Adam Lambert Discusses His New Album ‘Trespassing’

Adam Lambert Trespassing

American Idol Alum Adam Lambert recently released the cover art for his new album “Trespassing” and now the rocker sits down with Yahoo Music to discuss the album and how he owns how crazy he is.

“I know I’m a little bit insane,” Adam says.

The album, which has been in the works for two years, is a cohesive collection that has allowed him to open up himself in a more honest way, he says.

The album is set for a March 20 release.




  1. gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this man!  my cd is on order and the waiting is very difficult.  he has to be the best thing that idol produced since its inception.  the big question is…when is the tour??  because as brilliant as adam is on record, his live performances are beyond amazing.  he completely dominates the stage and belongs in the class of jagger, mercury, tyler…well, you get the picture.  rock on, you utterly gorgeous creature!!

    • I don’t see it. Not my cup of tea. Sorry but that is my honest opinion. Am I allowed or are you all gonna get all defensive of him? LOL No harm intended. I am not saying he isn’t talented but I just don’t care for it at all.

      • We all have our own opinions, this is what makes the world go round.
        AND this is why we comment on this site.   It would be pretty boring if we always agreed…..LOL

      • we’re all entitled to our opinions.  but trust us on this one.  adam is the absolute real deal.  he’s got it all, talent looks, and a heart of not gold but platinum

      • I hope you will give his new music a listen when its available and then make your decision.  Adam is getting great reviews so far.

      • You have the right to your own opinion and we appreciate feedback.  For instance, I no longer watch IDOL because I was sick to see who won last year.  I have a music degree and consider myself a “pitch snob.”  Scotty struggles with pitch and I detest old fashioned Country.  Adam has worked 10 years to get an opportunity and this 17-year-old who’s very good looking is rich so soon with very limited singing ability.  I don’t get it at all. 

        Adam’s vocals are out of this world, but many people won’t see it.  We don’t even have music in most schools.  Vocal experts have made him #1 in several categories on some websites that rate singers.  Opera singers/teachers have weighed in on his voice.  Sadly, however, too many people only see his persona….a gay, flamboyant man in the pop world.  I have a son with autism…..I like different people I guess.  My husband is tone-deaf and my daughter has been programmed to love Justin Bieber.  It’s all good. 

    • @Pr63 & Phyllis,  Would you two stop it!! I’m getting  jealous!
      hey Pr63 I thought your first love was the Rangers, what happened?

      Just kidding, I am impressed with what Adam has accomplished so far.
      Good for him, he is a great singer, and his vocal range is out this world.
      He will make Angus , Malcolm and Brian proud to be a “Rocker”.

      One thing I am excited about what is happenning is a resurgence of
      Rock n roll in mainstream america, due to shows like AI , Xfactor and
      the Voice.  I recently watched some clips of Reece Mastin and Andrew
      Wishart from Australia Xfactor, if you guys had not yet watched it then do so and get ready to be wowed.  Have a pleasand day today.

      • Ed…..I totally agree with these two singers….AWESOME……but there is only one ADAM and we have him…… don’t be jealous we all love you too!!!!! LOL

      • ALWAYS the first place in the atlantic division rangers!!  but i am also very fickle…keith richards and simon lebon have a great big chunk of my heart!!

      • Pardon my ignorance, but what do Angus and Malcolm have to do with Adam, Brian May and Queen?  Did I miss something?

      • The thing is…yes you see people who can sing on these shows…but they do not have the certain something…that just draws in the audience …while the singer absolutely kills his vocals….and at the same time can dance, can perform…and is gorgeous…Adam has all these things.  That is why when he was on Idol…people tuned in every show to see what he was going to do.  Adam is fearless when it comes to trying things, being outside the box (remember Ring of Fire).  He pushes the envelope and makes you think..That is very rare.  I personally find X Factor and The Voice much better shows.  The less soap opera crap the better.  I have seen people on these shows that can sing..But have not seen anyone with Adam’s combination of talent, looks, performance and willingness to be creative.  People need to get rid of their inhibitions to support him …at least 50 percent I wager…who do not support him…(maybe higher) do not because he is gay.  They can gripe about this all they want…but it is the truth.  Even the media and Award shows are that way…why do you think they introduced him for almost two years as the openly gay singer…I saw Adam live twice.  I have seen many bands and solo singers live…But his Glam Tour Concert was hands down the best concert I have ever been to…and he is even better live…with no dubbing or lip sync..

    • Kathy, you are so spot-on.  I think Adam is better live than on his CD.  He always changes things up.  And I know from personal experience that a large percentage of people will dismiss him because of his sexuality.  They will never admit it, but we know it’s true.  Otherwise you’d have to be tone deaf not to see this God-given talent.  He is the male Celine or Whitney.  I love Josh Groban so much….but unfortunately he can’t sing rock and roll and I need that.

  2. @DierdrePosen, hi, nothing really they are all good, just made an analogy
    that’s all,but I guess if you are not a fan of AC/DC then Angus and Malcolm
    don’t mean a thing at all.

    • I admit, I’m not a fan of AC/DC.  I prefer more melodic rock, less sturm und drang.  And IMO Adam’s voice lends itself more easily to melodic rock.

      • One thing I know, you and I like the same thing, Rock ! and yes I agree
        Adam has a more softer style than the hard rockers .  He has the range
        to do both if he wants to. 

  3. Kathy Morgan…….I totally agreed with you about Adam’s  uniqueness (don’t know if thats a word but I like it)……Idol never had been before or after Adam’s season been so exciting…….You are 100% right why Adam didn’t win.  Middle America would not allow it…..Unfortunately….but he has been a great success, especially his concerts.   I’ve only been to one and it was THE best……

    • It is too bad people get hung up on  prejudices rather than looking at the quality and abilities of an individual, but this is what this world is all about.  This is not a new thing of course, Freddie did not hide his
      preferences neither did Elton and many others.  That did not changed
      my mind on why I like them, I like them for their music.  I liked them then and I like them now. It doesn’t matter who and what they are.
      Not important at all.  It is simply music, keep it that way and you will have more fun listening.

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