Candice Glover – I Am Beautiful – American Idol 2013

Candice Glover - I Am Beautiful

Candice Glover sang “I Am Beautiful” on the American Idol 2013 finale show as her coronation song which she helped co-write. Host Ryan Seacrest mentions after her performance that Candice especially liked the lyrics and their message.

Keith said this wasn’t a “Country vs Soul” scenario. He considers both Candice and Kree to be Soul singers. Nicki says she loved Candice’s song especially so much “after last week” (What happened last week? Making it past Top 3?). Nicki says the song is “so meaningful” and she loves it. Keith makes the terrible joke “if fits her like a Glover.” Oh, Keith, we’re gonna miss you!

Watch Candice perform the song she’ll release as her first single if she wins American Idol 2013 on Thursday night. You can vote for Candice here.

Candice Glover – I Am Beautiful – Video: