. I looked up to see who it was. It was Kris Allen. And last years winner of American Idol’s record label has already dropped him. American Idol you get lots of talent! Lets get a good one this year. Like Carrie Underwood, Or Kelly Clarkson.

      • totally agree. i knit or crochet when i watch tv. there are those rare ocassions when the needles drop and i fully listen-“mad world” did that, for example. let’s hope there’s some stellar talent out there this season

  2. I have to agree that I think Idol will be just fine. In fact the X-Factor is kind of making me excited for Idol, because X-Factor is just plain right out insane. The only reason why I haven’t stopped watching it is because I support one of the contestants who is in the finals Melanie Amaro. If Simon Cowell wants to have a season 3 of the X-Factor then he needs to do some serious tweaking to the show. One step is replacing the host and firing Nicole Shirzinger.

    I am looking forward to Idol for a because it shows that it’s a bit of a tamer show and doesn’t have the “mentoring” factor that causes the judges to just bicker at each other. I mean the Idol judges will disagree from time to time, but for the most part it isn’t constant bickering. The problem with the Idol judges is that during the live shows they would just sugar coat everything and say “that was beautiful” or “in it to win it”. But that I think I can live with.

  3. Have been unable to make it though a whole show of XFactor…find it terribly boring so took it off my DVR recording list. AE is enough for me along with The Voice…my 2 favs!

  4. Hahahaa. Omg. This is how bad x factor is for me. I have suffered through watching it because nothing else was on I thought it was all done lol then I thought who the heck won. Omg. Finally this week i betting on Josh other than that really not much talent The commercial for idol got me so excited to finally have something to look forward to.
    Last season so much talent. I don’t know how you judges managed you did. All 10 finalists are stars. Scotty Lauren James. Haley. Are super stars. Good luck to all. This season. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for start up. Merry Christmas all

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. I am so looking forward to Idol. I’m not totally happy with either team of judges but the X-Factor has a lot to do to make it work. I am so used to Idol and I doubt if there will be any changes (especially in the voting). I’m a TV addict so I’ll continue to watch the X-Factor, along with all the other musical & dance shows. This isn’t a perfect work, so these shows are not going to be perfect but look at all the fun we have blogging about it…LOL…..Happy Holidays to all my fellow bloggers…..

    • @ Phyllis G. Hi Phyllis.I just know you have heard ADAMS new song ( Better than I know myself ) He is getting better and better all of the time. Have you pre~ordered the CD? As far as American Idol I am going to watch it. But ~ I want Steven tyler to step up to the plate this year. And quit saying ” Oh that was so beautiful. OR ” Oh that was great.” He can do much better than that. Steven is very witty! And I want to hear some good comments from him this year.I am a bit excited about the X/Factor. Because I like all three of the final contestants. I guess the people will pick the winner. See you later!Merry Christmas to everyone. Where is pup this year? Your friend Sherry K

      • @Sherry K…..Hello my friend….Hope all is well. Of course I preordered Adam’s new CD…..I cannot wait to get it…..I loved the new single too.
        I’m kind of glad that the X-Factor is coming to an end. Enough. I really hope they tweak the weak spots…..Like the judges!!!!!!
        Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year.

  6. Ps I think the judges work great together. I love the show more than ever. Secret. I really couldn’t stand Simon sooooooooo glad he is gone. Ryan ,Jen ,STEVEN. And Randy. Go get them. I sure hope you stick around for many seasons. Merry Christmas

  7. I love the x-factor as much as I do Idol. They are on different times so why the competition. I really like Randy and Steven but you need to get rid of Jlo.

  8. Soooo disappointed in the x factor. I believe the mentoring was a horrendous mistake, and the judges are all out to get Simons girls. What a shame that grown people are allowing their bitterness to hurt the contestants. I continue to watch this show because I love Melanie’s voice. The judges are so unqualified to be judges. Even Simon sent Melanie home and went and got her back. What is up with that!!! She should have never been sent home. Not happy with this show at all. Can’t wait for American Idol. 🙂

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