Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe Causes American Idol 2013 Stir With Potential Twist


Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe loves to cause a stir and he did just that today with a Tweet hinting at a possible twist for American Idol 2013.

MJsBigBlog shared the easily missed, cryptic message left by Nigel in response to a fan asking if Idol was ready to reconsider the “no wildcards” stance he took earlier in the preseason.

So yes, you can expect to see something happen there though I’m a little surprised by there even being the option. Perhaps it’ll be as cheesy as asking Jimmy Iovine to split a tie again like they did during the Sudden Death rounds. Even Jimmy couldn’t keep a straight face when Ryan Seacrest suggested it to be a serious move by production.

Do you think American Idol 2013 needs a wild card option or should they just go with the Top 10 as America votes this week?