American Idol 2012 Premiere Details

American Idol 2012

Just six weeks ago FOX announced that American Idol 2012 would premiere on January 22nd. Well it looks like someone realized setting your season premiere at 10PM for your biggest franchise was maybe not the best idea. Instead the premiere date for Idol 2012 has been shifted up a few days and will now appear in back to back nights starting on January 18th. Here’s FOX’s mini press release:

Welcome AMERICAN IDOL back when its 11th season begins with a two-night premiere Wednesday, Jan. 18 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Jan. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

Featuring host Ryan Seacrest and returning judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, television’s No. 1 series continues with a special, extended primetime broadcast Sunday, Jan. 22 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT) following the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

That’s great news. We’ll get the audition rounds rolling even earlier than planned now plus they’ll still keep an hour episode to run after the game that Sunday.

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  1. After the mediocre X-Factor, I am looking forward to Idol starting again!!!
    Marilyn Texas

      • you’re missing some really great talent but an awful lot of idiotic judging and horrendous hosting

      • They are not so much of a big name anymore! Last I heard Poor Whitney could not even make it through a performance. I think the coke has wiped her throat out! And that is sad. Because Whitney had enough talent for 5 people.

  2. it’s gotta be better than x factor. and let’s hope the judges judge FOR REAL. i’m tired of wishy-washy comments, or comments that say nothing at all. these are professionals. they should know how to give an honest, but not brutal, critique. and maybe, just maybe, there’ll be another ADAM in this seasons bunch!!

    • From your lips…..I am so ready for American Idol. The talent was great last year, lets hope it better this year.

      I also agree about the X-Factor…Great talent, terrible judging, terrible host and terrible showcasing the contestants….It was too over the top for me.

      Jan 18 can’t come fast enough…LOL….there I go wishing my life away again!!!!

      • speaking of wishing your life away…adam’s new album won’t be out until SPRING!! leave us hope that there’s a TOUR to go with it. can’t wait to see him at madison square garden where you know he’ll sell out the place!! in the interim, we all watch WAY TOO MUCH TV. casinos are much more fun!!

      • @ Phyllis G. Yes X/Factor kind of got to where it sucked. Wow I am looking forward to AI too. Who do you think is going to win X/Factor. I say Melanie Amaro. Phyllis the spelling of their names is not going to be correct. Because it is 12:09 AM here and my eyes are getting blurry. Too tired to look it up! Or Josh Gratzik. See you later! 🙂

      • p63….Totally agree..Yes, Adam would definitely rock the house at Madison Square Garden. I do miss the excitement of NYC, especially this time of the year.
        Thats the trouble living out here, I would rather be in a casino instead of watching TV but I also would be on welfare if I kept that up. LOL.. I do enjoy TV, especially my favorite shows. Too many to name…LOL…

      • Sherry K……Hi my friend…Yes, I agree abiut X-Factor. I’m very disappointed with the show. I really feel that Simon needs to change up some of these rules. Especially the judging part. WOW does that suck….
        Anyway I do love Melanie Amaro. She has great vocals and now her stage presence got better…..but AI still owns my heart. Talk to you soon Sherry….

  3. I am looking so forward to American Idol! I’ve been watching X Factor and it is just TOO phony. Used to love Simon, but not on X factor – the show just seemed fixed from the start. I’m glad that these AI judges are back!

  4. Everyone has a thought about shows…I for one like the X Factor….I like American Idol as well…I think both shows have the same amount of talent that come across the stage..I would say the judges on both shows can get a little irritating..But this is TV and they have to make it interesting..I do hope the voting system changes but not sure how they would do that…Just my two cents worth and probably not even worth that…lol..Bottom line for me..Both shows are good. They all work hard to get to the top!

  5. I cannot wait simply for STEVEN TYLER~
    Love that man and all he has brought to this show.. funniest judge EVER and so compassionate <3 Best panel of judges since this program originated.

  6. Woo hoo!!! Love it! Tyler and J Lo and Randy made for a tremendous show last season. So glad they are all coming back. I do believe Season 10 was best of all, with Cowell gone. (tho he quite often spoke the truth, his delivery lacked tack). Season 11 should be just as good. Looking forward to it immensely.

  7. I can’t wait any more longer to watch one of the best TV show on our earth.Good news is we will able to watch the program nest few days. i wish good health all the judges and competitors.

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