Is Demi Lovato Going To Be A New American Idol Judge?

Last night on American Idol Demi Lovato made a surprise visit to the stage as host Ryan Seacrest invited her out to meet the crowd. Although Ryan made it sound like an unplanned appearance the show was ready with background music and a short Q&A on her tour. Could FOX have been testing the waters for Demi Lovato as an American Idol judge for 2015?

Demi Lovato on American Idol
Demi Lovato on American Idol – Source: FOX

We’ve suspected that with the lower ratings and subsequent lower ad revenue for American Idol that FOX wouldn’t be able to justify the lofty price tag JLo demands to sit in that center chair. (I’d be willing to do it for several million less than the $17.5 mil she requires.) Perhaps Demi could be that right for for American Idol 2015’s judges panel?

While The X Factor was cancelled anyway, Lovato had not been expected to return as she wanted to get back to singing and touring. If she wraps that up by this Fall then she could fit in the schedule of sitting between Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban should everything else return next season.

What do you think of Demi Lovato as an American Idol judge? Would she be a good replacement for JLo?

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