Jessica Sanchez Prepares For Glee Role And Album Release

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

Jessica Sanchez earned the spot of runner-up last season on American Idol and she’s about to cash in that chip with a round of high-profile events.

In just two more months Jessica will be making some big appearances. First up Jessica will be releasing a new single in January off her upcoming album. That album won’t be out until March or April she says, but she was able to give The Hollywood Reporter some details on what to expect.

The Hollywood Reporter: Let’s talk about your debut album! Who are you working with?

Jessica Sanchez: I’ve been working with amazing people! Harvey Mason, Jr. (Whitney Houston, Pia Toscano, Jordin Sparks, Britney Spears, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Hudson), who has been one of my producers and Toby Gad (Fergie, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, One Direction), who has been amazing to work with. I have also been working with mainly Ester Dean (Dean is a co-writer of the Katy Perry hit, “Firework” and Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All,” among her many credits). There are some other songwriters, too.

THR: Can you give us some details about the record’s direction? “Fairytale” was such a good song. Will that be on there?

Sanchez: Thank you! “Fairytale” is more like a poppy song, that I did, but the album will consist of many different sounds. It’s not stuck on ballads and stuff, but more like urban R&B. But it will still be soulful Jessica. I am going to stay true to what I did on the show, but also what I always wanted to do and who I really am.

On top of her single release and album work Jessica will be appearing on FOX’s “Glee” in a recurring role as part of a story arc. It sounds like this will be a temporary visit, but if it goes really well you never know. As for details on just what she’ll be doing on the show, well, she doesn’t really know yet.

The Hollywood Reporter: What can you tell us about Glee? Do you know anything about your role yet?

Jessica Sanchez: I guess Ryan Murphy talked about it a little bit more about the role I might be playing, but I really have nothing straightforward from him. I really have no idea.

THR: I think he spilled some details about you performing in a choir?

Sanchez: In a choir? I have no idea!

THR: Have you done any acting before?

Sanchez: No, I haven’t. This will be my first time! I can’t wait!

So settle in, Jessica fans, because you’re going to get a run of shows on Glee, a new single release, an album, and even a performance on one of the early American Idol 2013 live shows!