Simon Cowell Baby Names: What He’s Picked Out!

Former American Idol judge and The X Factor creator Simon Cowell has announced he is expecting a son! In an interview with Access Hollywood, Simon said that after seeing the baby on an ultrasound, he started calling him Tad “because he looked like a tadpole.” In fact, he joked that he wouldn’t mind sticking with that name for good!

Simon Cowell baby

Simon Cowell, 54, and much younger 36-year-old girlfriend Lauren Silverman announced they were having a baby earlier this year. Lauren, the ex-wife of one of Simon’s former friends, is currently about five months along. The X Factor boss seems to have slipped up in announcing the baby’s sex but didn’t seem perturbed about it.

When asked by reporter Shaun Robinson if he would be putting a baby seat into his infamous Bugati sports car, Simon Cowell responded by saying, “Yes, of course he’s go to learn to drive very quickly.” The reporter then asked if Simon knew the sex of the baby yet and the former American Idol judge responded, “I think I just gave it away, Shaun.”

That’s okay though. Simon said that “everybody knows anyway” that it’s a boy. And he stills wants to call him Tad. “You see the thing grow, you just become so attached to it,” Simon said. “I never wanted kids before. But now I’m the complete opposite.”

While Simon appeared to be joking about calling his son Tad in the interview with Access Hollywood, he has finally settled on a name. The former American Idol judge told E! News that he and baby momma Lauren had picked out a name but they aren’t ready to reveal it yet. However, he did tell Extra that his number one choice was “Simon because I like the name.”

We aren’t sure if he was joking about actually calling his son Simon Jr. or not. He is Simon Cowell, after all. However, we do put more stock in him possibly naming the baby boy on the way Eric because that was his dad’s name. “His birthday is going to be very close to my dad’s birthday,” Cowell said.

What do you think Simon should name his son on the way?




  1. I cannot believe Simon is having a baby boy! I think I might have a heart attack! He always said he was never haviny any kids!! What a blast this is!! and it’s his friends wife??? Or to be x wife??? OMG Sherry K

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