Nicki Minaj Featured In New ‘American Idol 2013’ Promo

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

She might not be getting much love in the reader comments I’ve been seeing, but FOX is back with a new promo for American Idol and it focuses on Nicki Minaj. The commercial, set to the singer’s “Pound the Alarm,” features Nicki soundbites as she interacts with the Idol Hopefuls during their auditions. FOX promises Minaj will be “wild,” “original,” and “honest.” We get to see that last one when she tells one Hopeful that she likes them, just not in a singing kind of way.

I’m very curious to see if Nicki Minaj can redeem herself to all those American Idol 2013 viewers who have already written her off. I know I haven’t written her off but she’s definitely going to have to work hard to convince me. What about you?