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Top 4 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?

Amber and Kree duet on American Idol 2013
It’s that time again. Tonight is the results show on American Idol 2013 so it’s time for me to once again make  my predictions for who stays and who goes tonight. But that’s not going to be very easy this week because there’s going to be a big twist announced [...]

American Idol 2013 Performance Show Live Recap: The Top 4 Take On One-Hit Wonders

Amber Holcomb on American Idol 2013
Tonight on American Idol 2013 the Top 4 are set to take on two solo songs each and there’ll be a couple duets thrown in as well. This week Angie, Kree, Amber and Candice are taking on one-hit wonders and songs of their own choosing. And from our song spoilers [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Season 12 Top 4 Songs Leaked

Can’t wait to hear what the American Idol Season 12 Top 4 sing tonight? Wait no longer. We’ve got the latest American Idol spoilers for you, courtesy of The Idol Pad. These are of course rumors, but the source is reliable. One-Hit Wonders Candice Glover – “Emotion” by Samantha Sang/Destiny’s [...]

American Idol 2013: What Should The Top 4 Sing?

Well American Idol is again withholding on the theme this week because I guess Nigel Lythgoe has fun revealing them in cheeky ways via twitter. But we do have a pretty solid rumor that one of the themes is One-Hit Wonders. So we’ll go with that. So what should the [...]

American Idol 2013: Janelle Arthur Has Nothing But Good Things To Say About Top 4

Janelle Arthur on American Idol
Last week we said goodbye to country singer Janelle Arthur on American Idol 2013. Since then, she’s hit the interview circuit and while some of the guys chose to be less kind to their competition, Janelle had nothing but kind words for her fellow contestants left in the competition. “This [...]

American Idol 2013 Top 4: Who Has What It Takes To Win Now?

Last night on American Idol 2013, we surprisingly watched the judges not use the save on Janelle Arthur despite it expiring this week. So that means we’re down to the Top 4. How crazy is that? That also means that it’s time to take a look at who has what [...]

American Idol 2013: Janelle Arthur’s Best Moments

Janelle Arthur
Tonight on American Idol 2013, we said goodbye to Janelle Arthur as the judges refused to use the save even though it was their last chance. Janelle not being more popular this season is kind of a surprise since fans thought she should have made into the finals last season. [...]

Angie Miller Performs ‘I’ll Stand By You’ On American Idol 2013

Last night on American Idol 2013, Angie Miller and the other four girls in the Top 5 wowed the judges and fans once again with their performances. The girls took on two themes — Divas and songs from the year they were born. Angie solidified her spot in the Top [...]

American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Sings ‘Have You Ever Been In Love’

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Kree Harrison took on Celine Dion last night on American Idol 2013 for one of her two songs. And as always, she gave it her all and impressed the judges and her fans. She might have been bested by Candace Glover and Angie Miller for the night, but Kree is [...]

American Idol 2013: Candice Glover Gives It To Us ‘Straight Up’

Last night on American Idol 2013 Candice Glover continued to shine bright with both of her performances. One of those shining moments was her version of “Straight Up” by former Idol judge Paul Abdul. (Off topic, but I really miss Paula). I liked that soulful little piano bar spin she [...]

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