New James Durbin Single: Right Behind You

James Durbin album cover

James Durbin has been all over the American Idol news landscape recently and he’s continuing that push with another single for your listening pleasure. “Right Behind You” is from his upcoming “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster” album and, in my opinion, is much better than his semi-pop’ish “Love Me Bad” single.

You’ll have to jump over to Amazon to listen to “Right Behind You,” but it’s worth it. Look for the widget on the right side of the page under “Listen to full songs.”

After you give the new release a listen be sure to come back and share your thoughts. You can also pre-order his upcoming release ahead of its November 21st debut next week. It’s only $7.99 for the download format. Not bad.




  1. I just heard it and I loved it. He sounds better now than on Idol and I thought he was awesome on Idol. Cannot wait to get my CD.

  2. Right behind you, Phyllis. This song has strength and beauty and I loved it.

    I kinda wondered at the lines “right behind you,” because to me, it would be better to say, “right beside you,” but I did hear the line that was “to catch you.” Wondering if this was written with a movie in mind. Sounds like it should go with a movie, doesn’t it?

    • @Pup…..I totally agree with you. That song can be in a movie. James has such a beautiful voice, unfortunately he loves heavy metal but I’ll take his ballads any day. I love him enough to take whatever he sings…. James & Adam are my all-time favorites on Idol. I enjoy most of them but these two are my favorites…to date anyway.

  3. Well, I must be a dummy! I hopped on over to and it wouldn’t even let me listen to a sample of James song Right behind you. It told me to either post buy the CD. Or buy a down load of the song. I just wish I was a computer wiz like some of you younger folks. I will buy the CD. Phyllis you know how much I liked James. I was disappointed he didn’t win. But goody, goody he got signed anyway. Love you James. I just know you are going to be a star. 🙂 I am off to watch the X/Factor. It’s going to be a fun night tonight. ” Baby I like it.” I like Enrique too. He can come on down here and sing ” Baby I like it.” Anytime.

    • Sherry,

      1. Click on the link above which reads: “Right Behind You.”

      2. That will pop you to the Amazon page.

      3. Click on the triangle pointing to the right over the copy on the right that reads, “Listen to Full Songs” and lists “Right Behind You under that.”

      • Well Pup and Phyllis G. Don’t make fun of me. LOL. Here we go! I did exactly what pup said to do. It jumped over to I had to scroll the page way over to the left in order to see the ” Listen to full songs.” So there it is ! A big triangle with the thing in the middle to click the damn thing on. What happens when I click to hear the song? You guys think I am funny. LOL. This is the truth. The screen just automatically scrolled all the way back to where I was before I scrolled over to hear JAMES! And believe me you two kids, I tried it 10 to 15 times. Must be somthing on this stupid computer. I had the speakers on. And it just flat out woudn’t do a thing except pop right back to where I couldn’t see the triangle up there. I have a thing at the bottom of the computer that reads Allowing pop ups. I made sure it was set so it would allow pop ups. It almost made me cry. I love James. He is such a sweet kid. And it is late at night.1:02 AM, I mean early in the morning.I just now noticed that! So I don’t know when I will get to hear the song. I am going to buy James CD anyway so I can crank up his cool voice as I breeze down the street in my nifty toyota! ” How do you like me now.” Toby Keith.” LOL again. Thats it. I am out of here. Phyllis, I am just kidding around with you. Don’t get mad.You know I luv U. What I said is the honest truth. I am going to go get me a popsicle to eat while I say my prayers. And try again tomorrow. BYE

    • Sherry, my friend…..You have to click on jump over to Amazon on Matt’s blog (above).
      You will love this song. After X-Factor try it…..Enjoy…..Talk to you later.

      • Phyllis G. Nope! It won’t work. It will play the one below it where James is talking about the car and so forth. But if I click the thing in the triangle above it the screen just scrolls all the way back to the left. It has to be something with this dumb computer. Maybe Matt knows why it won’t work? Smiles to you two. Good show on X/Factor. Simon is getting mean again. He called the other three judges ” Bitches!!” Thats bad isn’t it Matt?

