Angie Miller Previews ‘Weathered’ Album With ‘Lost In The Sound’ Track [VIDEO]

American Idol season 12 finalist Angie Miller is preparing to release her debut album “Weathered” on November 12, 2014 and she’s giving fans a sneak peek listen right now.

Angie Miller - American Idol
Angie Miller – American Idol – Source: FOX

The new album from Miller arrives in less than a month and she’s ready to let fans hear one of its tracks, “Lost in the Sound.” The season 12 finalist explains the past year had been a hard one for her and so the music reflects those challenges and her growth.

Angie tells THR, “‘Lost in the Sound’ is easily one of my favorite songs on Weathered. I love how hard and powerful the chorus hits, as well as the interesting melodies and grooves in the verses. But more importantly, I love how transparent I was in this song.”

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Her fans can pre-order the album now ahead of its November release for $8 to get a digital download or $20 for an autographed copy of the album. Check out all the options over at

Now give Angie Miller’s “Lost in the Sound” track a listen and see what you think: