American Idol 2012: Re-live Some Hollywood Week Moments

Did you miss American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week or do you want to suffer through enjoy it again? Then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled some of the best moments from the first two rounds of Hell week so far.

And in case you missed our Idol recaps this week be sure to check out what we and others had to say on Hollywood Night 1 and Hollywood Night 2.




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  2. Hi Everyone, I’m finally back after my move. Hope everyone is doing great. I have been able to continue watching the show thanks to the Dish Movers program. My TV service was already on when I got here but it has just about killed me to not be able to comment to you guys on the episodes so here goes:

    Call me crazy but I actually enjoyed the last episode even though there was no singing. It was an incredible insight into the process and how much self responsibility they put on these contestants. I never realized that they didn’t actually assign the contestants to a group. It was interesting that they tell them the group rules and then leave them to do it on their own. I always wondered how anyone could keep up with all of those names and decide what group they should sing with.  So I guess I was intrigued rather than entertained but it was still worth my time. And another thing; I wonder how many contestants in the whole process get scared and either have anxiety issues or feign illness to get out before they get humiliated by being sent home. That is an interesting question. I’m not saying any of them were not really sick but I believe it does happen just to save face if nothing else. 

    What do you all think?

  3. It hurts my heart to hear about Whitney Houston. I have been glued to the the TV watching the coverage of her death. She will always be one of the greatest talents alive in my opinion and despite her addiction problems of these last few years I will still miss her a great deal and honor and cherish her memory. The good book says that “if you do good work you will live forever”.  Well she has done a lot of good work and her amazing sounds will live on throughout time and her talent will always be the mark that everyone sets for themselves when they set out on their own journey through the music world. 

    No more troubled heart and no more wondering if she would have been equally as loved if she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Your voice will live on Whitney and may your body return from whence it came and you soul ascend to it’s rightful place. You will be missed but there is no doubt that you were harvested to enhance God’s heavenly choir on high and now someone else will have a chance to be blessed by your magical song.

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