Adam Lambert Performs On The Tonight Show – Update: Ellen Show Performance

Adam Lambert - Jay Leno Tonight Show

Adam Lambert performed on The Tonight Show last night to deliver the debut live performance of his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself.” Many of us had already heard the single itself but getting to see it performed by the former American Idol hopeful was even better. Download your copy of the single here.

NBC has been quick to pull any YouTube clips of the performance, but they have made the entire episode available. I’ve embedded the full episode from last night below so you’ll have to jump to the final segment in the timeline and patiently wait through the commercial they play first. It’s right around the 38m30s mark. Enjoy!

Update: I’ve added in Adam’s performance from The Ellen Show on Thursday.




  1. At first he looked a bit like Matt Bomer in that suit.  Adam can do no wrong.  I don’t love the song, but I like it well enough.

    • pr63…….Without a doubt.  I can’t wait for his cd…..I still love his “For Your Entertainment”……

      • he’s the total package.  and i know i wasn’t supposed to buy it but…”beg for mercy” is pretty damned good too!!  the new cd is on order and “for your entertainment” is worn out!!  ya gotta love this guy!!

      • Phyllis G. well here you are. You and I know we go Huba, Huba when we see ADAM! Isn’t he just a doll!!!  Did you see him on Leno? For some reason the song on Leno sounded like it had to much back ground music. I know ADAM  has the voice to pull off anything with out all of that noise. I have listened to that song on you tube. And he sounds delicious. Of course he always looks delicious to me!! Except when he gets real far out there with the make up. I love the song  “For your entertainment too. I agree with pr63! He is gorgeous! Did you like AI tonight?  I  haven’t heard  ” Beg for Mercy ” I don’t know if I could take it. LOL.It seems to me that the women love ADAM very much! Ever wonder why?  I just like to look at him.
         See you later Phyllis G.

  2. What other male artist in the business right now can perform like this man? There is no one who can match his voice, looks, or performance. He just totally inhabits each song he sings. By the way, thank you AI for keeping it about the performance rather than a commentary on what he wore.

  3. Pr63…..I do love that guy….Would not have stood in water for 4 hours if I didn’t love him…..I’d do it again if he came back to Vegas!!!!!!!!

  4. Adam is back in front of the camera, and I’m so glad. I wish he would make a movie. He’s movie star handsome, and deserves to be a leading man. I can’t wait for his CD in March. I hope he tours this summer. Come back to Michigan Adam!

    • YESSSSS Adam would be fantastic as a leading man in ANY movie…he’s got the looks, the intelligence, and the personality. Come on Shondra… give Adam a special shot on Grey’s Anatomy! A performer who has been injured by a stage collapse or by crazed fans maybe …. something so that he could sing a little to the kids in peds! I would love to see more of Adam PLEASE!!

  5. I don’t know if anyone sawAdam yesterday on Ellen but he was much, much better yesterday than on the tonight show…..Now I can say I really loved his song……PLUS Ellen enterviewed him.  He is awesome….

  6. Phyllis , Ellen has had ADAM on her show a lot. She likes ADAM He always sounds better there due to not so much back ground noise. I wish I hadn’t missed that one. Ellen likes Maroon 5 too. I like the song ” I got the moves like Jagger “. It is funny and makes me want to dance.

    • Sherry K.  We definitely have the some interest in music…..Maroon 5 is one of my favorite groups and I have seen them on Ellen a number of times…….and of course we love Adam……..Sherry if you get a chance get James Durbins new CD….you will love it……especially “May”.

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