Listen Now: James Durbin – Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

James Durbin Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

Sheesh. I may have to rename this site the “James Durbin News Site” if he keeps this up. Anyway, here’s more James Durbin news for you, Durbinites. E! has just released an exclusive peek at the entire “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster” for your listening pleasure! Check it out along with the track list below the break.

The album releases on Tuesday so you can pre-order it now on Amazon for $7.99.

Here’s the track list so you can keep tabs on what you’re hearing:

1. “Higher Than Heaven”
2. “All I Want”
3. “Love in Ruins”
4. “Right Behind You”
5. “Love Me Bad”
6. “Deeper”
7. “May”
8. “Screaming”
9. “Outcast”
10. “Everything Burns”
11. “Stand Up”

What do you think of James’ big debut after his life on American Idol?




    • Matt, I have to really apologize to you! I clicked on where it said to go to I Tunes. and listened to : The song~ All I want is you!: And I get it now! Someties I think my head it thick, or something! The name of the CD Is : Memories of a beautiful disaster.: By the way I love the song. Like my friend Phyllis G. I alway thought James was good. He is a rocker. I hope he goes far in the music business. Thanks again Matt! I am going to stay off of here for awhile.We are supposed to have fun on here. You don’t have to say anything either. You are a nice person. And that is a good thing. Bye. Have a great week end.

      • Matt,Sorry! When I bring up this page at the very top it has an advertisement from I Tunes that says, Get the single ” Love me bad” Plus 2 bonus tracks and pre-order only track. I would be confused too if I were you! LOL. You are a good guy Matt. And you are funny too! Have a great week end. I am going to be off of here the week end. So you will not be driven nuts anymore for awhile!
        🙂 Sherry K

  1. It has definitely been worth waiting for.. I love it. Its better than I expected…..I love his ballads. They are heart wrenching…..His vocals are great on these tracks…..Love, Love, Love it!!!!

    • Sounds like a soundtrack to a cheesy 1980’s movie, also heard that the release holds Billboards that 2nd worst of AI all time….

      • I loved him on american Idol and I am looking fowards to what he is going to continue to do good CD, but I believe he is better than this!!!

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