American Idol 2016 Season Review: An End Of An Era or A Great Marketing Ploy?

American Idol 2016 season finale
I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so. I predicted Trent Harmon would win American Idol 2016 on February 2. People called me crazy. People called me sexist. People scoffed in general. Other blogs didn’t even predict Trent to make it to the finale. [...]

American Idol Ends, For Now, But Our Coverage Continues

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American Idol's Farewell Season
American Idol 2016 wrapped up its season and possibly the end of the series, but just as Ryan Seacrest teased, “for now” the departure may be temporary. But just because the FOX show is off the air that doesn’t mean our site is closing its doors. With 15 seasons worth [...]

American Idol 2016 Finale: Photo Gallery Featuring 15 Seasons Of Talent

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American Idol 2016 Finale featuring past contestants
Last night’s American Idol finale crowned Trent Harmon as the winner of Season 15 after a full two-hours of fantastic performances by only its rich history of contestants and judges. FOX has released a huge gallery of photos from the night that culminated in Ryan Seacrest revealing the exciting news [...]

Top 10 Performances Of American Idol 2016

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La'Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon perform on American Idol 2016. (Fox)
American Idol has officially come to a close. Trent Harmon was crowned the winner and Fox is probably already planning American Idol The Comeback! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s stop and look back at a pretty solid season. From the editing to the contestants, American Idol 2016 was actually [...]

Scott Borchetta Reveals Plans For American Idol 2016 Winner – Update: BOTH Signed With Big Machine

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La'Porsha, Trent, Borchetta, and Ryan Seacrest on Idol Finale
Whether the winner of American Idol 2016 will be La’Porsha Renae or Trent Harmon their plans have been set for where Idol Mentor Scott Borchetta will lead them in their career. Update: Live tonight after the season finale Scott Borchetta revealed that he’s going to sign both La’Porsha Renae AND [...]

American Idol 2016 Winner Final Performance! [VIDEO]

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American Idol Finale 4
We couldn’t wait to see who won American Idol 2016 tonight in the very last episode of series! La’Porsha Renae was clearly the underdog going into the finale in most of the fan polls we saw out there. However, we knew from many past seasons that the clear American Idol winner [...]

American Idol Results: Who Won American Idol 2016?

American Idol 2016 winner revealed: La'Porsha or Trent
Dim the lights. Here we go. Host Ryan Seacrest is about to announce who won American Idol 2016 as Top 2 finalists La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon await the viewers’ votes. Before we get to Idol’s results tonight there will be over two hours of performances and content reflecting on [...]

American Idol 2016 Finale Performances [VIDEOS]

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American Idol 2016 Finale (1)
There were so many amazing performances on the American Idol 2016 finale that we just couldn’t keep up! The whole night was stuffed full of awesome songs from American Idol winners, judges, and alumni from all 15 seasons of the show. We’ve never seen such an insane musical extravaganza! While we’ve [...]

American Idol 2016 Finale: Kelly Clarkson Rules the Stage! [VIDEO]

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Kelly Clarkson performs "Piece by Piece" on American Idol 2016
Kelly Clarkson is the original American Idol winner and at the finale on Thursday night, she showed exactly why we’ll always think of her as the best one as well! Sadly, Kelly couldn’t actually be part of the live show because she’s extremely pregnant, but she was able to pre-tape an [...]

American Idol 2016 Finale: Trent Harmon & La’Porsha Renae Duet! [VIDEO]

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American Idol 2016 Top 2 take the stage (FOX)
Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae are the last two American Idol finalists ever, and so well matched, it was nearly impossible to predict who would win season 15! Just watching them together in a final duet on the American Idol 2016 finale made us wish they could both come out [...]
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