American Idol 2012 Pittsburgh Callbacks

American Idol 2012 judges

American Idol 2012 Pittsburgh callbacks were fielded last week when judges: Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Jennifer Lopez, paid a visit to the Steel City for the upcoming season’s auditions. Singers deemed “worthy” during the 2012 auditions were asked back to perform in front of the judges for their chance at a golden ticket.

Roughly one hundred Idol hopefuls were invited to the callbacks and many would go home empty handed, but how many left happy? No one was exactly sure though our American Idol judges confirmed they had seen maybe six singers who were Top 12 worthy. Wow, that’s pushing things way down the line.

The callback auditions were split over two days with fifty singers going in front of the judges on Wednesday and another fifty on Thursday. That’s got to make for a long day for the panel! Sounds like it made for feisty Hopefuls as well when Lopez told reporters there was some fighting going on when turned down singers decided they should have been giving one of those golden tickets. Should be fun to watch when the show is back in January 2012!

Watch the American Idol judges talk with reporters in the video below:




  1. Well I know to not watch the Pittsburgh audition episode since I know that it will either be full of joke auditions and people who can’t sing who think they can.

  2. Please Watch the X-Factor for how such a singing competition should be done. Not Only Is The Singing Talent in Abundance–MORE TALENT THAN I’VE ever SEEN ON AI, WHICH I STARTED WATCHING IN 2006–But The Production Values are unmatched. The producers have taken the best of what AI was and exponentially improved it, and left out the worst of what AI declined into.

    • Fred….I have been saying that since I watched the first episode of the X-Factor. This show is going to be big. I will definitely have more to say once the audition rounds are over. The talent is amazing so far….simply AMAZING……

      • Last Thursday was the final audition episode, this week is the boot camp round and the judges homes.

  3. Yes I’ve been watching X-Factor and I have to say for the most part that they have been doing a good job of not showing too many joke auditions, though they could have left the flasher out all together.

    • Shawn:

      Agree big time!! The joke auditions usually are pretty funny, something you have not seen or heard b4, and usually done quickly w/ no time-consuming back story. But I agree the biggest mis-q so far was showing that flasher. That was hideous, beyond disgusting. Totally gratuitous.

  4. Will there be any video auditions this year? I hope so and will it be fron myspace or youtube?

    • Not that I’ve heard of. I’m pretty sure auditions are all over at this point too. You’ll have to wait until next summer to audition.

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