American Idol 2010: Lee and Crystal get recording contracts

Yesterday was a good one for the final 2 contestants on American Idol as they both signed recording contracts.  Lee signed with 19 recordings limited and RCA, the same as Daughtry and Adam Lambert while Crystal signed with 19 recordings limited and Jive records who produced Kris Allen and Jordin Sparks’ albums. 

american_idol_2010_lee_crystalLook for their albums to come out later this year but you can download their new singles on iTunes.  Lee’s “Beautiful Day” is outselling Crystal’s “Up to the Mountain” but that is to be expected since he was the winner of the show this season. 

We’ve also learned that Crystal and her boyfriend broke up on Tuesday before the final performance episode.  Crystal announced this on the Ryan Seacrest radio show and said, “We’re both logical, grown adults. He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. But I’m a small town girl, but I want this. I want this more than anything — this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

You can listen to Lee’s single here and Crystal’s here.




  1. I knew she would dump her bf when she’s famous….just didn’t expect this fast…clever! so she doesn’t need to share half of her earning for the split up when she’s got fame & fortune later on….if she becomes famous… which I doublt it!!

  2. So excited for the final 2! Both are very deserving!! Congrats to lee for winning!!!! Your growth has been amazing and it showed how much you wanted this!!

  3. I really thought Crystal was going to win but they were both great and I’m happy for both of them. I agree about the boyfriend, but all things happen for a reason, lets hope this is better for Crystal. Does anyone know where we can obtain a copy video of the finale, I had to work and missed it.

  4. thanks Ashli, love Lee’s version better than U2’s original – his is very uplifting 🙂

  5. for Lee lovers, his performance of beautiful day on access hollywood is absolutely fantastic, it proves his talent… he is such a great artist!

  6. There are still a few more idol contestants from this year elimination that I hope get a break in the music industry and they are DIDI, AARON and SIOBHAN. @8 Ashley I do not think Crystal and Lee are dating. I think they are only good friends.

  7. Good Luck to both these talented young Stars, they were both great and I will follow them in the future. I am a 63 year old Grandmother and enjoy watching these talented young Stars evolve. Loved Adam Lambert and have his DVD which I love to play throughout the day. Will add Lee and Crystal to my collection as well. Keep on trucking and enjoy all that life brings you.

  8. Hello, Were they not married in Las Vegas recently? I thought I read this somewhere.
    Now, Bf or hubby? With her fame, beauty and friendly, she will have a lot of suitors.She is living her life now.She deserves it.She can be a glam.

    Any gossips of anyone dating amongst the contestants themselves? We hope AI will show us some of the back stage happenings or gossips in future, to spice up the show.

  9. Ashley, LeeDewyze looks like a very focus guy. He would not let this love in the air come in btw his music career.
    He would be stupid if he fell into the love trap right now in his rising career. I guess, right now, he is dating with his music.

  10. i, congratulate lee,and cyrstal.great job!!!i also dont think they are dating,although i have heard rumors of a possible,lee,and siobhan romance.i,also hope that siobhan,casey,and some other finalists get a record deal.and by the way those would,and should have been the top 4.only,time will tell who,or which one will be the most successfull of season 9.

  11. Ashley – “Do you guys think lee and crystal are dating ?”

    No, and Crystal said no possibility of such a relationship happening, just friends, no love interest.

    But Lee and Siobhan are very close, throw off crazy chemistry together. When a brainy gifted nerd from Chicago with Cat Stevens lyrics tattoo’d on him meets a similarly gifted hot, hot brainy nerd from Cape Cod with Hanson lyrics tattoo’d on her – you expect some sort of geek-out to occur.
    But Lee has a couple of ladyfriends back in Chicago, and Siobhan has a boyfriend who is a really good looking and creative film maker in Boston she met in HS through her older bro being in the same cinema major.
    Still, long months on the road and all….”anything can happen”, as entertainers say. And being in a good relationship back home doesn’t mean exclusivity.
    I believe in nerd love!

    All I can safely predict is that if Aaron was a virgin when Idol started, he won’t be by summer’s end.

  12. I heard about the Lee-Siobhan possibility, also that they have present relationships with others…but the two of them are A-quality people, and kindred spirits, though Siobhan is definitely the stranger and better-looking of the two.
    The two, if they do hookup, deserve each other. And I say that in the best possible sense if it. Like them both enormously as people and performers, as well as Casey and Crystal.

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  14. @tenisaddict-Actually I read somewhere that Crystal’s boyfriend broke up with her siting that he could not handle the “life” of being with someone that is well on her way to being HUGE in this business. He was a small town guy and all of the attention was too much for him..Crystal understood and actually wished him well…so no breaking up with him now that she is famous as you think

  15. Good luck to Lee and Crystal, and hoping CASEY will get a recording contract, as well. I saw the top 10 idols on Larry King and they were all excellent! Lee was quite thankful, Crystal very pleasant, and CASEY as humble as always!

  16. from what i have read,seen,and heard,it does seem like a possible romance,or one hell of a frienship between lee,and siobhan.for whats its worth,i say go for it,they both look adorable together,and sure looks like a lot of chemistry from both.hey maybe they could be the new,sonny,and cher,or maybe james taylor,and carly simon,or even the emergence george jones,and tammy wynette.that would be wicked cool!and,wicked awesome!

  17. Tatar69x——Ez question- How do you know & where have u read @ the Lee -Siobhan connection & the nature of their tattoos & that she has so handsome a bf in Boston?? This ? is open to any of you on the comment line– Also, in light of the signing of both Lee & Crystal- has anyone heard what is happening w/ Casey & a record deal? Thanks for the imfo & feedback. Did anyone happen to see L & C on Ellen today? They were truly relaxed ,appreciative, & had fun!!!!

  18. Thebrasta – On breaks coming for Aaron, Didi, Siobhan – (and adding Casey and BM, names brought up by others)
    1. Casey is a lock. He is more than just singing, being a 1st class guitarist. Marketable right now.
    2. Didi – I don’t think so, sorry!
    3. Aaron, yes, for a development deal. Less money, but a label or promoter could bring him along.
    4. Siobhan – Buzz on her is “the whole package”. Meaning she has the talent, personality, good looks and all the intangibles to be considered not just for music from high end female soloist to lead female fronting a mainstream or post-punk/rock band – but also Broadway and film. Solid acting and stage experience since childhood. And Idol fans were largely unaware she was trying out for Idol because she was scholarship wait-listed from being admitted to a piano studies program. Her options are serious. Her dilemma is now what to give up, because doors are now opening for multitalented Siobhan Magnus in several different directions. And she can only commit to one, for a while. Needs some guidance to help pick the right one.
    (My pal’s son is a multitalent athlete, excelling in a number of sports, scholarship offers, pro possibilities. Who cried for days when he realized he would have to give up many sports he was exceptionally good at, even had pro or Olympic posibilities – to focus on 1,2 things, and might not even play at the position he preferred. Similar to Magnus’s problem.)
    5. Big Mike – I just don’t see the pros looking at him, his no longer popular music and his personality – seriously concluding he is marketable. Pro wrestling, maybe. You can be sure Big Mike will never stop promoting himself.

    Lee&Crystal, of course will do fine. But don’t be surprised if Siobhan is the bigger name 5 years out…or similarly, that she is largely forgotten because she took an oddball noveau Artiste genre on and it didn’t pan out.

  19. Yah! We are blog paparazzi. Casey and Crystal should date as both are blonde and would be great if both do a duet. Lee and Shibon are perfect duo as date and duet, as both have high powerful vocal and Shibon will pass some of her stage confidence to our stage fright Lee. Great pair. Aaron i think loves older women. Who do you think he should pair up? Lacy? Ok enough of paparazze-ing. All are speculative only not conclusive. Don’t be a nerd to think all these are true.

  20. Really, Lee is not bad but Crystal should be the one to win. Just like Adam, look at the success for Adam today, really proved the American wrong… Crystal, will be the next.

  21. @8 Ashley — It’s more likely that Crystal is dating Simon than Lee…lolz! Crystal once said that she fancy Casey!

  22. (from Jan) Tatar69x——Ez question- How do you know & where have u read @ the Lee -Siobhan connection & the nature of their tattoos & that she has so handsome a bf in Boston??

    1. Info on Lee&Shiobhans chemistry was reported on EW, and in LA Times. Photos of the sparks they were giving off are on Idol’s own Behind the Scenes and in LA Times. This is a sort of “discrete” matter, because of contractural rules of too much fraternization, as it is euphamistically referred to – meant that it was always covered as a tangential matter. Both in interviews said they have a special kinship & friendship that started almost when they met..
    Siobhan mentioned her BF Joe in exit interviews and looking forward to “dorking out” with him. A photo of the two on the shore popped up on a website..
    2. Their tattoos are well-reported in numerous articles.
    3. While Big Mike was getting more AI airtime than Ryan Seacrest it seemed, under the most lavish pimp package producers had next to Crystal the Eventual Winner…Lee was about 5th in pimp packaging, after Katie Stevens, and Casey. Somehow, producers that saw Big Mike as the most beloved potential Idol ever – completely overlooked Siobhan and Alex (he’s not Adam) Lambert. No pimp packages. So if you are a Siobhan Magnus fan, you look and you see an amazing past life and a multitalented young woman. Won a lead role in every play she tried out for since age 7, always. Parents were punk rockers, grand-dad was presiding judge for Eastern district, Massachusetts. Was her school’s delegate to Future Problem solvers of America. Classmates interviewed said – gifted in any art form she tried, reserved yet popular, beautiful, amazing personality, very nice, very smart, and VERY odd. Left high school with a buzz cut because she had a friend get cancer and donated her long hair for cancer wigs – to both shock and show solidarity with her friend. And about a half dozen other remarkable things…with no doubt another dozen known but to close circles. About the only “negatives” mentioned are stubborness and “not being as good a dancer as you would think”..
    4. Lee also got some short shrift. EW covered how his minimal pimp package left out he was once an exceptional shortstop in Little League. His alternate HS days. High intelligence, songwriting. I like Lee and no doubt he has a host of things about him bigger fans know but would be really appreciated discoveries for others. IMO -all too much wasted time was devoted to Idol Fans playing judge and doing “vocal critiques” without understanding how interesting and talented some of these contestants are and that will contribute to their success outside “Just The Singing!! The notes!!”. Many don’t even know just how good Casey’s guitar playing is..

  23. Siohban will likely emerge as the bigest commercial winner. She has it all and I expect her singing to improve from already good. She was too dynamic and interesting for the dopes that vote on AI.

    Crystal is at this time a more complete artist than any of the othes and has easily the best voice. She will have to get real with her personal image but the talent is there. I expect she will be a recording star because she comes across even if you close your eyes.

    Casey will likely front his own band and while he sings well, his guitar will be the focus of his talent.

    Lee, in my opinion is nice and that’s about it. His singing skills are scetchy and while he may turn on the teeny boppers, I doubt he will be a big star. He has talent but should not be the winner.

    No one else of the top 12 is likely to break out into stardom.

    American Idol will have to change two things, the judges and the voting system. One vote from each number will be more fair. Lee is a good looking guy and was obviouly voted in by girls that vote several times. Also Simon did all he could to promote him without looking biased.

    Crystal should have won as Lambert should have last year. Does anyone remember who won last year?

  24. I think Crystal revealed too much of her personality and that would ruin her music career. She talks tooooooo muchhhhhh!Perhaps, a single mom with unstable emotions. Fantasia was a single mom but she carried herself well.

    On stage, she even blared out she has crush for Lee, later amended it to crush for his music and then she announced to the world her boy-friend and having fun with that and another shocker, when she inadvertently blared out she has crush for Casey.What’s all these?

    She should shut her mouth when comes to her personal relationship mess. This would give her a bad publicity on her image and would affect her career (constructive criticism). She is like announcing to the world she is now available.

    IMO, she is TOO gullible, UNLIKE LEE who is more PROFESSIONAL & COMPOSED, like Tim said more focus. Crystal, get a PR Manager.

  25. From Egypt. A fan of Lee, Aaron, Casey, Crystal and most really Siobhan.

    Did she really cut off all her hair to donate for wigs to cancer patients? That sounds like many Internet stories, maybe not true – someone says it and as a story it gets said many times. If true, perhaps, then I love her all the more and why would your Idol producers not mention that incredible story?? Such a thing might significant to you? To me, it would mean she may have great grace! But before, she was already so tops to me in voice!

    If any have interest, we have our version. Star Academy which is in Lebanon and is in Arabic. They have try-outs in other nations, then the lucky ones go leave their countries for the televised contest. Egyptians do very well! Many contesters are so excellent. My friends and me are well-educated in English, so can not only watch Star Academy but the American contest, it is also to help with language skill. That is the truth. We may also see on satellite the UK X-factor and Indian Idol. Both are very popular.

    And to me, Casey is a most talented and handsome beauty. Of the young men, he was almost all our favorite when we saw the American shows. Maybe he should have won if not Siobhan. But Siobhan was better, to me.