      • 🙂 Sorry to butt in with your friend. She is a sweetie, and I did want to extend a hand if I could. Hope she gets to hear it!

      • @Pup…..You did explain it better than I did. Jump in anytime….LOL

        @Sherry…my friend….I would never make fun at you or anybody. I’m no computer wiz (trust me)….You will get to hear the song when you buy his CD. (Coming out on Monday…YAY)..Have a wonderful weekend……
        P.S. That X-Factor was crazy last night…?????

  4. Hi, Sherry!

    You gave me a laugh! The only thing that you did ((that doesn’t seem to fit with my directions) is that you said you scrolled to the left. The section on where you need to go is on the RIGHT of the page that pops up. And be sure to click on the right-pointing TRIANGLE, not anywhere else.

    I’ll be checking in again on you!

    • Hi Pup! Hi Phyllis G. Phyllis I guess my sense of humor is too dry. You know how I feel about you Phyllis. I think you are just the BEST! I absolutely know you would never make fun of anyone.You are one on the nicest people on here. You always have been!! I was just trying to kid around with you and Pup! You are nice too by the way pup! Matt is probably about to have a fit! I just don’t want you to be mad at me Phyllis! I hope I did not hurt your feelings either! Matt bless his heart put up Listen now: James Durbin ” Memories of a beautiful disaster” So one could just click on it and it would play! I want my friends and that means Matt too. And you Phyllis G. to know that I luv all of you great people on this site! There is something wrong with our computer! My darling son said if we would bring it over to his house he would fix it. Well duh. first of all he is having problems with his own computer. So it would never get done. I hate to even say this next part. But remember there is something wrong with our computer. When I click on where Matt has it that you can just click Memories of a beautiful disaster it plays – All I want is to love you. It made me so happy to hear James sing. Period. I love the guy. I feel about the same for James as I do Adam. I am going to order my CD from Amazon as soon as I get this typed out. It is where I get most of the books I read. So everything will be great! I just hope I did not hurt anyones feelings. And I know Matt & pup probably think I am crazy. Or a disater case. It’s a shame. I said too much already. Phyllis, That X/factor was really kind of funny because the judges are acting like babies, But I think they are just doing that to try to make the show more exciting. If I had been Simon though I would have sent Astro home! Mike said Simon didn’t want to send him home. Because L.A. would have got mad. The kid had better watch his mouth though! The thing Simon hates the worst is disrespectfulness! OK, I am out of here. and I will just keep my big mouth shut for awhile. We come to this site to have fun! And I apologize if I hurt anyones feelings. And Matt you are just so nice. It was great the way you went out of your way and put up the link to listen to James! Thank-You!

      • Sherry K. You are a hoot and I would never, NEVER, get mad at you. I listened to the whole CD from James and you are going to love it….I know because you and I have the same taste in Music especially when it comes to Adam and James….Love You…Have a great weekend…

      • Hi Pup, And Phyllis. I told Matt I was going to stay off of this computer this week end. And I hate to seem like a non truthful person. But pup has been so sweet that I wanted to reply. Pup If you are sitting at the desk and looking at my computer. It has the left side on one side and then the right side over on the other side. When I pulled up the site I could not see where you said to go. So the first thing I did was ~~and wait. You are probaby right. I Scrolled to the left! But I look at my right hand when I am typing. If that makes any sense! Anyway it went over there. And there was two videos. The top one was for the song. I clicked it and nothing! So I clicked the one below where James talks about the car and the video they are filming. I thought that is crazy. And went back and clicked the one for the song again!! Nothing! to make a long story short Matt put on a new thing when you didn’t have to hop over to Amazon. And it worked. and now at Amazon you can listen to all of the songs. I really like ” Stand Up! You are sweet like Phyllis! I thank-You for your concern and for trying to help me! I am in heaven now because I was able to hear any song on the CD. I will be glad to get it so I can listen to it in the car. Take care. Luv to Phyllis, you pup and Matt! Now I am going to keep my promise and I wll not be on here again until next week! Have a great week end.

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