American Idol Recap: Top 24 Results & Duets – Round 1

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James VIII and Caleb Johnson rock on American Idol
Former glories of American Idol’s past returned to the familiar stage tonight in part of a two-hour even featuring six past contestants and twelve of this season’s Hopefuls vying for that final title of Idol winner. The results are locked and these singers are awaiting their fate while taking turns [...]

American Idol Recap: Top 24 Perform – Round 1

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Thomas Stringfellow performs on American Idol 2016
The American Idol Top 24 take the stage tonight as the first half step before the lights and Judges for a chance to move on and become the final winner of American Idol. Tonight we’ll be watching as singers like Gianna Isabella, Jene Rose Mitchell, James VII, MacKenzie Bourg, and [...]

American Idol Recap: Showcase Round & Top 24 Results

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Thomas Stringfellow performs on American Idol 2016
Say goodbye to the Top 51 contestants and hello to American Idol Top 24 tonight as the results are revealed during the tense Green Mile final judgment. Hollywood week has ended and tonight we’re watching as the remaining fifty plus singers perform full songs before a crowded audience, giving them [...]

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 3 – Final Solos

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Olivia Rox performs her solo on American Idol
American Idol 2016 continues last night as the Judges and viewers returned to Hollywood Week for the third and final round with yet even more deep cuts from the roster of contestants. We’ve watched the list of nearly two hundred singers be whittled down to less than a hundred and [...]

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 2 – Groups

Hollywood Group on American Idol 2016
Hollywood Week continued last night on American Idol 2016 as Round 2 of the most challenging part of the competition rolled on and took another string of Hopefuls with it. We watched Wednesday night on American Idol as 82 singers were cut from the competition’s 190 Golden Ticket holders and [...]

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 1 – Solos

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American Idol Judges at Hollywood Week
Welcome to Hollywood! It’s time for the second phase of American Idol in last night’s episode as hundreds of Golden Ticket holders arrived with big dreams and hopes of making it on to the next round. While hundreds arrived only fifty-one of the very best would survive the week of [...]

American Idol 2016 Recap: One Last Night Of Auditions

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American Idol Judges & Ryan Seacrest
Settle in for your last night of American Idol auditions as the series says farewell to one of its most important aspects: the hunt for the next big talent. Yes, this is the end of the Golden Ticket auditions. We’ve watched weeks of the searches and performances from the American [...]

American Idol 2016 Recap: Judges Return To San Francisco & Philly

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American Idol auditions on the Farewell Season
Judges, Golden Tickets, and American Idol Hopefuls came together last night in San Francisco and Philadelphia in the second to last audition episode of Season 15 and the series. We’ve seen a lot of great talent come from these cities so far so the bar has been set high and [...]

American Idol 2016 Recap: Auditions Return To Denver & Little Rock

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American Idol 2016 auditions continue on Season 15
American Idol returned to familiar ground in last night’s auditions episode as Ryan Seacrest and company picked up where they left off in Denver and Little Rock for the next round of Golden Tickets. FOX has split up the audition cities to keep us from getting too much of any [...]

American Idol 2016 Recap: Judges Head To Philadelphia

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Gianna Isabella auditions in Philadelphia
American Idol auditions head to Philadelphia as the Golden Tickets to Hollywood find themselves in the hands of new talent looking to be the last American Idol winner with Season 15. Last week things started out strong with the Idol season premiere and we’re hoping to see things keep that [...]

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