  26. Tim – Casey and Crystal should date as both are blonde and would be great if both do a duet. Lee and Shibon are perfect duo as date and duet…Aaron i think loves older women. Who do you think he should pair up? Lacy? Ok enough of paparazze-ing.

    From what I saw at the Idol Finale, Aaron and Siobhan were terrific as a duet. Not a matchup I would have ever thought of, but it really worked. If they could do a whole duet, and their voices continued to beatifully compliemt one another right to cresendo and the big power notes both can deliver – that would be ass-kicking stuff.
    I think Aaron could duet with Crystal as well. Crystal might even be better than Siobhan if they went for a folksie, more countryish number. Face it, Crystal is someone that could duet with Tim or Lee and help both guys look better.
    And sadly, and I love her unique voice, but Lacey will not go on tour unless one of the Top 10 folds, and soon.
    Casey and Katie. Or Casey and Didi might be a charmer couple on a less challenging selection than Siobhan, Crystal, and Aaron could do..

    BM should remain a solo act, because he and his ego are just too big to duet around.

  27. Instead of speculating who is dating who, how about asking Ryan Seacrest to interview Lee whether this is true that both of them are dating?

    And Casey too, whether Crystal has a crush with him and vice-versa. We know Kara has a “crush” with Casey’s looks.

    Ryan, will you confirm with Lee on this? So far only Crystal spoke, what about Lee? Did he confirm? Will there be a summer romance?

    We saw how Crystal hugged Lee “wildly with her leg” when Ryan announced she was in the semi-finale. It was really a shock to us who saw that! We were taken aback by that! Was that why her boyfriend left her? Ryan….where are you?

    If this is true, it will break Lee’s girl fans and will affect his CDs sales. It is better to clear the air over this rumour.

  28. Suddenly, It’s very calm here.

    Shibon is a great girl. She has so much stage presence and talent, yet she is humble and mature in her interactions and interviews and I like her attitude.

    I guess, Crystal’s boyfriend felt intimidated by Crystal’s superstar attitude, acting and talking like she is there already,like some kind of celebrity singer, that probably made him felt like a small fly. Btw, he looked silly with that flag pants. Making him looked like a fool out there. Sorry for both of them.

  29. Yeah Pippo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Adam last year,and he was mountains above Chris ALLen,Chris even said when he won,”It should have been Adam.”Lee has a very nice sound,but on the radio,he could be Daughtry or David COok.Chrstal is so phenominal,and unique.A bunch of people thought she was better than Alanis morisette at the finale.It upsets me that I gave Chrstal 265 votes.SHe has potential to go so far,and I think she’ll be alot more succesful,as Adam is more than Chris.(Look who they had as a mentor!!!!!!!)My opinion is Lee will do O.K,but not in 5 years.My opinion is that I feel CHrstal,Casey,Shiobon(I didn’t like her,but I know alot did)will do great.Mike ha a beautiful sound,but too similar to many out there.I do think Didi will make it as blues singer./(Very unique sound,always in pitch.)I love us all being paps.Funny!!!!!!!!!! Casey and Chrstal would be so cute together.

  30. Whoever missed the finale,it’s on TV guide channel now.someone asked.Ican’t wait for the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Well I think they might be dating because I think her bf dumped her because he was jealous of lee and her and on the Ellen show when he was singing you should have seen her face and when they were talking they kept saying they did this together

  32. Crystal also said lee is her “musical crush” but I think she meant her crush and if you saw the last few result shows whenever her and lee were safe she would like pounce on him and hug him and when lee won he told crystal he loved her

  33. I heard Crystal when she said had a crush on Casey….”kind of” and Casey came out with a “what?” like it was the first he’d heard of that. I think it’s silly to play matchmaker with these kids. They are all going to be too busy for girlfriends or boyfriends, hopefully.
    In my opinion, Casey will make it to the top first, but they should all do pretty well unless they mess up bigtime.

  34. Of course I remember who won last year. It was Kris Allen, a wholesome young man who is very talented and also married. He was the first AI contestant to have been married, or so I heard.
    I liked Kris very much.

  35. i,agree with 26..pippo.although.i still think lee will,and can have a decent career in music.he has said many times prior,that this is his life,and his passion,as well as his fan base is great,and continues to for the rest of the top 10.her is my take.

    2.crystal.she will do fine,she has the voice,and can have success in indi,soul,country and some rock venues.
    3.casey,will most likely create a band,and the girlies will buy up his cds. career,but sounds too much like so many other artists.
    5.aaron.he needs to go straight to country,and stay there only.
    6.siobhan…she can sing just about anything,so she will need to make smart choices as to where.and what demographics to attain.also,she has more going for her than,anyone else.very commercial,and marketable.she will either make real big,or she will filter out most likely.
    7.tim..his ally should be tv,and girls,girls,girls.possible glee candidate.
    8.katie.she has a great voice,but will someone sign her now,or wait too long,and then we never hear from her again.
    9.andrew.the guy has talent that obvious!he just needs to find his niche.
    10.didi..this one puzzles me ,because i felt so strongly that she would be like in the top 5.but,i think the judges rattled her,and she never had a fair chance,she has the look,and a super voice.hopefully she gains her confidence,and gets a record deal.

    and,one final thought.all these 10 finalists are very blessed,very talented singers,and performers,they took there chances at the audtitions and made the most of it.i am so proud of all of them!

  36. Ashley, I watched back on You Tube Top 3Elimination after you said Lee “pounced” on Lee. It’s quite true, but this was from Crystal alone. Lee did not expect this and from the blur video, Crystal was the one that clamped him and swing him round until he almost lost footing. Lee was like stunt. It was not Lee who “created” the unscripted moment. Imo, it’s not Lee’s faults, more like Crystal and she should not do this in front of the stage and worse still, in front of her faithful boyfriend who wore that silly pants just for her. All that looked very weird, or it was in the script?
    On Lee saying the 3 letter words, I think knowing Lee who is a very emotional and polite nice guy, he would say that to any runner-up not particularly her. He probably felt bad for her that he came out to be the Idol and not her. You don’t expect a nice guy like Lee to say “sorry” making her felt more sorry. Lee said that to everyone in the audience that he love them and later turned to Crystal saying the same. What do you expect him to say to a runner-up? Last year, Kris Allen said something like Adam should have this and not him. I guess all nice guys are humble and Lee & Kris felt like bad for the other one that did not win it. All the American Idols are extremely nice people like David Cook and the rest. They have to be genuinely and truthfully nice to represent America, not only talented in music and singing. For me, Lee is vulnerable to all these accusations being an adorable guy and being talented and now an American Idol. Not new to me.
    I have earlier predicted #1 LEE and #2 CASEY and not Crystal, although she has a good vocal and talent.
    Do you all agree with me, if not please comment on it. Please do not assume Lee is involved in any relationship with any of the contestants.

