Remembering Whitney Houston and her influence on American Idol

Whitney Houston had a great influence on American Idol. Whether it be song choice or singer inspiration, the pop icon was definitely a part of the show during the past 11 seasons.

When the superstar died Saturday at the age of 48, American Idol alum took to Twitter to express their sadness. has compiled a list of performances that featured Whitney songs during Idol’s past 10 seasons. So we thought we would share those with our readers:

Trenycee, Season 2 initial audition, “I Learned From The Best”
Trenycee, Season 2 Top 11, “I Have Nothing”
Leah LaBelle, Season 3 initial audition, “I Believe in You and Me”
Leah LaBelle, Season 3 Semifinals, “I Have Nothing”
Jasmine Trias, Season 3 Semifinals, “Run To You”
Jennifer Hudson, Season 3 Top 8, “I Have Nothing”

Jasmine Trias, Season 3 Top 3, “Saving All My Love For You”
Vonzell Solomon, Season 4 Hollywood, “How Will I Know”
Vonzell Solomon,Season 4 Top 10, “I Have Nothing”
Lisa Tucker, Season 5 initial audition, “One Moment In Time”
Katharine McPhee, Season 5 Top 6, “I Have Nothing”
Haley Scarnato, Season 6 Top 20, “Queen of the Night”
Sabrina Sloan, Season 6 Top 20, “All the Man That I Need”
LaKisha Jones, Season 6 Top 16, “I Have Nothing”
Melinda Doolittle, Season 6 Top 3, “I Believe in You and Me”
Asia’h Epperson, Season 7 Top 20, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
Syesha Mercado, Season 7 Top 16, “Saving All My Love For You”
Carly Smithson, Season 7 initial audition, “I’m Every Woman”
David Archuleta, Season 7 Top 7, “When You Believe”
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro, Season 8 Semifinals, “Saving All My Love For You”
Siobhan Magnus, Season 9 Top 7, “When You Believe”
Karen Rodriguez, Season 10 initial audition, “You Give Good Love”
Ashthon Jones, Season 10 final audition, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
Haley Reinhart, Season 10 Top 12, “I’m Your Baby Tonight”
Pia Toscano, Season 10 Top 12, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”