American Idol’s Adam Lambert On Glee As ‘Starchild’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Adam Lambert fans, set your DVRs. The American Idol runner-up is going to appear on FOX’s Glee in an upcoming episode on November 7th.

Adam Lambert auditions as Starchild on Glee

Adam Lambert becomes part of the story when he auditions for a Madonna cover band including the series regulars Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Demi Lovato‘s Dani. reports on Adam’s role:

Lambert’s New Jersey-native character will audition for a new band put together by Kurt, but, he teases, it’s not love at first sight. “As far as the character goes, at first Kurt and Starchild don’t quite click, but then they click,” he teases. “It’s definitely a work in progress.”

Rumor is Adam’s audition for the band goes a little overboard and those theatrics might just cost him a spot on the band.

Check out pictures of Adam’s role and performance on the set of Glee in the images below.

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Adam might not have ended up as one of the American Idol 2014 judges, but this will get him back on FOX TV. Will you be watching Adam’s return to TV with his appearance and performance on Glee?

Update: More pics added on that we found today from the set.

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  1. Of course I’ll be tuning in to see Adam Lambert’s debut on Glee. Been waiting for this to happen for years.

  2. Thank you Matthew for this article. Yes Adam isn’t going to be a judge on AI but from info I got he had to turn them down due to being on Glee. Conflict of time issue.

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