    I BeLEEVED LEE. To me, LEE & CASEY have good attitude and are very collected fine gentlemen.

  37. Hi everyone,

    I am from overseas and a fan of American Idol.

    I find that this Season, Simon who was always critical about contestants outlook or whatever, seemed bias when came to Crystal.

    I was surprised as to why he did not at all criticize on her dirty looking dread-lock hair and her 2 visible missing teeth?

    Wondering why AI (or Simon) did not ask her or even pay for her to fix that before appearing on TV.

    It looked so unpleasant as a female contestant and she looked more like a gypsy subway lady singer who hasn’t washed and combed her hair for months.

    I feel, at least the producers of AI should pay for her dental before letting her go on stage in the shows.

    Any girl would be conscious of that in front of millions of viewers, but it seemed weird that Crystal was not at all affected by that and worse still, Simon who is always immaculate about things, did not seemed to be affected too!

    Is Simon too in love with love or what?? that he was blinded by it?? (sorry Simon, we learn being honest like you)???

    Imagine, up to the finale, being a runner up Idol, she still has not or asked to fix her dental.

    Is she going for the tour with that gypsy lady look? For me, the most disgusting part of the show. Sometimes, I feel like, I could smell her bad breath (nothing personal against her, just a comment for the show).

    Looks like Simon couldn’t care less now that he is leaving AI to have his X-factor. Or could that be the whole idea?

    As an AI fan from overseas, we find this quite strange.

    This year I find the show the most boring of all. Hope next year will be a better one. (Perhaps Paula Abdul to improve on their dancing and dressing). Good luck, AI.

    • It seems very few, here in U.S.A., noticed not only a blatant bias towards Crystal. In addition it appears not enough care on how they look and present themselves to others (not to mention obtaining a once in a lifetime opportunity and appearing before multiple millions on a world stage). I in particular am becoming discontent with hoardes of people competing as to who can appear more weird and or rough around the edges. What happened to integrity and humility etc.. Our overseas friend provided a sound and much noticed/needed critique.

  38. Hi again,

    On the dating stuffs, I personally find that Crystal and Lee have something going on between them. Look at the way Crystal looked at him in her body language.

    Crystal’s ex-boyfriend allegedly married to her in Las Vegas could perhaps provide more details on the “Lee-Crystal crush”. It must be very serious for him to dump her at the most needed moment of her life.

    It seemed like Crystal is always saying stuffs like “WE” when referring to Lee and the one obvious one during post Idol was “I feel I have won because Lee won”.

    That sounded kind of like she was acknowledging that she was unofficially “Mrs. Lee” already???

    Is this going to happen? Just curious.

  39. I think the best choice for the winner was CASEY JAMES, but he gave up the fight to win. I don’t know how he had the courage to keep singing in front of those mean judges during the last weeks, because they were outrageously so unjustified to say what they did to him. When he sang and played his guitar, Simon made cocky remarks about his guitar playing and then they kept judging his choice of songs. What about judging the strength in individuality of those artists. Casey was so amazing but not selfish or proud. I loved it when he smiled when they complemented him, but then the judges purposefully had to prove a point by turning around and being mean to him. What’s up with that?

  40. I’m from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada and I’m a Casey fan, also. Casey’s a great singer and Ellen DeGeneres said it herself on her show.Above all, he’s a songwriter and a fabulous musician. Did you see U TUBE for his performance with Brett Michaels. He can hold his own with the superstar.

  41. finally someone agrees with me. thank you #45. i am not saying that they are dating but i think that there is something going on between them. and yes she does say ‘WE” alot. and the way she looks at him too she looks like she is in love with him.

  42. if you look back on american idol you would see that they have been together throughout the whole season. you might be wonedering why a cute guy like him would be with a weird girl like her but when you are with someone for a long time looks dont really matter anymore

  43. Glad the engine starts again.

    TOTALLY AGREE, with Casey Fan & Marcella.
    CASEY should have been the runner-up.
    IMO, The Judges had under-rated him and always find faults with his singing because they fixed who they wanted as their Idol & runner up.

    Casey was flawless in his vocals most of the time and he is a talented musician with a great look and flawless humble composed personality of a singer. He just needed more time to deliver his confidence on stage and he has not let it all out yet.

    America had overlooked Casey because Simon downplayed him and over-rated Crystal.
    Can CASEY now be the runner-up instead? He has so many fans crying out there for him for not getting Top 2. Very dissappointed.

    Let’s all support CASEY by buying his CDs and concerts.

    CASEY, hope you hear this – “we are waiting for your new album. We will support you all the way”. Love you Casey, you are a nice talented singer-musician. Music is your passion & this is what you should be doing. Do not give up. All the best.

  44. Of course Crystal had a crush on Casey (who in her right mind hasnt?), but not feeling the response, maybe she gave up. But no way that Casey and Crystal are dating…haha..

  45. Ashley, do you have a crush for Lee or you are #1fan?
    What do you expect when both of them are always together all season. But what surprised me was, where was her boyfriend when she needed him?

    What did she mean by getting “exclusive” in revealing her break up with her bf in Ryan radio show?
    Looks like her bf will later be giving all the “exclusive” news. No news on who is the paternal father to her son?
    She enjoys limelight and publicity. Poor thing bf fella.
    Ashley, Do you think she dumped her bf or bf dump her?

    • Her baby's father split for Europe to avoid getting married or paying child support. This new boyfriend she found on an internet dating site.

      • Stormy, but she told in Larry King Live, that her boyfriend Tony Kushian is the father of her son named Tony. You mean Tony Kushian is an internet date? OMG. Who is then the real father? You mean she was not married at all, the son was born out of wedlock? She is so mysterious and her life is complicated. I think for what she has gone through in her live, she had come to a point she could not care less for her looks anymore and she just needed money from American Idol to survive. Why was she not discovered by anyone for her singing talents before American Idol? How did she survive all those years? Very curious to know more about her past. Now, the whole world could tell that she is desperately trying to get Lee. Doesn't she feel shameful?

  46. Rachael,
    Casey got better taste and he deserves more than that. To Casey, i think the hot MamaSox is like her aunt. I think I know Casey’s type – long silky hair, tall slim blonde with A-class personality. Right?Casey?

