American Idol 2012: Erika Van Pelt ‘Reeling’ From Elimination

Erika Van Pelt’s elimination last night on American Idol 2012 may have been semi-expected for most of us, (I was still holding out hope for a “Whip My Hair” performance by DeAndre) but Erika took it pretty tough. Could you blame her? Van Pelt was up early this morning for [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 10 Results Show Recap

American Idol 2012 said goodbye to another contestant Thursday night, which means the person from the American Idol Top 9 who gets the least votes will still have a chance to earn the judges’ save next week. After a pretty snoozy opening group number and a pretty lame Ford music [...]

American Idol Results: 2012 Top 10 Elimination

It’s American Idol results time for the 2012 Top 10 elimination show! One of the remaining finalists will go home unless the Judges Save is put in to play, but if not you’ll still get a chance to see this singer again on the summer tour. We’ve gone through our [...]

Fanaticly: American Idol App Review & Giveaway

Fanaticly has released a new American Idol app for the iOS family (iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad) and they asked us to check it out. After playing around with it for awhile yesterday I decided it was fun enough to share with you. As an added bonus I’ve got 5 [...]

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Elimination Predictions

We’re getting close to the American Idol 2012 Top 10 elimination show which means it’s time for another round of predictions. The readers here have been on a roll when predicting the Bottom 3 so let’s go straight to those poll results. Starting off in the definitely-safe group we’ve got [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 10 Results Show Tonight

Tonight we find out which American Idol 2012 singers America loved during last night’s nod to Billy Joel and which ones they didn’t. Ten becomes nine and I have a few ideas who might be at risk in my Top 10 performance recap from last night’s American Idol. So check [...]

Preview American Idol 2012 Top 10 Guest Performers

Tonight American Idol will welcome back last season’s second runner-up, Haley Reinhart, who will be performing “Free.” You’ll also be hearing from another singer who probably wouldn’t have survived through Hollywood since you have to be willing to perform live. Lana Del Ray recorded tonight’s performance of “Video Games” last [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 10 Performances Recap

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 10 took on songs by Billy Joel, and I must say, this week was scores better than last week. Aside from the bad advice from Diddy and Tommy Hilfiger, that is. American Idol should stick to the usual stylist and let Jimmy Iovine do [...]

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 10 performances are ready to go tonight after last week’s double elimination. Let’s all hope for a little less drama this time around. The remaining finalists will be working with Diddy and Jimmy Iovine to refine their best picks from the catalog of Billy Joel hits. [...]

American Idol 2012: Top 10 Performs Tonight

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 10 takes on the Billy Joel songbook and we’ll get to see what impact Tommy Hillfiger had on their style. It’s going to be interesting to see what songs contestants like Hollie and Jessica choose this week. Hollie needs to speed things up and [...]
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