Listen Now: James Durbin – Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

James Durbin Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

Sheesh. I may have to rename this site the “James Durbin News Site” if he keeps this up. Anyway, here’s more James Durbin news for you, Durbinites. E! has just released an exclusive peek at the entire “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster” for your listening pleasure! Check it out along with the track list below the break.

The album releases on Tuesday so you can pre-order it now on Amazon for $7.99.

Here’s the track list so you can keep tabs on what you’re hearing:

1. “Higher Than Heaven”
2. “All I Want”
3. “Love in Ruins”
4. “Right Behind You”
5. “Love Me Bad”
6. “Deeper”
7. “May”
8. “Screaming”
9. “Outcast”
10. “Everything Burns”
11. “Stand Up”

What do you think of James’ big debut after his life on American Idol?