Angie Miller Previews ‘Weathered’ Album With ‘Lost In The Sound’ Track [VIDEO]

American Idol season 12 finalist Angie Miller is preparing to release her debut album “Weathered” on November 12, 2014 and she’s giving fans a sneak peek listen right now.

Angie Miller - American Idol
Angie Miller – American Idol – Source: FOX

The new album from Miller arrives in less than a month and she’s ready to let fans hear one of its tracks, “Lost in the Sound.” The season 12 finalist explains the past year had been a hard one for her and so the music reflects those challenges and her growth.

Angie tells THR, “‘Lost in the Sound’ is easily one of my favorite songs on Weathered. I love how hard and powerful the chorus hits, as well as the interesting melodies and grooves in the verses. But more importantly, I love how transparent I was in this song.”

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Her fans can pre-order the album now ahead of its November release for $8 to get a digital download or $20 for an autographed copy of the album. Check out all the options over at

Now give Angie Miller’s “Lost in the Sound” track a listen and see what you think:




  1. Angie should have done what I said when Colton Dixon was a guest performer on AI-follow in his shoes! Is she signed to a recording label? By the way Jena Irene has teamed up with DJ Alex Trimmer to produce EDM songs under Alex’s Loiselle Label(@ Soundcloud). Also, a couple of days ago Jena recorded I can’t help falling in love at a Long Island studio. 19/interscope owns that song so did she pay them to allow her to record it or what? She said to look for it on iTunes in the near future.

    • Will Jena Irene have the same success that Sam Smith did on his old redo of “Stand by Me”?

      • “Stay with me (above).” I see where Angie Miller isn’t signed to a record label yet! Angie sounds much like Sara Brareilles. Labels are looking for a distinct sound because 90% of girls on the radio all sound alike! “no one” sounds remotely like Jena. When you hear Jena on the radio there won’t be any pondering of who it is.

      • Note: Kelly Clarkson is “TRIPLE DIPPING” “Stay With me”. Even though Kelly is AI’s No.1 (Carrie No.2), both are not songwriters like Jena Irene. I’m not talking about songwriting like Candice and Caleb did in co-writing (along with a half a dozen others) for their albums

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