FOX Releases New American Idol Season 12 Promo

American Idol has a brand new poster promoting the upcoming season 12 premiere in January 2013. Mariah Carey, one of the new judges this time around, tweeted the image which puts her up front next to Ryan Seacrest while nudging Randy Jackson back in to the corner. Looks like FOX is working hard to push Mariah and Nicki as some new lifeblood in the series.

Poster for American Idol 2013

Are you ready for the Idol 12 premiere on January 16 & 17, 2013? The new season will be here and on FOX in less than two months.




  1. interesting that they put seacrest dead center while carey tries to upstage him. jackson looks like he’s hiding in the corner. (food for thought???) my husband and i will probably skip the auditions and just go for the top 10 or 12 or whatever they have planned. let’s hope the talent outshines the judges and the comments, both live and on the computer are intelligent. and let’s all keep out sense of humor, people. it’s only a tv show

  2. I am pretty sure I will not tolerate Nikki on the show IDOL makes some really bad choices. If there are a good group of singers it may be worth watching, but IDOLS choice in judges the last 3 years has been really awful.

  3. I am waiting to see how Keith the ever hot Urban is going to do. Blake Shelton ( another hunk) is one of the nicest and funniest judges on the voice.

  4. Well I’m not going to watch. I care enough to check out the recaps and maybe if there is a igood contestant I can watch videos of their performances on youtube. I don’t care to watch catfights, if I wanted that then I’d watch Jerry Springer.

  5. Hope all these so called celebrities? get off there HIGH HORSE AND ACT LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING!!! DECENT, HUMBLE, AND NOT NOT ARROGANT AS USUAL!!

  6. those judge are all screwed we need new faces someone who know what they are doing

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