Lauren Alaina Wildflower: Hear It Now

Lauren Alaina Wildflower

Lauren Alaina’s Wildflower album won’t be released until next Tuesday, October 11th, but you can listen to 30-second samples of each track right now on Amazon.

I just listened through all twelve tracks’ samples and it’s not too bad. Of course, I’m not much of a country music fan (which left last season’s American Idol finale pretty dry for me) but if you are then I’d be interested to hear what you think of her debut album.

For now you can still pre-order Wildflower ahead of next week’s release so go ahead and give the new album a listen then let us know your impressions.

Lauren Alaina: Wildflower – track list:

1. Georgia Peaches
2. Growing Her Wings
3. Tupelo
4. The Middle
5. Like My Mother Does
6. She’s A Wildflower
7. I’m Not One Of Them
8. The Locket
9. Eighteen Inches
10. One Of Those Boys
11. Funny Thing About Love
12. Dirt Road Prayer