  47. Did everyone see that Casey held two guitars on himself at the beginning of the” Every Rose Has Its Thorn” video, The acoustic guitar in front of him starting off and the electric guitar hiding behind his shoulder until Brett Michaels came out and then he rocked Brett’s welcoming with fire on the electric guitar. And on top of this had to sing with A superstar.What a class act, also holding back the excitement to perform and sing as well while being on stage with Brett who’s been in high profile recently.

  48. So happy CASEY isn’t being forgotten! I LOVED him and voted for him from the VERY beginning of the show, and he is FANTASTIC! We all know the judges had an agenda, and CASEY didn’t fit into it. I still believe they were cruel to him because they saw they couldn’t control him. He stayed true to who he was as a performer, regardless of their comments. I hated that they tried to “change” him and make him be something that he wasn’t…he was awesome, and never stopped being who he was…SO PROUD OF HIM! I’m waiting for his CD’s, as I am a true fan of both him as a performer and a person. GO CASEY!!

  49. OMG…When CASEY came out strapped with TWO GUITARS(on his and Bret’s duet)…THE HOTTEST MOMENT OF AI ALL SEASON…Don’t you CASEY FANS agree, or is it just me!? GO CASEY!!

  50. Chit-chat time & a little gossiping ok?

    Ya, agrreeee, Casey fan. Casey is so cool.
    Casey is the first American Idol in history who did that, holding two guitars to perform and sing. He is an A-Class singer.
    Hope Judge Kara works out something for him in the music world or give him a contract, as Kara was the one who saw his potential from Day 1 coz Kara is a music expert.

  51. Oh no! Casey fans are BACK ON BOARD!
    Casey, you have so many fans here, like crazy.
    Maybe they should withdraw the No. 2 title and give it to Casey.

  52. Wendy, I agree with U totally! They chose a lousy song for Casey to sing, a song that was not his element. Yes, they have an agenda. They are not fair to some of the contestants who are also talented like Shibon, Tim or even Alex (his vocal was not bad except only nervous which can be overcome).

  53. Well, Another year of Idol has come and gone. However this year we are losing the “Simon Factor”. I have watched Idol every year and this year was totally disappointing. The performances were in the most part boring. Even Adam made the statement that these contestants seemed “sleepy” and needed coffee. Many talented vocalists, but many karaoke singers are good vocally, What makes someone stand out? Entertaining…The whole package. The only two contestants who were actually entertaining, was Siobhan and Aaron. Aaron’s vocal is amazing, one of the best, but he needs a little experience under his belt. Siobhan used the whole stage, and she sang with emotion, I want a singer to move me, I want to feel the emotion of the song. Her vocals were amazing and more important unique, she does things with her voice that nobody else could duplicate. The other contestants this year stood or worse sat, with each performance as if they were glued to one spot. If I pay $100 or more for a show, I want to be entertained not put to sleep. My prediction…Siobhan will be a star. Even David Letterman said she should have won Idol. Lee has a great raspy sound, but lacks vocal control, too many instances of singing off key. He needs vocal coaching. Crystal should have been the Idol, but the voting system needs to be changed, It has become a popularity contest, Being overrun with the teen, pre-teen factor, obviously, look at how long Tim and Casey and Lee lasted. Because they are cute? After Siobhan was voted off, there wasn’t anything exciting to look forward to..While Crystal is very talented, she also had a tendency to be boring. I think Idol needs to change or be doomed to being cancelled.

  54. I agree alot with the last 20 comments.Casey is super talented.I’m going to tell him at the concert(when we meet them after)that he has a ton of fans,and to def put out Cds,and not ever be discouraged.(I know we’re not BFFs,but I will do this.)I’m sure Chrsytal will get dental work.(That wasn’t a priority during a major career oportunity.)People could look past that,since she made it to the finale.Look at Elliot Yamin,and many others.The industry changes looks all the time.I think she should stay with her look(although I certainly hope she uses good hygiene,and washes her hair.)SHe is indies,unique.If she totally had the “perfect look”she wouldn’tbe Chrystal.(No offense to her.SHe is perfect to her,and I admire her unique style.Can we say Lady Gaga,and how Madonna always had success?????I agree with the bloogers paporotzi comments we all have.I can’t wait till the concert.I think Lee will be successful,but Chrsytal has the unique perfect sound,that you would immediately hear(and love)on the radio.Lee could be many other artists today.You wouldn’t say,”That’s lee._”I voted 265 times for Chrystal.My bff thinks that if judges had the final say,it would have been Adam,and CHrystal this year.Who does everyone think will be the new SImon?And who thinks his sadness was genuine??????

  55. Ya, agree Jodi, they should have made Shibon Top 5 to make the show more lively. Musician wise, Casey is the best. Lee & Crystal guitar are so so only. I think Casey went to music school whereas the two maybe did not. Mike’s one looks like he just picked it up. I find Andrew was also not bad with his guitar. I feel they have overlooked a lot this season.

  56. It seems to me that a powerful judge like Simon shouldn’t be aloud to choose a song for the contestant he favors most for the final three elimination night.
    Why don’t they use a point scoring system of judging? Would this make it more fair rather than each judge repeating what the first judge said. And why was Randy mostly always the first judge to comment?

  57. I knew Crystal would dump her boyfriend when she made it to the big time. She that kind of girl. She is starting to show her true color just a little bit. More is coming and everyone will know the true Crystal. She is not made of the some material that Lee is. There is something about Crystal that makes my head turn. She is not real as she appears.

  58. Hi there,

    With due respect, I am surprised why America or the Judges did not scrutinize Mamasox’s background? So far we don’t know much about her except she is a single mom struggling a living for her son. I am sure there are so many out there in the same boat. So, is this a welfare vote or talent vote?

    So far, we do not know which school she came from, who is her mother, who is her stepf, who is the paternal father to her son, have she been to any music school etc- all are so mysterious.

    I also agree that she probably has gypsy blood as when she first started in AI, she always wears that feather on her hair,bring her carpet and the pot mic, bare foot, dreadful messy hair, her teeth and vocal.

    I am so disgusted when she asked Ryan in the radio show whether “Is this exclusive or what”? Was she expecting to get some money for revealing her break-up to a radio show?

    Imo, the perfect Idols this Season are CASEY & SHIBON.

    Casey is a talented musician-singer and has that singer look, very professional and Shibon is a talented creative born singer-artist and has good stage presence and a powerful vocal. If we listen to their vocals, we know straight away, that is Shibon and that is Casey, without without looking.

    For Crystal and Lee, we don’t know who, when we listen on the radio as they could be anyone. When we listen to Kris allen or Adam lambert, we can tell its them. Crystal’s vocal, not identifiable.

