American Idol 2013: Angela Miller ‘Set Me Free’ Full Performance Video

Angela Miller - American Idol 2013

Angela Miller is repeatedly being cited as the early predicted winner of American Idol 2013 and while a girl hasn’t won in years she certainly seems poised to disrupt that trend.

Angela’s performance this past week on Idol was the only one to garner a standing ovation from the judges as she performed her original song “You Set Me Free.” Unfortunately, Idol has a tendency to chop segments down and never lets contestants sing the full version which left a lot of fans clamoring for the full version of her song. Problem solved.

Here’s a full version recording of Angela Miller singing “You Set Me Free” before her time on American Idol 2013. It might be a little shakey cell phone video, but it’s still a great representation of her work and what she’s capable of this season. Watch the video below and share your thoughts on Angela Miller’s chances of winning Season 12.




  1. Ooo my GOD I LOoOOve this song!! before this song Angela was n’t highlighted for me!but now……..

  2. This girl has a gift, as they all do. Hers, however, stands apart. That song has the love of God all over it. I stand convicted and in awe. Well done Angie.

  3. After the judges heard this song u could tell they were overwhelmed by the presence of God, and they didn’t know how to react to it .

  4. In all the years that I have watched American Idol, There has never been a song that has The magnitude of what she just did. It doesn’t matter if she wins the competition she can go out on record that song and make millions. If a record label does not pick that up then they are stupid.

  5. Amazing song! Keep up the good work! You REALLY have a shot at winning American Idol – – your voice & you are beautiful – all the best!

  6. This beautiful young lady is a STAR her performance of her song “You Set Me Free” was simply amazing.

  7. An absolutely amazing performance! I know I am not alone in saying that the performance was a God inspired moment! I know we all felt it! You saw the look in the judges eyes! It brought tears to my eyes, a lump in my throat and huge goose bumps!! Angela is truly a special woman, she is truly Blessed!

  8. this girl is somrthing i loved the song and her voice so much and the overwhelmed presence of god was so deep in the heart…she was not my pick by far but now i think she will win this year…well done Angela and you have my vote….

  9. Well Angela last year we had Jessica Sanchez, this year we have you and thank God for that as the rest of the top 20 with exception of Adriana Latonio another great Filipino singer are just there to make up the numbers,Your going to win this thing if you just keep doing what for you seems to come natural ,I have have watched all your You Tube covers and your interpretation of those songs is truly magical even better than the original artist,your a real sensation and a true artist and writer and will surely go far in the entertainment world, I cant wait to get your first album 🙂

  10. I think she is the best singer I can understand what she is singing about where most of the others can’t understand them and how did they they were picked

  11. are we going to be able to buy and download the songs the 10 contestants sing. I hope Angela will sing and make a single of Set me Free it is a beautiful song. I would Love to pay for and download Angela’s beautiful song!!!!!!!

  12. Was at the taping tonight and she is such a genuinely friendly person. Plus she is amazing!!! During auditions I produced she would be top 3- and now I say she will win!

  13. It would mean the woeld to me if you sang piano man by billie joel or everything by lifehouse for the top 4. You remind me so much of colton dixon and I would just love that. Thanks!!!

  14. a highlight of the whole season; I love Candice but still think Angie should have won; she is destined to be a star; it’s too bad she couldn’t perform her orignal song tonite. I will download it on Itunes in the am. Love u Angie; good luck. boston Strong!

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