Steven Tyler Readies Zingers For American Idol 2012

Steven Tyler - American Idol 2012

Steven Tyler and his mouth are back for American Idol 2012 and just like last season we should be expecting some great one liners. Considering he’s been around since the Dead Sea was just the Sick Sea we’re sure he’s had plenty of time to compile some zingers. Can’t wait to see what he delivers tomorrow night.

Of course some viewers may remember Steven causing quite an uproar last season on American Idol for some of the things he said. Heck, even FOX went as far as to issue an apology. Watch it below if you’ve forgotten that fun:




  1. Can’t wait. He makes up for Randy’s rolladex of cliche’s. The judges did a great job last year picking talent, and that’s all I really need from them. I can decide for myself whether I enjoyed a performance or not. So, any bon mots from Steven will be gravy.

  2. last season tyler’s zingers during the auditions were pretty hilarious. they stopped once the final 12 were chosen. then everything was “beautiful”. let’s hope he keeps them up throughout the season because randy’s “dogs” are getting tired already.

    • I totally agree. What a difference between the auditions and the live shows……I hope he stays the same this season. He is so entertaining….I was quite disappointed with the judges during the live shows….

      • I agree with both of you. Steven Tyler thought everything was beautiful or wonderful once the live shows started. I, too, was disappointed with the judges. They claim they are going to be tougher this season. We can only hope.

      • Hi Phyllis. I hope Steven stays this witty when the contestants that make it to Hollywood start doing their thing! Wow that was too long of a sentence! Poor Steven looked like he wilted a bit last year. Maybe he didn’t feel good? I love Steven Tyler. He is actually a nice dude. And I pray he stays on the straight and narrow. He is engaged to a real nice lady. She is not a bimbo either. Matt, I am excited to get the show on the road. I can’t hardly wait. 🙂

  3. So tired of Randy’s comments – dude, dog, in it to win it, He is not a youngster, he needs to talk like an intelligent adult.

      • Hi Ed. I just got through watching ADAM LAMBERT on Jay Leno! He sang his new song ” Better than I know Myself “. It was good. And boy did ADAM ever look hot! He did not have much make up on. His hair was in that stand up style. He is so good looking. Whew. I already commented on Steven Tyler. I love Steven. He is a cool dude. I have seen him in concert. And I watched him on OWN – Oprahs new channel I guess you would call it. Steven is so funny! If anyone else watched ADAM shout out! One more thing. My husband agrees with Nancy about Randy. He says he does not talk like he is educated. Well I say a lot of that talk comes from Randy being in the music field. I mean he has even worked with Steve Perry Of Journey. I think they write songs together still. Well enough of my blabbing. The fun starts tomorrow. Hi Marco.Is you know who gone 🙂

  4. I can’t wait and I do agree in a hope that Steven stays alive during the live shows this season and doesn’t revert to saying “That was beautiful”. The minute I hear Randy Jackson say “In it to win it” I’m going to go there with some duck tape to put over his mouth. The only thing that annoyed me about JLo was her “live” performance that wasn’t live, but then again the Idol producers are also to blame for that for making it look like it was live.

    • Sorry to bump in again. But I just read what Shawn said. And he is right! I do not know why Steven reverts to saying to almost every one of them. ” Oh that was so beautiful??” I hope he does not do that this year. I mean he is really a witty guy. He’s getting paid big bucks. And he told Oprah Aerosmiths record sales were up like 240 %. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he does better this season. Shawn that is funny about the duct tape. Imagine Randy with duct tape on his face. And JLO did it her way. The easy comfortable way. Good morning. I am out of here.

      • @Sherry K and Shawn,@d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus 
        keep those one liners going 🙂  I like whats happening here.   I know
        guys I grew up and hang around with and they still talk like Randy,
        It’s hard to get rid of  “the language” it is universal.  I don’t think I’ve
        called my friends by their real names for a long time.  I’m still frozen
        in time.  But” dog”  and” in it to win it” has got to go this year.

  5. LOVE  STEVEN TYLER!!   He just makes the show so great,  and his love for music,  just makes him so much more appealling.  Go Steven!!!

  6. Matt, I am sorry about the flags. I didn’t know what it was . Duh. Please just take the flags off!!  These are my friends!!!!  Thanks, Sherry K

      • Matt I didn’t do anything!  I was counting on your Capable hands to do it for me.  You are a stand up dude Matt!  So is Branden. You two do such a great job!  Have fun tonight watching  American Idol. I know it is just a job for you and Branden. But the two of you are just great!  Bye.
        Sherry K

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