    IMHO, The Judges should have listened to the people(make some research rather than just criticisms) and not they decide for the people. Even the songs are chosen by them. They always choose songs that are totally the opposite of the contestants elements. What a shame.

    The gossips on love & break-up, I think Crystal was trying to flirt with Lee. She also tried her luck on Casey and even Simon (both no response). Boyfriend must be disgusted and left.

    Guess she is from a small town girl turned superstar overnight. Probably her first time in all these glamorous lifestyles and wearing high heel shoe and all that Hollywood excitements and fame overwhelmed her. She talks and acts like one now so the bf probably finds she is no more the old simple gf he dated.

    She is heading to be a glam like Adam. Hopefully she is successful.Good for her.

  59. are you people crazy!!!!how could anyone even suggest casey and crystal date?he is way to gorgous to date someone that looks like her.talent or no talent she’s gross.i don’t even think lee is interested in her.i thought her b.f.looked to good to be with her.i saw a website that showed casey and didi holding hands and with his arm around her.they awould be a cute couple.but probably just someone to pass the time with.

  60. i think crystals b.f.decided to wasn’t cut out to jump through hoops for was her idea for him to wear those god awful pants and made a total fool out of himself.anyway she’ll have to find her another b.f.that will be her babysitter.i look for baby daddy to fight for custody of baby cause she’ll be absent mama.and of course he’ll want child support if he wins.just another example of not putting priorties in 1st.then family,how typical these days…..

    • Not easy on the ears for some thus Lisa vividly presents REALITY !. Our entire family cringed when we observed Mr. Red, White, and Blue (polluting the nations colors)in ridiculous red white blue stripped pajama pants on national TV. Bravo to Lisa.

  61. Lisa ..why you speak garbage?? OMG… I feel so sorry for you.. but you are nothing but a envious and bitter person

    • Learn to argument the merits of a post not immediately use negative adjectives. Marxists and facists forte is to immediately attack the end justifies their means.

  62. Crystal and Adam Lambert same…more succesful than the winners!.. is not the same the Votes than the TALENT!…

    Who could have imagined there would ever be such a public display there on the beach (or is it Flushing Bay N.Y. at LaGuardia Airport) while emulsifying his fine smooth skin allowing the pure free green natural flow of ocean breeze vapor (or blue water aircraft release), sea salt and mist all undoubtedly emanating from the evolutionary processes and primordial seas synergized with intermingled positive ions, Big Mike hears familiar but gentle footsteps coming closer, getting nearer, his passion heightens, his heart races, goose bumps on his skin are everywhere he knows he senses it can only be one and only one so thoroughly capable of manifesting such excitement, his heart pounds thus skips a beat he looks up yes he cannot believe he can go no further there before him his reflection eye to eye lip to lip Big Mike meets himself. They embrace they stroll hand in hand tingling sensations flow up his spine . Unexpectedly to the left a beachcomber hut and many worldly goods. Mike says to himself I’m dumbfounded at such a fine selection of hats. Himself says, gently, quietly with empathy to Big Mike, Big Mike I in all due respect believe your hat has become to small for your head yes Mike, I must assist and suggest with empathy that your head has become to big for your hat. Big Mike dwells for a moment then considers and focuses on a certain gem, a find, a hybrid of splendor placed by himself before his very eyes not only a hat but a hat of distinction. There alone with himself observing a hat like no other and its fine silk band encompassing the periphery holding in place a unique rare thistle. Encryption and hidden messages reverberate in Big Mikes head. There he stands with a realization before him an omen that of THIStle. Deja vu reverberates there he stands, taken back, he hears Big Mike THIS Big Mike that. Big Mike that Big Mike THIS. Big Mike THIS Big Mike That. He thinks Oh what a moment memories of not long ago the inward sucking of lips, as he sang, yes kissing himself. All THIS coinciding what a moment Big Mike and HIMSELF he says THISTLe do oh THIStle do. Himself and Big Mike walk off into the Flushing bay sunset (Near Laguardia Airport) a blissful enchanting moment never to be repeated always to be remembered unsurpassed moments of passion Big Mike and Himself hand in hand can any other achieve such love.

    (PS Yes the insanity of the season made me lose it inparticular Big Mike This and Big Mike That Big Mike This and Big Mike That)

  64. Correct Lisa, how come I also suspected hotMama “used” her bf to babysit during the season and when she was in Top2, she knew he would not be needed as she could afford a paid babysitter, so looked like she dumped her bf.

    Bf supported her all the way up to Top 2, what is she talking about him not cool about the lifestyle and he is a small town boy? Just another excuse for her to dump him.

    Looked more like hotMama wanted to go for a bigger catch…???? in Hollywood. Her bf is too small a catch for her, now that she is Ms. American Idol.(drop the “s”).

    So sad for her ex-bf. Bf even wore that silly pants for her and put up with all those embarrassment for her and I don’t believe he was not up to this kind of lifestyle. He is handsome with hollywood face. Probably she already had the big catch in her net.$$$$

  65. I still think Casey has a million dollar voice whenever I listen to U TUBE of Jealous Guy and I wish there would be a compilation C.D. of all his American Idol”s classic songs making a tribute to our artists like John Lennon, Huey Lewis, Brian Adams etc. I just love his voice because it’s so honest,soothing and inspiring and he doesn’t have to scream to be heard.

  66. karon pamo naganahan ni siobhan na mana ang american idol. wala jud mo nang butar mga boanga mo… unsa…….

  67. I am commenting from overseas.
    I agree, Shibon should be at least #2 or #3. She is talented,confident and smart. Casey should be the American Idol. He is perfect in his guitar and singing, with a bit more training he will be a pro. Lee is always with different vocals but his vocal is unique.

    You guys are talking about Crystal here. About the radio show with Ryan, did she get approval from the AI producers to *sell* her break up news in the show. I find it was not smart of her to announce it when she has not even sign any contract and the summer tour has not started. A wrong timing.

    I feel she should reconcile and marry her boyfriend (is he the paternal father to her son? I read that the paternal father is a Bosnian?)to save her career. She should concentrate in her career first rather than having 3 here and there with the other contestants.

    She should be aware that she is a Mama Idol with a son and a faithful boyfriend who can help her in her career or be her Manager now. What more could anyone ask for?
    It appeared like she is interested in Lee and kept talking on behalf of him, like in Larry King Live, she said something like, “I am proud of Lee and Lee is proud of me”. Another in Ellen’s show, she said something like, “he knows how I feel and I know how he feels”. From all the interviews, I find her too proud and dominating. Maybe Simon’s appraisal got into her head.

