Adam Lambert Interview

Yesterday I was on a conference call with Adam Lambert and we discussed his album, “For Your Entertainment” and his upcoming Glam Nation Tour which kicks off tomorrow in Pennsylvania. adam-lambert-album-cover-1

Ashli Rae:  If one of the singles from “For Your Entertainment” was going to blow up and become the biggest hit ever, which one would you want it to be and why?

Adam Lambert:  I have no idea.  I think they’re all great.  My current single that just came out is ‘If I Had You’.  It’s trickling its way on to Top 40 radio right now.  And I think it’s a great song.  It’s really positive, it’s upbeat, it’s catchy.  It’s about the message in it.  I think it’s one of the better messages on the album, which is you can have all this success, the fame, the fortune, the lifestyle but if you’re not connecting and you’re not – and there’s no love in your life and you don’t have true friends and loved ones then it doesn’t mean anything.

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  1. He is so gay in the cover picture. All of us knew that he is gay but…. OMG…

    • Heavy arms–he has said over and over it is meant to be campy. If it bothers you why are you reading about him?

  2. but…OMG? what..
    A bit dramatic are we now?
    Hmm. Yeah hes gay but does that make him a bad singer? I think not. and im pretty sure plenty of other people would agree! And yeah everyone knew he was gay because he admitted..

    of course he looks gay because he freakin is!
    I love Adam Lambert 🙂

  3. the person who wrote this review/article is does a very good job of informing me of
    ADAM LAMBERT who is gay but very good at singing and alot of this world is gay mr. Heavy arms? really?
    your cool.

  4. Gay or straight, who cares!!! This man puts on an awesome performance every single time!!! He's got incredible vocal chops!

  5. When are we going to stop worrying about the sexuality of others in America?
    We are so behind in this area compared to European countries. No wonder we still have many incidences of hate crimes in the US when people of limited education have to focus on this one aspect of a person.

  6. @HeavyArms You're so straight in your photos. I mean we know you're straight but… OMG… do you actually have to flaunt it quite so obviously??
    And your eyes are so [insert brown/blue/green/etc]! I mean we know that's their natural color and you were born with that color so can't do anything about it but …OMG …do you have to actually open them so we have to look at them??

  7. All are human beings with humane qualities. Adam is open about himself as a human and we should respect that he too is a human being. He is extremely talented creative, powerful gentle vocal and kind-hearted guy and he deserves to be a star, as he has star power and ability. Adam, your fans love you for what you are but just be aware of your limitations.

  8. Aha! This is supposed to be an article about a singer and his amazing tour and his amazing songs~! Does it have anything to do with anything else? Love the cover, bold art!

  9. Adam Lambert and Siobhan Magnus duet – will tear the "house" down. Hope to see them duet.

  10. I have absolutely no problem with Adam Lambert's personal gay lifestyle. Who cares? It's no ones business.

    He just needs to mainstream his image just a bit to be more appealing to everyone. He's got it all and can really appeal to all sectors with his image and music.

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