How To Vote For Kree Harrison – American Idol 2013 Finale

Kree Harrison American Idol 2013

The lines are open so you need to know how to vote for Kree Harrison to win American Idol 2013! Here’s how you can do that.

Vote online for Kree at or using the American Idol app.

You can text the word “VOTE” to 5701 to support Kree with a vote.

You can also call in your vote for Kree Harrison on any of the following phone numbers:

  • 1-866-IDOLS-01
  • 1-866-IDOLS-03
  • 1-866-IDOLS-05
  • 1-866-IDOLS-07

Want to vote for Candice? Her voting info is here.

Don’t forget to vote in our poll here for who was the best in tonight’s season finale!




  1. Why are they pushing for Kree why not Candice too ? That’s not right… Idol sucks they shouldn’t do that, this is why I won’t watch this show after this I just want to see how this turns out for the girls.. either way both will come ahead it’s just its not fair and right how Idol shows favorites toward one or another .. Idol SUCKS !!

  2. I have been trying to vote for kree but its always busy for 3 hrs now. I
    t must be that they open all the lines so it rings busy so no one can vote for her .

  3. I never watched idol until I was shown just how ridiculous the judges were when kree was announced in the top 2…..that was sorry…everyone wants to say its racist because kree is white….well you know what we can say the reason american idol is doing what they are doing is because of them being prejudice due to krees race….you have 2 young people that were given a voice and are competing no matter what and for celebrities to act like kids because someone is in the top 2 makes me sick….they are suppose to support each and every one of them and encourage them….keith urban should be out of country because he doesn’tt deserve to be heard and as far as niki minaji she has been trash from the get go….it doesn’t matter who wins kree will be out there because everythings bigger & better in TEXAS and as for american idol…..the show should be off the air because young contestants go on there and give it there all and give up a lot and not to be treated that way…bring back steve tyler & paula & simon and maybe the show will be worth watching… least they are mature enough to be a “real” judge and know what music is suppose to be like…..unlike niki who sings nothing but trash….I don’t want people like that playing on the radio….and as far as keith urban he can go back to australia because I’m a big country fan and he will not ever have my support

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