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Tonight on American Idol 2013 the wildcard picks are expected to come in to play during the results show and up the finalists count from ten to either eleven or twelve total singers.

Update: Wildcard details were revealed on tonight’s results show. No one will be added to the Top 10 list, but the 6th placing guy and girl will face off next week for the 11th spot on the summer tour.

Earlier in the preseason we heard from Nigel Lythgoe that he was tired of these inflated finalists groups and we wouldn’t be seeing that repeat this year.

Don’t expect a wild-card pick this time around, Lythgoe says. Once they narrow the field to 10 singers — five women, five men — the show will have its finalists.

“I’ve never liked a Top 11 or a Top 12 or a Top 13,” he says. “It was always created in order to fill the transmission times Fox wanted.

“We’ve never found a way to do it with everything that has been asked of us. This year, we have.”

Sure, that sounds convincing until you hear the very same person hinting that wildcards would be “up to FOX & judges.” Stack on top of that judge Randy Jackson’s comment on Wednesday that there was just too much talent to be contained in just five seats for those ladies. Sure seems like American Idol 2013 is setting itself up for some wildcard action tonight.

If there are wildcards then I wouldn’t be surprised for it to just be available for one singer. That would let production stack the deck even stronger against the guys in their pursuit of a female winner after so many years of boys winning the crown.

So who might earn that wildcard? I’ve predicted the top 5 girls would be Angela Miller, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, and Janelle Arthur, leaving Aubrey Cleland in the sixth seat. In that case I’d expect Aubrey to earn the second chance at Idol. The other four girls, Adriana, Breanna, Tenna, and Zoanette just don’t seem to be likely options.

Now if there is a second wildcard then we’ll get an extra guy and in that case I’d expect it to be Charlie Askew. Charlie was a quirky, but rising star in the competition even though I didn’t see him getting to the finale. Last night he brought that streak to a close in grand fashion. That’s just the sort of style production loves and will want to have a second chance at airing farther down the road. Sorry, to the other four guys, but you don’t bring the same level of viewer interest that Charlie will generate, so you’re going to miss out.

Then again, production might really stack the deck in the ladies’ favor and give two wildcards to the ladies and none to the guys. Hah! That’d be hilarious and totally plausible. We shall see.

What do you think will happen with tonight’s American Idol 2013 Top 10 reveal? Will production play the wild cards or will we end the night with a Top 10 finalists set? Share your thoughts below.




  1. i really agree with you!!! I think if the guys have a wildcard Charlie would get it considering he really did try last night

  2. it’s 1.5 hours.
    with 2 performance’s.
    possibely a group performance,
    then the results,
    im pretty sure that their will be 4 contender spots for wildcard.
    and their be 2 wildcard picks, cuz other wise it would be a hour

    • Yeah I think you’re right. Considering the finale is set to air May 16th, then I guess they’ll probably just pick one wildcard (that wouldn’t force them to have a double elimination).

  3. Charlie deserves it if there is a wildcard. The contestants that I have always enjoyed and cheered for the most are the ones that make me say “What in the world are they gonna come up with tonight?” I like them to keep me guessing, and he’s the last unpredictable one left. Plus his range is unmatched and he is very entertaining.

  4. The Idol tour has always been 11, not 12, not 10. I expect a wildcard. How else will they fill 90 minutes without the drama of a wildcard.

  5. How can you not love Charlie..he’s so real….and it’s taken such courage for him to even do this…he needs everyones support!

  6. My Prediction: Girls – Angela, Kree, Janelle, Amber, Candice

    Boys – Burnell, Devin, Lazaro, Curtis, Vincent OR Elijah

    Wildcards – Aubrey,Breanna

  7. Charlie really deserves a second chance. He’s the most real person in the completion and he is talented, he just had a bad night.

  8. I love Candice Glover and Curtis Finch Jr.
    They both have amazing voices especially Candice.

  9. No not Charlie, Charlie is too emotional to be able to handle the critisisim of the show. He can get it together and come back next year when he can handle the pressure. sorry Charlie you are just not ready…

  10. Charlie isn’t able to remain stable through a tour. He’s not ready for this industry. He’s a wildcard in himself. You don’t know how he’s going to react or how his emotions will influence him that specific day.

  11. Is there anyone who knows who came in at 6th place for the girls and guys? Wondering who will be in the sing-off.

  12. Charlie is too young & too unstbale emotionally…Not sure why they gush over Burnell don’t lkek him at all…i liked Boddington much better…..I’m just thrilled that lazaro made it….hoping he goes all the way to the finale………so adorable….so talented

  13. I think that Cortez Shaw should be the wild card and every other blog says the same!

  14. I think it should be Cortez Shaw he has the WHOLE PACKAGE!! Im just saying i mean i def had the guy in my top ten to start off with!

  15. I think Aubrey and Cortez Shaw derserves another shot just saying! Cortez is a GREAT peformer he dosent stand behond the mic the whole time and he can deliver vocally

  16. I understand wild cards was based on votes. That would make Breanna and Nick the Wild Cards.

  17. I feel the judges are extremely clueless who has the real talent and deserve to be in the final 10 and who are the contestants not up to the mark to progress. I feel disgusted to watch their comments which does not have merits to say ”No” to talented and deserving contestants. They failed miserably to see the real talents because the judges are focusing on “no value added ” matters about the contestants. Is it right to focus on their on their “sexy” look ??? they should be focus on the singing “quality”, judges.

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