Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe Causes American Idol 2013 Stir With Potential Twist


Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe loves to cause a stir and he did just that today with a Tweet hinting at a possible twist for American Idol 2013.

MJsBigBlog shared the easily missed, cryptic message left by Nigel in response to a fan asking if Idol was ready to reconsider the “no wildcards” stance he took earlier in the preseason.

So yes, you can expect to see something happen there though I’m a little surprised by there even being the option. Perhaps it’ll be as cheesy as asking Jimmy Iovine to split a tie again like they did during the Sudden Death rounds. Even Jimmy couldn’t keep a straight face when Ryan Seacrest suggested it to be a serious move by production.

Do you think American Idol 2013 needs a wild card option or should they just go with the Top 10 as America votes this week?




  1. There were a few really good singers let go. While they can’t keep everyone, there were some weak guys kept. It would be fair and wise to have wild cards added to the top 20, producer selected, not adding any more shows. Johnny Keyser and Shubha would be 2 incredible additons!!

  2. Some pretty good talent on the judging panel, I’m pretty sure they know what they are doing. This such a tricky time, you had to see the personal diamonds in the rough of each singer as they performed. Thinking the judges know what they are doing.

  3. I am also hoping that perhaps they will bring back some of the talented singers that were robbed by these judges (?)

  4. Really Nigel….Nikki needs to go. I love Idol but after tonight. I’m out as many I have talked to are also out. Not sure if you will be on the air next year which is so sad. You have really taken this program down the tubes. I will be sorry to see it go.

  5. R you nuts cutting bryant? Everyone will get over it when the show gets going? No they won’t.

  6. Nikki needs to be fired on the spot!!!! Her sexual comments are extremely offensive to families with children. This is a singing competition; your program is losing its credibility.
    Prayerful you will end Nikki’s contract.

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