    Do you guys think she should break up with her boyfriend or reconcile and marry him?

  68. Missing words:first rather than having 3..
    Should be: rather than having crushes…

    • I and my friends all have a crush for Lee and his music. I am sure there are many more out there who have crush for Lee too and many are secret admirers too. Crystal, to the left , to the left please.

  69. Samantha #77,
    I totally agree!
    CASEY is ALOT of people’s American Idol! I know he is mine…regardless of the shows outcome!!

  70. #76 heavy-arms’s comments in foreign language. I only know English. Any translator here? Appreciate it. I could only figure out Sioban’s name.

  71. it seems comments are over the .i will comment on the recording contracts,we all now know lee.amd crystal have been signed.i,assume casey will get signed next.however,after him it will either be probably no one else.or aaron,and then they may try to sign siobhan magnus,or possibly sell her rights to another far as the rest of the top 10.i, dont see the entertainment 19 company really pushing for any other singers.however,they really liked big mike alot,so its hard to tell.but ,feel strongly that the above mentioned will be signed ,judging from outside sources!

  72. I think if any record company sign with Casey, sure make money and Casey CD’s will sell like hot cakes. Casey has a very smooth silky voice,not blaring but controlled and it is smooth like smoothie yogurt ice-cream.He was low profile and the judges seemed to overlooked his talent except for Kara who saw his potential. Casey was so good with this Bret Michaels and I think Casey should form his own Casey James Band and he will be good.

    Samantha, I hope Crystal will think it over after the dust have settled, and will reconcile and marry her boyfriend, make her boyfriend her Manager, sign a contract, have own record, her son, buy a home in LA and live happily ever after…

  73. Thanks Ashley and Matt for the updates…..I am happy for the two of them…..but I’d like to know when Siobhan’s CD comes out……

  74. This is my constructive criticism.
    Respectfully to AI, to me this season looked old-fashioned and stale. The judges picked their choice of contestants to their taste of music they like that are outdated and nostalgic.
    Crystal can sing well but her style of song and vocal would be a hit if we were in the 70’s era. The people cannot relate and it is old fashioned and too familiar.

    I would predict Siobhan type of vocal and her creativity in her song would appeal more to the current market. There should be “new blood” in the show and not another familiar vocal. There are too many of the similar vocals.

    Siobhan is the only different from the rest or any existing ones and she is a novel. She should be the new era American Idol! If you want suggestion for new Judge, I would love to suggest Snoop Dogg.
    New type of music should be more marketable than someone who can sing and resembles another singer. It should be different and original. Siobhan is very talented and creative with original vocal, a perfect performer. Sorry to say that, with due respect, Simon’s taste of music is outdated. I hope next year the show will be more exciting, as I love the show, so contribute some input for a “new” show next season. Good luck.

    • You hit the nail right on the head. Beyond crystals second fiddle Janis Joplin sound I did not see a broad range of musical talent

  75. #85 LEWIS…..I do agree with you about SIOBHAN and updated music but SNOOP DOGG…..I can;t wrap my head around that one!!!!!




    • Am Idol show is a musical talent show and not American Reject. Contestant should know not less than 2 musical instruments. No one did like, piano violin, trumpet or other intruments and I noticed no one did rap. This season, Siobhan should be the new generation American Idol for her identifiable vocal and her theater talents and stage presence, with good PR so well versed. I admired her poise, attentiveness . She plays piano too.Casey is good in his guitar and has controlled vocal but still hold back .Lee is no doubt good in his vocal but lack stage presence. Crystal's is imitation of Janis Joplin and she looks too sloppy and she is soliciting for sympathy votes with her mama stories. I find her funny in that she always goes "off topic "in her talk shows or interviews. Like, in Today show, during the sharing, I noticed Lee was talking and she suddently said "Lee are you single?" So weird.

    • Lesley,
      Hopefully next season they will consider those criterias you mentioned. Looking back at this season, sad to notice that the judges did not have a strategy in making it a competition in Top 5. It would be an interesting "fight" if Simon used the "save" to retain Siobhan in Top 4 and boot off Big Mike, so we have Cystal & Siobhan (female pair) and Lee & Casey (male pair) and it would then be really interesting as far as competition is concerned. We would be able to see clearly who is more deserving to be Top 3. Hopefully, next season they will have more strategy to make it a competition rather than favoritism.

  77. I also like Snoop Dogg. He is cool and his face alone carries that humor. For me, I love a Judge who has a sense of humor, yet know what they are talking about i.e. must be a music or vocal expert and good in creating new wave of music and current. Kara and Randy are good, they know their stuffs and they are not bias. Hope AI keeps them.

    I agree Siobhan and Casey are more current and relevant in our era. Crystal's vocal is good but not current ( I agree, she is the 70's type during Bee Gees/John Lennon era) and not relevant especially her type of outlook and personality and – its outdated. Lee is like-able because he has that magical charismatic aura in him and his vocal, his truthfulness and his vocal is gifted and to me, it is his magical voice that attracts people to listen repeatedly and he is talented and creative in turning a song to make it his own. He is somehow commonly and naturally like-able by all, whereas, for Crystal, it is either you like or hate. Just my personal views, not trying to be personal.

    Hope Siobhan will appear more on TV, love to watch her and like her truthfulness and originality.
    Sorry to hear about Crystal's breakup with her boyfriend. Hope she will makeup with her boyfriend or marry him, as she said he is the father to her son. If she loved her son, she should marry him so her son would have a legitimate father. All the best.

    • Most of the other blogs are getting behind Gene Simmons to replace Simon. Great musical experience, brilliant mind, great fan base and doesn't pull his punches.


  79. Ppl take this crap way to seriously noone knows for sure what goes on behind closed doors with the idols and for one who really cares they're just ppl who have talent and what seem to be like good personalities isn't thats what its about not whos dating who and what not?

  80. If Idol believes the new web format is an improvement I believe they are mistaken. I feel it was more convenient to not only be able to scroll up and down all posts but to also be able to more easily refer to a post by the reference number Idol attached to each post. I dislike going page to page as if I were using Google. In addition why in the world would the word class, in my post to Simon D above, be altered to cl*** ?. Is the word class offensive? In addition why don't the heck they remove the ridiculous light blue rectangular bar they overlay in the Post a new comment space. Yhe bar is reeeealy gettin under my skin.

    • John, sorry you don't like the new comment system. While it may take a little getting used to I think it is a big improvement for us.

