Meet Candice Glover: American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

American Idol 2013 spoilers candice glover

We’ve gone through several possible contenders based on the American Idol 2013 Top 40 spoilers, and none have made me happier than Candice Glover. She made it to Hollywood Week in Season 9 and to the Las Vegas Round last season, where  she was cut.

I thought she was a standout last season and hated to see her go. So it’s good to see she’s getting a third shot at American Idol. Will this be her year?

Below we’ve got Candice singing along with last season contestants Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick during the Las Vegas group round. I remember thinking she should have made it though along with Jessica instead of DeAndre. She has a great sound and should actually make it through this time.

Below that is her covering “Call Me Maybe” from her YouTube channel, which has several more performances.

What do you think of Candice? Does she have what it takes to the next American Idol?

ALSO: Another Top 40 spoiler suggests that Breanna Steer is among the girls. There’s very little information about her out there and no videos of her singing. All we could dig up is a talent page.




  1. i love Candice’s voice now that is what you call a great singer i would have loved to vote also but i’m in the Caribbean but if i could i would , i wish her all the best and i’m
    hoping and praying that she wins because she deserves it.

  2. If it were up to me, Candice Glover would/should be the next American Idol. I enjoy everything she sings. Such pure clear crystal voice. I love her.

  3. Girl digs this if u keep it sexy
    Soft throw that soul on top of it every once in a while top it with a little ole school like you did tonight we’re gonna win

  4. Candice is the only reason why I watch American Idol. After last season when Jessica didn’t win I thought that was the end for me watching the show, but after hearing Candice I fell in love with her singing voice. I hope America get it right this season. VOTE for CANDICE GLOVER!!!!!!!!

  5. Candice, You went home last year sweetheart, But this year YOUR WINNING IT!!!!!!! I love when you sing!!! YOU just make every song your own!!!! We feel what you sing!! Its time for music like yours, besides the new generation needs the songs that you sing!!! No negativity just beautiful touching songs =) YOU HAVE MY VOTE

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