North Carolina Rules When It Comes To American Idol Champions

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Caleb Johnson on American Idol
There might be something in the water in North Carolina because American Idol 2014 champion Caleb Johnson‘s win makes that three for Tar Heel State. Caleb joins Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino and Season 10 champion Scotty McCreery as Idol winners, making North Carolina the winningest state when it comes [...]

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson Get Ready For Prom Night!

American Idol 2014 Finale Prom2
American Idol 2014 runner-up Jena Irene Ascuitto may have waited until the very last minute to find a prom dress, but she already had her date lined up well in advance. Jena asked fellow American Idol finalists and new best friend Caleb Johnson to go with her to her senior [...]

American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson Doesn’t ‘Feel Like’ a Celebrity [VIDEO]

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American Idol 2014 Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson
American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson and runner-up Jena Irene don’t really feel like celebrities even though they are now household names to millions of the show’s viewers. The reality of how far they’ve come and how well-known they are now just still hasn’t quite sunk in. “We’ve been in [...]

Billboard’s Top 100 American Idol Hits Of All Time!

2013 CMA Music Festival - Day 3
American Idol 2014 has come and gone and now ¬†we wait to see if Winner Caleb Johnson (or any of the other finalists) find success. Will any of them find themselves in the ranks of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or even Phillip Phillips? Time will tell. For now though, let’s [...]

American Idol’s Jena Irene Says Caleb Johnson ‘Incredibly Talented’ [VIDEO]

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American Idol 2014 Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene
If American Idol 2014 runner-up Jena Irene had to lose to anyone, she’s glad it was her new best friend Caleb Johnson. The two became super close during their time on the show, so much so that they are even going to her prom together. Just as friends though, as [...]

Katharine McPhee Divorces After Cheating Scandal

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American Idol season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee has officially filed for divorce from husband Nick Cokas. Katharine was caught in a cheating scandal late last year after she was photographed kissing married Smash director Michael Morris. The director and his wife, actress Mary McCormack, have reportedly reconciled for the time [...]

American Idol Runner-Up Jena Irene: Full Post-Finale Interview [VIDEO]

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American Idol Jena Irene Ascuitto
In her post-finale press conference, American Idol runner-up Jena Irene said the most rewarding part of being on the show is how much exposure she’s gotten. She’s so honored to have made it so far and amazed at how much she’s learned from the experience. “American Idol doesn’t just teach [...]

American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson: Full Post-Finale Interview [VIDEO]

American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson
American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson was grinning ear to ear in his post-finale interview after the final season 13 results were announced Wednesday night. As the first rocker to win since David Cook in season 7 (and according to Caleb, the first ‘real’ rocker to ever win), Caleb was [...]

Jena Irene Confused by Coin Toss, Gave Caleb Finale ‘Pimp Spot’ By Accident

When American Idol 2014 finalist Jena Irene Ascuitto won the ‘coin toss’ to decide who would sing when in the finale, many fans were astonished when she chose to sing first. Usually, the singers in the American Idol finale want to go second so they end up closing out the [...]

American Idol’s Jena Irene Says She ‘Just Knew’ Caleb Would Win

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American Idol Winner Jena Irene Caleb Johnson
American Idol 2014 runner-up Jena Irene says the season 13 finale is bittersweet, but not because she didn’t win. Although she is relieved the stress of the competition is over, she’s actually going to really miss all the great experiences and opportunities it gave her now that it is over. [...]
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