Boy George Says Adam Lambert Being Gay Hurts His Career

British pop icon Boy George believes that former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert would be huge if he were British because America doesn’t appreciate the gays. Adam has enjoyed a successful career since his time on American Idol but he has certainly not reached Boy George or Elton John international fame status and possibly never will.

Boy George and Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert and Boy George in London, 2013 – Source: Twitter

Boy George has openly expressed his appreciation of Adam Lambert’s crazy fabulous singing talent. He seems to feel, however, that Adam’s career has been hurt by the fact he is a gay American. If Adam had been a British singer, the Culture Club star says he would be a way bigger star.

Which is sad considering he’s the only person who we think was ever actually able to respectably do justice to Freddie Mercury when he stepped in for the late lead singer and performed as the guest frontman for Queen. Anyone who can do that deserves to be given due credit as a bonafide rock god.

In a post to Twitter this week, Boy George stirred up a mass of outrage from Eminem followers when he posted a tweet saying, “@Eminem F*g? Is this really recovery talk or are you running your own program these days?”

Boy George was referring to Eminem’s newest song “Rap God,” which includes controversial lyrics that could be considered highly offensive to gay and lesbian listeners. The single has already garnered serious critical praise from many in the press despite the use of gay slurs, something Boy George pointed out in another Tweet, saying “Isn’t it sad how the media just accepts abuse of gay people? #f**ked”

Rapper Eminem is just one of many music icons who have been praised for and even received major awards for music containing anti-gay lyrics. At the same time, openly gay singers like Adam Lambert seem to face far more obstacles in being recognized for their talent. One of Boy George’s Twitter followers noted in response to his Tweet above that “some radio station doesn’t play Adam Lambert music because his gay. It’s sucks.”

While we are still trying to wrap our heads around the grammatical usage in that sentence, we agree, it does suck. Boy George responded that he “was talking about Adam yesterday in an interview and I said this very thing. If he was British, he’s be huge here!”

Another Twitter follower said that Adam “deserves better than the way America keeps snubbing him.” Boy George continued by saying that he “can’t remember an album that someone wrote with their d*ck! Sexuality has nothing to do with talent. Adam rocks!”

Do you think Adam Lambert would be a bigger star in America if he wasn’t gay?