Scratch Kelly Clarkson Off The American Idol 2014 Judging List

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

On Thursday we enthusiastically reported that Kelly Clarkson was almost certainly going to be on the judging panel of next season’s American Idol along with two other former Idol contestants, making it an all alum panel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Clarkson’s reps say the part about her judging American Idol 2014 is not true. Among the other names mentioned during all the rumors were Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken. There are still reports that Jennifer Hudson is in talks and Adam Lambert would love to judge but hasn’t been approached. No word on whether or not Clay is a serious contender.

And contrary to the reports that say it will be an all-alum panel, The Hollywood Reporter is also saying sources are saying that Jennifer Lopez is being courted for a return along with Ugh. I hope that news isn’t true. If Idol wants to freshen itself, then they will go with an all-alum panel. I do not want to spend a season watching and typing his stupid name in my recaps.

And I’m officially shutting down the rumor mill. I will not be reporting on judging speculation any more. Only official Fox announcements. Because if we were to cover every rumor, there’d be a new one every day, all summer and none would end up true.





  1. Ugggh. No JBlow. I can’t stand selfish people and she personifies it. I don’t care for Will I am, though I don’t despise the guy like I do Lopez. All she did was freeload off the show to bring her irrelevant career back from mothballs. As for her dance show, Fox could have gotten a better return on their investment if they’d had an infomercial in that spot.

    And it’s probably a good idea to not report on every rumor. These rumors AI’s version of using one of those lazer lights with a dog. The dog keeps chasing and never catches it.

  2. Keith and Jlo would be great I would kinda like for Steven to come back again.

  3. Adam Lambert would be a real deal sealer for me .I would never watch again. Clay Akin ok, him I can handle .he’s fine I am not against gays but cannot tolerate a Flamin’ F..ot like A-Damm Lambert.

  4. Branden, You just crack me up! I really like what you said though! I mean come on. Wil. i. am. I don’t want to try to type his stupid name in either! Who would you like to see as judges? Now come on Branden! I know you have some people you think would be good! Tell us who they are. and as far as the rumor mill is concerned, who cares? Have a fun summer Branden! I am not sure if Kelly clarkson would be interested? her career is still hot after all these years! Of course if they pay enough money I guess just about anyone would take the job. Thats because she can sing her face off! As Randy woulkd say dawg! Sherry K

  5. I would love to see Adam Lambert as judge. And I am sure a lot of people would want that too!

    • I agree with Maryann. It would be great to be able to look at American Idol with the one and only Adam Lambert as a judge! I don’t think it will happen. for the same reason Kris Allen beat him as the American Idol the year Adam should have won. And all of us with intelligence know what I am talking about.

  6. Earlier reports said that Idol would not hire any more DIVAS to be judges but Jennifer Hudson IS a diva! I just could not stand two hours a week of watching her or Will i am. Also, J. Lopez? Ugghh. She is so into herself it makes me want to throw up.

  7. Can’t understand why my comments are questioned lately. This time I typed Will I am the way Branden did in his comment, and my comment was not put through. Since I am tired of trying to comment without having to comment twice, I get the message. Sorry if I offended someone. It was not intentional.

    • The above comment is the first one I made that was not allowed. Do not understand why this is happening, but thanks for putting it back. The name in red is why it was up for review. I tried typing it again and was refused again.

  8. Well I no I’m going to get a lot of hate for saying that I think Adam Lambert is a little overrated, however I wouldn’t mind him as a judge. I think they should have went with it last year when the rumors were doing around. I think having former contestants as judges would be a good idea seeing as they know what it’s like and can empathize with the contestants. And honestly a well trained dog would do a better job that Nikki Minaji and Mariah Carey.

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