Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy Tribute To Whitney Houston

I have few doubts most of our readers haven’t seen this amazing tribute performance yet, but in case there are still some who haven’t, I wanted to make sure to share it with you here.

American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to Whitney Houston during Sunday night’s Grammys and delivered an amazing and emotional tribute of Whitney’s signature song “I Will Always Love You.”

Jennifer has noted Whitney has one of her greatest inspirations. The pop legend also presented Jennifer with her Grammy in 2009. So it was quite fitting that Jennifer was chosen to sing the song. Jennifer closed out her tribute with the words “Whitney, we will always love you.”

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  1. They are both classy ladies, Jennifer did a great job and I knew she was holding back out of respect for Whitney, she could have done something more with that song but choose not to, that is pure.

    I hope that for those up and coming artists who wants to stay alive in this business will learn from both Amy and Whitney to stay away from drugs.

  2. jennifer’s tribute was beyond amazing.  whitney can never be replaced.  what a horrible loss to the music biz

  3. Jennifer did a magnificent job paying tribute to Whitney, it was a very moving rendition of Whitney’s signature song…..
    The Grammys were very entertaining but you kind of had the news of Whitney hanging over it….It was a tremendous loss to the music industry.  She was an icon to many young artists.  Its a shame it had to end in such tragic way….

    • Terrible year to loose so many talented singers 🙁
       Amy Winehouse , Phoebe Snow , Etta James and now Whitney, four of my most favourite female singers gone in one year, what a bummer!!!

  4. My goodness there has been too many singers that passed away this year! Etta James and Whitney Houston were two of the best voices ever to perform. 

  5. Absolutely breath taking tribute by Jennifer Hudson. There will never be another Whitney Houston….beautiful in body and spirit. We can never walk in her shoes and that you must do before passing judgement. Just remember, appreciate and love and let God handle the rest. We don’t have to agree with her actions but one thing I think we can all agree on is that she had a gift and she shared it with us. She said that love and music go hand in hand and despite her demons she still delivered on sharing that love within the songs that she sang.  Sing on in Heaven Whitney!!! We are still listening.  

  6. Jennifer Hudson.
    Did a great job singing I. WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…….Jennifer

    Rhas such a Beautiful voice…..R I P

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