American Idol 2015: Keith Urban Shares Top 24 Guidance [Interview]

Keith Urban on American Idol 2015's Top 24
It was a repeating theme last week on American Idol 2015, but thankfully not a prevalent one, as the Judges remained the semi-finalists on the importance of song choice. What else needs to come together for a strong, vote-winning performance? In an interview with FOX Audio Central Keith and Harry [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 24 Rankings: Reader Results

American Idol 2015 Top 24 group
Yesterday we took at look at our own power rankings for the American Idol 2015′s Top 24, but today it’s time to see where you the readers have ranked all of the semi-finalists in our weekly performance poll. These are your votes for your favorites! Our polls opened with last [...]

Theme Weeks Return On American Idol 2015 With Motown

American Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez & Harry Connick Jr
The American Idol theme weeks are back this season and we’re starting off with Motown for the Top 16′s Detroit performance setting. Exec producer Per Blankens explains the undesirable format change for American Idol 2015. The theme weeks have been a bad idea for a long time so it was [...]

American Idol 2015: Top 24 Power Rankings

Nick Fradiani performs
The American Idol 2015 Top 24 took to the Idol stage via Detroit last week and we saw a lot of good performances and some not-so good performances. So now it’s time to take a look back and put together the first American Idol Season 14 Power rankings. These will [...]

This Week On American Idol 2015: Aretha Franklin & Top 16 Revealed

Aretha Franklin on American Idol 2015
American Idol 2015 returns to Detroit this week for the reveal of its Top 16 results and a Motown theme that will feature Aretha Franklin as mentor and guest performer. Starting on Wednesday at 8PM ET/PT on FOX all of the Top 24 contestants will return to the stage but [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 24 Girls Photo Gallery – Episode 16

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Tyanna Jones on American Idol 2015
Last night on American Idol 2015 we saw a lot of high tempo and exciting performances combined with ballads showing off the talent in this group of the Top 24′s Girls. Now we get to reflect back on the performance as the voting wraps up and we prepare for the [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 24: Who Went Home This Week? – Update: Spoilers Revealed

American Idol 2015 Top 24 group
The American Idol 2015 Top 24 have performed and your votes are in, so who was sent home this week on Idol? No one! Well, not yet. Here’s how it’s going to work. Update: Spoilers revealed who was eliminated from the Top 24 & who is Top 16! Next week [...]

American Idol Season 14 Recap: Top 12 Girls Take The Stage

Lovey James performs on American Idol 2015
The Top 12 girls took the American Idol 2015 stage via the historic Fillmore Theater in Detroit and there were some clear standouts and a few duds. So needless to say, the season is right on track. Hopefully the duds will get weeded out next week and we can have [...]

American Idol 2015: Top 24 Girls Performances [VIDEOS]

Jax performs in American Idol 2015's Top 42 round
Following the guys performances last night the American Idol 2015 girls of the Top 24 are here for their turn and your votes. Question is, who will impress viewers and earn our support. Ready to find out? Continuing in the Filmore Theater in Detroit the twelve remaining ladies will have [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2015: Top 24 Girls Take The Stage

Lovey James performs on American Idol 2015
It’s Ladies Night on American Idol 2015 when the Top 24 Girls take the stage at the Filmore Theater and perform for your votes. Update: Find our live recap of tonight’s episode here as we discuss every performance along with videos of each contestant. This is our last Top 24 [...]
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