Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson To Judge American Idol 2014?


The American Idol 2014 judges rumor mill has begun but here’s one that might have some legs: Season One champion Kelly Clarkson and Season 3 contestant Jennifer Hudson could be two of the next three American Idol judges!

E! News is reporting that a source close to the show has confirmed that Kelly and Jennifer are really close to being added to the panel and that they’re also courting Idol runners-up Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken. That would make the entire panel American Idol alum (they’re likely cutting it to three, so that means Keith Urban won’t be getting his wish).

It’s “95 percent there,” the source told E! about the alumni judge’s panel. “It’s Idol stars guiding the next generation.”

I think this idea is brilliant. In fact it would be the best idea American Idol EVER had. Ever. Did I say ever? It’s even better than my idea of a Fans vs. Favorites season. In fact forget I ever said it. THIS idea is where it’s at. If American Idol pulls this off, I think they’ll get most of their ratings back and even some fans back.

Think about it. It would be some of Idol’s favorite familiar faces doing the coaching and judging. They’ve all competed on the show and have experienced it first-hand. And they’ve also parleyed their time on the show to successful careers. So this would be Idol’s way of mixing vets with newbies, which has been a popular reality TV format for other shows. I’m so set on this idea now that I’ll be incredibly disappointed if this doesn’t happen.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see Kelly, Jennifer and Clay or Adam?