Nicki Minaj Featured In New ‘American Idol 2013’ Promo

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

She might not be getting much love in the reader comments I’ve been seeing, but FOX is back with a new promo for American Idol and it focuses on Nicki Minaj. The commercial, set to the singer’s “Pound the Alarm,” features Nicki soundbites as she interacts with the Idol Hopefuls during their auditions. FOX promises Minaj will be “wild,” “original,” and “honest.” We get to see that last one when she tells one Hopeful that she likes them, just not in a singing kind of way.

I’m very curious to see if Nicki Minaj can redeem herself to all those American Idol 2013 viewers who have already written her off. I know I haven’t written her off but she’s definitely going to have to work hard to convince me. What about you?




  1. i STILL think she has the talent of a thumbtack. and only gaga can get away with the multi colored hair. why minaj was chosen to be a judge is a mystery i will never understand. there are so many TALENTED people out there who could have fllled the bill. lis this the last season of idol?? quite possibly

      • thanks. my husband and i have a helluva lot to be grateful for. we were part of the 10% of long islanders who did NOT lose power for 14 days and had NO damage to our house. it was a nightmare of a storm

    • i hate gaga..i think nicky is more way talented than gaga …. NICKY ALL THE WAY… gaga will ruin the show..

  2. After hearing her song where she is bashing Mariah and every other word is f*ck, I’ve written her off. She is nothing but untalented trash.

    • agreed with u…she just a kid in this music industry…and then she want to show how powerful she is to the world…SHE’S RUDE TO MARIAH….its like 3 years old kid having a battle with 30 years old woman…i mean ..NICKY, DON’T SHOW YOUR STUPIDNESS…U AIN’T GOOD…U AIN’T GOOD….

    • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus @16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus SHUT THE F*CK UP U STUPID BITCHES. you guys just jelaous…NICKY IS TOP OF THE WORLD.SHE BETTER THAN MARIAH , BRITNEY, TAYLOR SWIFT, JUSTIN BIEBER , LADY GAGA

  3. She just seems like getto trash and is so crude. Probably won’t watch much if any of American Idol, I think this is really the beginning of the end for them.

  4. I stand by my original thoughts. No matter how much you dress her up and try to make her look and sound nice, she’s still crude, rude, radical, untalented, obnoxious, and a total distraction to the contest participants. But FOX alway seems to support losers…Mitt? As I stated earlier in previous correspondence, I will not look at AI this season due to Nicki Minaj being a judge…another loser!

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