      Being able to break comments up to pages instead of one long comment list was critical to us due to the load on the server this presented. We'll be able to provide a better experience by reducing this impact on the host which speeds up page load times.

      You might not be able to refer to the comments by a number, but if you check the "X hours ago" link next to each comment's author's name you'll see you have a direct link to their comment. More importantly, you can now Replay directly to a comment for improved conversations.

      I have no idea what the word "cl***" would be. You'll have to break out the spelling one letter at a time.

      What's the light blue bar? The background of the site is blue, but I don't think that's what you mean. Are you referring to the light gray bar at the bottom of the site? If it's frozen in the middle of the screen then you should upgrade to a new browser version. This is not an issue for recent versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

      If you're still not satisfied then I'll gladly refund you the cost of using this free site.

  81. Amber,

    Sorry, I don't agree with you. Personality of idols is equally important , as people "idolized" their Idols whom they admired or worthy of it.
    In Crystal's case, she has acted or behaved inappropriately on the shows eg, uttering love crushes live on TV and later her break-up with her boyfriend on air (in Ryan's radio show).
    She should be aware that there are not only American TV viewers but there are also millions of TV viewers overseas. What impression all of the viewers would have on American Idol.
    I believed most voters are parents and school children and to them an Idol should portray a good example for others to emulate i.e their moral values, their inspirations, their determination etc. So in my opinion, personality of an Idol is very important besides their singing ability and talent.
    I find that what a coincidence that there are 3 Tony's in her life. Her son, her ex and her son's biological father. What a name.

  82. Hi Ashley,

    I seriously think Lee is not dating Crystal. To me, it looked more like Crystal(rub shoulder type) is trying her luck with Lee and judging from the e-videos, for me, Crystal is trying to get Lee's attention by later having tattoos (she didn't have tattoo earlier in the show). I think she tried to look like Siobhan who has tattoo like Lee and wearing the flower on her hair thing, which later Crystal also had that flower thing on her hair? I think Crystal is feeling insecure.

    I seriously think she is not Lee's type. I noticed on this site, most of us do not want Lee to date Crystal perhaps she has "baggages" and we don't want her to date him or him date her, but it looked like we all don't mind Lee dating Siobhan as she is has this good fresh aura, is talented and smart.

    I personally prefer Lee and Siobhan together, Siobhan kind of like "brightens up" Lee and make them look compatible, young, current and relevant. Anyone disagree with me?

  83. Congratulation to the both of you. Lee and Crystal looks nice together. I think they have a bright future. Anyone heard the latest news?

  84. Lee and Casey were the best, really. 🙂 Lee deserves to be number one. Oh Yeah, Beybeh. :)) I agree that Crystal might be inlove with Lee and that her boyfriend dumped her because he was jealous of Lee. Who can blame him? Lee's so gorgeous. :">

    • Fyi Lee Dewyze had just made a wyze decision in confirming that he would not date Crystal, he only had crush (according to him it is celebrity crush) for the beautiful and soulful Joss Stone. We can all put the dating issue btw L & C to rest and LeeDW deserves somebody like Joss Stone. We will all be very happy for him, as Lee fans and he is our celebrity crush.

  85. I hope AI will "refurbish" their show next season. They should scout for musical talents rather than "rejects", and an Idol who can be good role model for young talents as AI is a "family show" watched by millions of TV & PC Viewers! An Idol should live up to its name. Top 3 should at least know how to read musical notes (been to music classes)and capable of compose songs and mandatory to know how to play some instruments well. The Judges should not pre-vote or pre-dict the contestants and let Americans choose their genre favorites and let the Voters decide on the evolution of the type of music and songs. Most Americans blindly follow Simon's comments and Simon only give good comments to those he wanted as finals. He is not being fair to Siobhan and Casey in his comments, both of them have consistent vocal and musical talents, eg Siobhan looked so lovely with that butterfly dress but was criticized by Simon coz it is not Simon's taste but it is a lot of people's taste. However, he did not criticize on Crystal's old fashion dressing and her Bob Marley hairstyle and missing teeth? Not a fair comment from Simon.I find Siobhan got voted out prematurely coz Simon commented on her screams. Her high note was great (even Randy applauded it)eg like Fergie in Black eye pea.

    Siobhan and Casey should be this century's American Idol based on their vocal consistency and talents, personality and dressing.

  86. Ashley! R u there? I have Good News for you.

    Now you can stop your speculation about Lee dating Crystal. He said "he would not date Crystal", but he has a celebrity crush.Who???

  87. Lee Crusher:-)

    I fully agree with you. Why didn't Simon save the "save" for Siobhan who is more talented both vocally & stage presence than BM & AK. I suspected the possibilities:

    1. Simon had insulted BM earlier (remember the one where Ryan had a battle of wit with Simon?) and he was afraid of BM (his size), so had to pacify him with the "save".

    2. BM "sold" his fatherhood story and voters empathized him and gave him the votes as support.

    3. Simon didn't want Siobhan to compete in Top 5 as Simon felt that Siobhan could be a threat to Crystal in the competition, so he used up the "Save" first and put her down on her dressing and to simon her scream (which is not a scream but her high vocal notes).

    Siobhan deserved to be saved and be in Top 3. All her fans are very dissappointed and extremely unhappy, including me, that Siobhan was not the one to be saved. Why did they save BM over Siobhan? Between BM and Siobhan, obviously Siobhan is more talented, good showmanship,good stage presence,good personality,good vocal,good dresscode,great smile,great confidence,very composed and good in interviews,good theatrical talents. What justification did the judges have, to save BM? Only his guitar and vocal, and ego.

    Imho, Simon is very bias this season. He knows nothing about vocals and dressing, only criticisms. Did you people noticed, this season all the contestants mostly wear black and grey, except Siobhan (maybe colors are not Simon's favorite). Maybe he drinks too much EarlGrey tea, so only agree with grey and black 🙁 How boring.

    Sorry for that, feels good to ventilate it out for Siobhan. Siobhan, beLEEveD you are good, both musical and theatrical.Go for it.

  88. People, Get REAL! Crystal stated long time ago that she would never date Lee and that he was like a brother to her. Why are you clowns desparately trying to make her into a man crazy teeny bopper who has to have Lee or Casey? That may satisfy your dubious minds but it ain't so. Give the girl some credit for being what she really is. A very talented artist who is trying to get her career on track. She clarified her statement about Lee that she had a MUSICAL CRUSH. And as far as Casey is concerned, she was only paying the guy a compliment. I've heard many women (Married and otherwise) say they had a crush on a guy just to pay him a compliment. So GROW UP PEOPLE! You sound like a Tabloid Magazine.

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